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Moosehead Lake - Here we come

We are looking forward to a visit to Moosehead Lake in a couple of weeks, bringing my mother-in-law, Ruth Templeton Rollason back to Greenville where she grew up.    While we are there I plan to make a trip to Augusta to visit the Maine State Library and State Archives.  I have received my “official” researcher’s card from the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (isn’t that interesting?).


I’ll be looking for the story of Ruth’s grandmother, Emily Sears Templeton…


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Looking for info on Alphonse Lavoie

I am looking for informations on Alphonse Lavoie and Alphonsine Pinel dit Lafrance. Alphonse is born 9 aug 1874 in Ste-Francoise, Quebec, Canada. Alphonsine is born 11 jul 1876 in St-Jean-de-Dieu, Quebec, Canada. They married 9 aug 1874 in Ste-Francoise, Quebec. They migrated to Maine, USA in 1916. According to the 1930 US Federal Census they lived in Webster, Androscoggin, Maine. It is quite possible that the Alphonsine Lavoie who died 8 sept 1967, death certificate 6707322, is indeed…


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Hutchins/Fossett Lincoln County Maine

Looking for info on David Hutchins, who married Mary Fossett, possibly in 1790, and had a child, Elizabeth (Betsey) born in 1796. Looking for any other children they may have had. Perhaps a James, born  in 1804, who married a Joanna Hatch.

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Last Friday I got a great early birthday present in my mail: two cds from

my West cousin Lewis Wuori containing photographs and other images.

As I told him in an email, it was like discovering a treasure trove. There

are pictures of ancestors whose faces I've never seen before! I've been

sharing them with my various cousins from the Wests and Richardson

families(alas, no Barker or Ellingwood pictures) and posting them on

Facebook on my profile page…


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Discovering the Upton (Maine) Historical Society page on Facebook has

put me in touch with several new found cousins and it has been a lot of

fun sharing pictures back and forth. One particular set of images were of

special interest to me.


When Dad married my Mom he converted to Roman Catholicism from

Protestantism. I don't know which Protestant denomination Dad was

brought up in; it just never came up in any conversation that I can…


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Last week after I posted the anniversary reunion picture of Jonathan P West

and his wife Louisa Almata Richardson I discovered that the Upton, Maine

Historical Society has a Facebook page. The picture had been taken on

Back Street in Upton so I thought perhaps a member of the Facebook

page might recognize some of the other people in the picture. Unfortunately

no one has as yet but there was another benefit, namely meeting some

more cousins. One of…


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Prior to attending the Ellingwood Reunion in Norway, Me. today, Cheryl

and I took a swing through Upton Maine on business pertaining to the

West side of the family. As we drove along Route 26 Cheryl pointed out a small

cemetery we passed in or near Newry, Maine, but we didn't have time to stop

at the moment  and I didn't think there were any relatives buried there anyway,


Our business required us to keep going west on 26 through the Grafton…


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Today (August 13th) was the 85th Ellingwood family Reunion. Originally

begun by the children and descendants of Asa Freeman Ellingwood and

Florilla Dunham Ellingwood, it is also open to any descendants of Ralph

Elinwood  who came to America and settled in Beverly, Ma. in the 1600's.

In fact anyone Ellinwood, Ellingwood, Ellenwood or Ellwood are descended

from Ralph. The reunion is always held Saturday in August and for some time

at the home of Jerry…


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Armstrong Family Land Division - 1897

My recent trip to Portland, Maine paid additional dividends.  I was able to go to the Portland courthouse which keeps the land records for Cumberland County, Maine.  I wish I could have spent more time there, but I was able to obtain records of how John Armstrong and Betsey Woodbury Dyer Armstrong's family land was divided and distributed.

Family lore indicates that land was granted to the Armstrong family in 1757 for South Portland, which is now Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  This land…


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If your husband is a descendant of Nelson Brooks...

If your husband is a descendant of Nelson Brooks, than he is also related to me on the Turner side.  Nelson Brooks married Ida Turner who was a daughter of James Turner. James Turner is my gggrandfather on my father's side. My mother's maiden name is Strout.  Matthew Duren married Sarah Strout who is related to me on my mother's side .Some of the family lines I have researched back to the Mayflower. You're welcome to whatever info I have.

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The Armstrongs and Woodburys of Cape Elizabeth

I live in Florida, but was recently visiting New England to visit family.  I was lucky enough to spend a few hours in Portland and Cape Elizabeth, Maine (the long-time home of many of my Armstrong and Woodbury ancestors).

I had contacted Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in S. Portland, before my visit.  The caretaker was able to direct me to many of the graves of my ancestors.  Here are the ones I was able to capture.…


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Come On In! The Water's Fine!

When you talk about getting in the water, you're talking about my father's side of the family. Naturally, growing up in Maine, we have access both to "the beach," by which we mean the ocean, but also the lovely lakes all around us. My love for being…


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Mrs. Seavey's Place in 1871

Mrs. Harriet Cross (Libby) Seavey (1814-1891), my second great-grandmother, had been widowed for 13 years in 1871. Born in nearby Harrison, Maine, she was 19 years younger than her second husband, Jonathan, and together they had 7 children. 

This 1871 map of Bridgton, Pin Hook, and South Bridgton, Maine, a research print of which I obtained from Historic Map Works, in Portland:…


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Rowe-Pinkham Connection

In looking at my granfather's (Harry Rowe) marriage certificate of 1933 to Theresa Pinkham (both of South Paris, Maine ) , They were married in Conway Center, NH..I can't help but wonder this: One of our recent (2011) Countryfolk Music Theatre youth music scholarships I awarded was to Hailee Rowe of Phillips, Maine and she is a niece of Randy Pinkham of Farmington, Maine. Just wondering if there is a connection?????? Anyone know anything about this?

Back in the 1950s I recall vising…


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Ellingwood Reunion

Just a reminder the Ellingwood Reunion is tomorrow, August13th

in Norway Maine. Details are available at the Ellingwood Reunions

page on Facebook

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Searching for Angelia Robbins parents

Looking for parents of Angelia Robbins b. 1829 and details of her marriage to James H. Andrews and any connections Angelia Robbins has to Blackfoot native Americans. Search would be Franklin Plantation, Maine, Franklin County, Maine or Oxford County, Maine

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Civil War Cousin

I am writing to report on some success with guesswork and flexibility... My distant cousin, Clement Frank Griffin,  was born in Massachusetts at a time where he might have served in the Union Army, but nothing in the Army records.  So I made a guess that any man named Clement would use his middle name if it was more masculine than his first name.  Success!  Frank Clement Griffin had enlisted.  The Army record showed that he was 18 (even though he was only 16) but the birth month and day and…


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jesse wright

My wright line has John wright b. june 10 1662 married his second wife mary stevens daughter of john and elizabeth? Is Mary related to your stevens?

Also have a Jacob b. Jan 1697/1698 to an Abigail?

Is your jesse the man who shot jeremiah tuck?


Do you have any information on above? Thanks Barbara

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Back when I first started doing genealogy online I made contact with Lewis, who is

descended from my great granduncle Paul Leroy West.  Then the motherboard

on my computer crashed and I lost everything  on it, including email addresses

(and learned the hard way to back up EVERYTHING!). Recently Lewis found me

again (I'm guessing through my blog) and we exchanged discoveries since the

last time we'd been in touch.


Lewis is sharing some family…


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