Many refer to George B. Dorr as being the Father of Acadia National Park, and without his money and tireless efforts there most likely would not be a National Park in Maine. His estate, Old Farm, was located at Compass Harbor and the remains of his estate can still be viewed today. Compass Harbor also has two beaches and the remains of Dorr's salt water pool, where Dorr would go down to and take a swim nearly every morning in good weather, can also be seen along the shore of the Harbor. Before Dorr died he left his estate, Old Farm, to Acadia National Park, and Dorr spent his final years at Storm Beach Cottage, a cottage he loved and which still stands today. In fact, after Dorr's mother died, a good number of summers Dorr spent at Storm Beach Cottage, preferring the smaller cottage among the trees over the larger Old Farm estate, which he would rent out summers.
Storm Beach cottage and Old Farm location are not promoted by the National Park Service and the sites are not marked by the road. Sadly some time after taking over Old Farm, the National Park Service torn it down instead of making a museum out of it. Today Storm Beach Cottage is rented out by the National Park Service and they ask that anyone who wants to view the cottage do so from the roadway and respect the privacy of the family that rents the cottage.

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