My Dad, Boyd Lunney, was drafted into the US Army while still in high school at Presque Isle, Maine, during the final year of World War II.  He was sent to steamy Batangas on Luzon in the Philippines. 
One day, in Batangas, the Captain asked if anyone knew how to type.  My Dad raised his hand, and then was told to report for duty at the Captain's office.  Later, when the Captain saw Dad typing with two fingers, "hunt-and-peck" style, the angry Captain said: "Sgt. Lunney...You said that you knew how to type !"  Dad replied: "I can..Sir..You didn't ask how well."  The Captain was amused...and Sgt. Lunney kept his job as Capt. Beck's assistant. Sixty-five years later, retired Capt. William Lloyd Beck, had died at age 92, leaving hundreds of well-preserved and meticulously labelled photos. 
I recently received an email from Nora Beck, Capt. Beck's daughter, who had been searching the internet for an address for my Dad.  Nora had been going through her late father's photo collection, found one of Dad, labelled "Sgt. Boyd A. Lunney - my assistant" ; so she wanted to find Dad and send the photo to him.  Because of my Lunney Family website, she was able to find out that I was Boyd Lunney's son and then send me the email. 
I asked Nora to send me the photo, so that I could scan it.  I received a nice note from Nora Beck, from Nashville TN, along with several of the photos:



Isn't the Internet amazing? Some people are not on-line...or are afraid to post any personal information on-line.  See what they're missing.

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