March 1913 - Benjamin Albert Ring and Ann Relief Spaulding 50th Anniversary

Back row: Benjamin Colby Ring; Frank Hayes; Wesley Eugene Ring; Cyrus Hazelton; James William Ring; Edward Miller Ring; Arthur Packard; Cyrus Francis "Frank" Ring; Jesse Herbert Ring; Clarence freeman Ring;

Middle Row: Mary Estella Ring seated with Murray James Ring expecting Hope Estella Ring; Myrtle Etta Ring; Lily Ring; Kate Abigail Ring Hazleton; Ann Relief Spaulding Ring ; Benjamin Albert Ring; Iva Florence Ring Packard; Florence Ring; Linnie Ring; Sara Millken

Front Row: Sidney Marshall Ring; Rowena Agnes Ring; Hilda Vergie Ring; Harold Eugene Ring' Henry Walker'

Note: Benjamin Albert Ring died a few days after this picture was taken.

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Comment by Franz Martin on September 14, 2018 at 11:50pm

Here are just a few name corrections and additional details.  BACK ROW: 6th from left is Edward Milton Ring.  He was married to Jessie F. Lary, but she did not attend this reunion.  MIDDLE ROW: Mary Estella Lary Ring, Myrtle Etta Ring Hayes, Lily Swan Ring (holding son Linwood Albert Ring), then 8th from left is Florence Bliss Walker Ring, then Linnie Morgan Ring,and finally Sarah Milliken.  Of the children in the Front Row, Sidney is the son of Benjamin Colby and Mary Estella Lary Ring, Rowena and Hilda are the children of Jesse Herbert and Linnie Morgan Ring, Harold (as well as Clarence of the Back Row and Myrtle of the Middle Row) are children of Wesley and Lilly Swan Ring, and Henry Walker is the son of Florence Bliss Walker Ring from an earlier marriage.

Generally, the men in the Back Row are standing behind their wives.  James Ring was unmarried and stands behind his mother.  His brother Edward was married but came to the reunion without his wife, so was placed standing behind his father.  Clarence, the young man at the far right of the Back Row, stands behind Sarah Milliken, an unmarried niece of Ann Relief Spaulding Ring.

Comment by Kristy on September 18, 2018 at 11:58am

Thank you Franz for the corrections / clarifications. Very helpful - quite a crew!


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