Grandparents of my great-grandmother Elsie Ida Boston Smith. Elsie was the daughter of Ida V. Smith Boston. This is the grave of Ida's parents. Charles was born 1823 and died in Lyman 23 June 1910. Lydia was born in 1831 and died Lyman 17 June 1910.

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Comment by Steve Le Bel on September 15, 2016 at 9:58pm

Thank you so much for posting these pictures of the Grant and Smith family. I was thinking about taking a day drive to visit this cemetery soon. Charles and Lydia are my wife's 3rd great grandparents through their son Freeborn Johnson Smith, then Freeborn Albert Smith, then Walter Joseph Smith is her grandfather.

I am trying to document that Lydia is a Mayflower descendant through her mother Maria Maddox.

Again, thank you!


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