My grandparents lived here. They rented out cabins in the summer, and my grandmother raised sheep. She was a wool spinner, weaver, and knitter. My grandfather worked for a time for the Camden (US) Post Office till he retired. This property is now known as The Inn at Sunrise Point. Rt. 1 in Lincolnville (about a mile from the Camden-Lincolnville line)

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Comment by Heather Gerquest on March 28, 2013 at 3:42pm

Camden, Maine-- Old Pix of Sea Bluffs.  My grandparents lived here.  My grandmother raised sheep here and they rented cabins in the summer months.  Today it is a fancy inn called the "Inn at Sunrise Point".  I went there to take a look at the place a few years ago and was treated quite rudely by one of the people working that day.  One woman was very nice, showed me and my friend around, and the other acted like I was some sort of trash who was lying about my grandparents having lived there.  She even started asking me questions, like financial questions, like how much my grandfather sold it for and to whom.  When my grandmother died in '85, I was 15 and living in Virginia.  I was not involved with the will of my grandmother or the selling of Sea Bluffs.  I mean really.  I wonder if her rude self realized that sheep crapped all over that property, probably buried there too.  I wonder if they know my grandmother died in that very house.  I wonder too if they knew that there was probably a mix of goose crap laying all around the door yard and front lawn.  I wonder if they knew that all the little pine trees my grandparents planted out beyond the garden were each named after their grandchildren.  It is only slightly like the house I grew up in.  The natural wood inside is gone. They've crowded the yard with extravagant cottages.  They cut down the huge Spruce that was on the side of the front yard probably to put up the cottage that is there now.  The sheep barn where so many spring lambs were born is gone.  I believe my grandmother's ashes are scattered there as well.  The best change on that piece of property is the wonderful stone retaining wall someone had built that protect the already eroded front lawn from being eaten up any more by stormy seas.  Sometimes progress ruins things that were so perfect (near perfect) to begin with.  My heart is there on that property.  Wonder if that woman has any clue about that.


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