Born Grace Lois Rice; Grace Lois Rice Anthony was a "at home" Christian who believed in Jesus Christ, had a painting of him hung on her wall with a cross, and owned a bible. She loved flowers and birds and took great pride in her vegatable gardens. She owned a dog, a parrot, laying hens and rabbits. Her favorite tv show was Johnny Carson, favorite reading magazines were true detective magazines, I would buy them and read them, then give them to her to read, on my next visit we would spend hours trying to figure out who committed the crime. In latter years she suffered a horrible accident going outside during a winter storm to fill a tank up with karorsene, on her way back up the steps she slipped on the ice and fell backwards, one of her legs went between the steps and snapped, she was never able to bend that knee again. Her favorite snacks were large soft sugar cookies and bananas. She was a chain smoker, almost always had a camel in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. She saved up money over the years to buy two one room log cabins and had them joined together to form a small log cabin house. Her first house, a log cabin on Rice property in Northfield Maine was built for her and her daughter by her father, Clyde Garvey Rice, it was a large one room log cabin with wood stove, bunk beds, a table and chairs and that was about it. It had no electricty, oil lamps were used for light and a outhouse was at the end of a path in the woods. Her best friend was Vesta Beulah Dill, who was married to Virgil Wilder Rice and lived down the road some distance near the old Northfield Schoolhouse.

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