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I found my birth mothers first marriage certificate, and from that I was able to locate her first husband.  I contacted him and was directed to his and my mothers daughter.  She talked to me and contacted my mother.  My mother accpeted contact and from there I was able to find out the name of my father.  I still have work to do but I am at a point I never thought I would be as someone that was adopted.  

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George Levi Cramp (1942-2013)

I have not seen the actual Obituary notice but I am aware that George Levi Cramp (Jr) born in Woolwich or Wiscasset, Maine died in Lakeland, Florida on Nov 26, 2013.  George was my Uncle by my birth family.  I was put up for adoption after I was born and had found George as part of my genealogy research.  Unfortunatly the family was estranged and I was not able to get a lot of information but George was very nice and shared what he knew.  Thank you George and RIP.  

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You never know what you will find until you look

I was born in July 1959 in Bath, Maine.  I was adopted in 1960 and lived for a few years in Old Orchard Beach.  My adoptive family moved out of Maine, but we still had a cottage in OOB and we would visit every summer.  I was told about being adopted in my teens, and never really dug into it.

Fast Forward to 2005, I had a son, and I wanted to give to him his heritage, both family and genetic. When I got married my mother gave me my adoption probate paperwork.  On it I had my birth…


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