I am researching my great great grandfather, Thomas G. Young, who captained the bark Favorite out of Fairhaven in 1865 and whose ship was captured in the Bering Straits by the confederate ship Shendendoah and burned two months after General Lee had surrendered at Appomattox. Young's wife (whom he divorced in 1867) was Sarah S Vining. He became librarian for the state of Maine and died in 1875. His grave is in Hallowell.

His daughter Sarah Elizabeth (Lizzie) Young is my great grandmother. Lizzie grew up in Brooklyn NY in the home of her maternal aunt, Mary A Vining Witham and husband, Joseph Witham.

I find a great deal of info online about Sarah S Vining Young's ancestors, but absolutely nothing about Thomas G Young's, although I am guessing that his family may be the Youngs of York, Maine, descended from Rowland Young, a 17th century settler of York. Can anyone direct me further? It is frustrating to know so much, and so little, at the same time.

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Do you have the name(s) of his ship(s).  That would go a long way toward finding more about him..

I just did a quick search for Thomas G. Young , Shipmaster on GOOGLE and there are quite a few contacts there that you could follow up - several regarding Maine Youngs.

Bill Hubbard

Thank you, Bill! I have been searching with Google exhaustively since ancestry.com gives limited help. That's how I found that Young sailed on the Favorite six times, twice as Master. What I can't find are his parents' names. There's a DNA match for me with descendants of Rowland Young of 17th century York Maine, but I can't connect the dots. Can you recommend anything? I've even found Young's adventures recounted in historical works, but no parents. Seems very odd to me, given the data available since 1860 and the detailed info I find on his wife's family.

This was a tricky problem, but I think I've solved it. Thomas G. Young's will mentions "my beloved sister Joanna S. Lamont." Joanna S. Lemont, born about 1819-21, lived in Augusta as early as 1850. Here is her will.

Here's where it gets a little confusing. Charles P. Lemont and Joanna Sewell married in Kennebec County in 1838. A son of Charles and Joanna S. Lemont died in 1840 and was buried in Hallowell in the same lot as John Sewall, Esq., and his wife Eunice (Grow) (Emerson) Sewall. In the same lot are buried Isaac and Joanna (Sewall) Gage, from whom Joanna Sewall Lemont of Augusta bought land on 1 June 1847 [Kennebec Deeds, 159/4]. (Joanna Gage was the daughter of John Sewall, Esq.)

So, Thomas's sister Joanna was a Sewall, not a Young. This had me stumped, until I found this old message board post:

Joanna Young dau. of James W. and Elizabeth (Turner) Young, b. 7 Sept. 1814; adopted by John and Eunice (Grow) (Emerson) Sewall; d. at Augusta, Me., 10 Sept. 1906; m. in July 1838 Capt. Charles Lemont of Bath, Me.; children John S. and Charles W. Lemont.

Joanna may have been a relation of her adoptive mother as Eunice's mother's name was Abigail Young.

Joanna was a Young adopted by the Sewalls. (The will of John Sewall does in fact mention "Joanna Sewall Young, a child adopted into my family.") So (assuming that this information is correct, and that Joanna and Thomas were full siblings) James W. and Elizabeth (Turner) Young were his parents as well. I haven't found any information on this couple, but this should get you headed in the right direction.

That's amazing work, Chris. I am just blown away. Give me a few days to work with it and I'll get back to you. Thank you so much!

Chris, I am so grateful to you. On the second page of Joanna Sewell Lemont's will (thank you for attaching the link!) she bequeathes $50 each to her nephews and niece, by name, including my grandmother and her brother, Lizzie Jackson and Witham Jackson of Norfolk, Virginia. This "seals the deal," regarding the family connection!

That's great! I was wondering if you would recognize any of those names.

Eben W. Graves today sent me the following information regarding the parents of Joanna and Thomas:

I was the author of the post you cited for the parents of Joanna Lemont and therefore of her brother Thomas Young. Regrettably, is was almost entirely wrong. Due to an error reading my own research notes, I confused the birth date of her husband Charles Lemont and his parents' names for her birth date and her parents' names.

I know neither Joanna's birth date nor the names of her parents.

She was, however, born some time prior to her baptism at Hallowell in 1824, between 1816 and 1821, most likely about 1819 (according to the censuses she was 31 in 1850, 41 in 1860, 54 in 1870, 61 in 1880, and 79 or 80, probably 79, in 1900), perhaps at York (see below).

The lengthy obituary of Thomas Young says he was born at York, Maine, in 1812, and that he died at Augusta at the home of his sister, Mrs. Lemont, with whom he had been living ("His Last Voyage: Sudden Death of Capt. Thomas G. Young -- Close of an Eventful Life," Daily Kennebec Journal (Augusta, Maine), 2 Nov. 1875).

The Daily Kennebec Journal at the Maine State Library should be searched for Joanna's obituary. It seems the online images stop earlier that year. Perhaps further information will also be found in Maine Families in 1790, vol. 6, p. 137, upon which I relied for the Sewall Genealogy.


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