The only child not shown here is my grandfather, Ralph Allen Berry. These are the children of Herbert A. Berry and Charlotte L. Richards of Camden. Left-right: Arleigh J., Frank T. (lost at sea), Gladys M.. Must be before 1926.

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Location: Camden, Maine

Comment by Heather Gerquest on March 15, 2013 at 8:17pm

You know, there is a William Berry on their mother's side (Richards) who was an early settler to Rye, NH, but to tell you the truth, I am really stuck.  Their father Herbert's father was Ralph Berry, both born in Rockport, Maine I believe.  Ralph's father is Charles Amon, also of Rockport if my info is correct.  Charles's father is Amon Dailey Berry, but I do not have a clear birth date on him, and I have seen different wives listed on different family trees that I know are related to mine.  The name I was originally given for Amon's wife was Mariah Coombs.  I had that written down in some of my early family trees.  However, during recent research I have Maria Cynthia Linnell, born in 1835 in Brewster, MA.  Her family traces back to the Mayflower.  I don't know if William Berry of Rye, NH (in the 1600's) is also part of this half of the family or not.  I did look on the list of families in early Machias and did not find a link.  Amon's parents are supposed to be Jonas Berry and Jerusha ?Dailey who I have as the daughter of Amon Dailey/Daly & Rachel.  Amon Dailey is supposed to be the son of Justus Dailey and Mary Fowler.  I may have gone off on the wrong track though.  The names seem to flow from generation to generation, but from Amon Dailey (birth maybe 1827, death maybe 1879) I have not been able to  find information solid enough to prove even his parents.  Still working on him.  The above Berry children were born in Rockport.  I wish they had waited a year or so for my grandfather to be born, but this looks like a special occasion.  I cannot make out the paper that the toddler, Gladys (we called her Aunt Glad) is holding.  I met Aunt Arleigh, but she lived on the west coast all the time I have been in existence.  Frank was lost at sea in 1950.  He had 2 children that my Mom grew up with.  Aunt Glad I knew best.  Looks SO much like her mother!  And I was lucky that I got a chance to meet Nan Charlotte.  She died when I was 3.  My mom was newly divorced with me and a 6 yo (my sister) and apparently Nan Charlotte helped Mom out by babysitting.  She lived right down the road from us, and I vaguely remember the inside of the house.  I have a good memory for toys.  I have lots of memories of piles of toys... rooms of toys.  Lol.  So she died during that period of our lives.  If you can find any trace of my family in Machias, please let me know.  Other parts of my family are on that list of settlers.  Just haven't linked Herbert here and I really want to find the right path.

Comment by Jean Marie Bagley on March 19, 2013 at 2:22pm

OOPS this photo is of John Adam Bagley and Lucy Berry and their children. John Adam born 1845 and Lucy Berry born same time.


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