My 4th.Great Grandfather was Captain Philip Hubbard of Berwick who led his company of Militia to the battle of Bunker Hill on July 19, 1775.

Two of his sons shipped out on Privateers in 1776                                                            

Moses Hubbard b.10Jun.1754 shipped was last heard from when his name appeared on a list of American prisoners interred on the "Old Jersey" a notorious British Prison Ship in Wallabout Bay, Brooklyn, New York in 1778.  More than 14,000 American seamen were imprisoned by the British during the American Revolution but, less than 7,000 were accounted for at war's end.  Conditions were apalling aboard the ships and no record of those who died were turned over by the British after the war.

Moses Moses brother Stephen b.1752 also shipped out in 1775.  He was never heard from after leaving home.

I would be greatful for anyone who comes across infomation as to the name(s) of the privateers that Moses and Stephen Hubbard went to war on-probably out of Portsmouth, NH or Kittery, ME.

Bill Hubbard


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