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another request for info

since i've had the best luck i have decided to request more info on the following:

sally hazeltine born 1796 somewhere in maine--married to david york born mar 14 1794 in yarmouth


elizabeth hoyt born 1752 yarmouth me married to samuel york born mar 27 1748 yarmouth me


abigail morton born 1764 gorham  me married to ephraim riley born 1772 andover ma


thanks in advance..

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request for info elizabeth linscott

have had such good luck with my family tree i am going to try to help a friend...

the info she has--either betsey or elizabeth linscott born appx 1754 and died aug 16 1819..she was the second wife of benjamin goodwin who was born in berwick nov 4 1754 and died may 18 1842...any info would be appreciate..thanks so much in advance

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request for info

have had such great luck doing this and have "met" some very nice people so i am going to try again..i think an ancester named luke riley arrived in the area of shawnee peak/newry around 1790 and there was a small community named riley plantation...he maybe the ancester that came from ireland...but i can't get any info on him or who his children might have been...any info would be so greatly apperciated...thanks in advance

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request for info

since i've had such good luck, i am going to request info on the following people

isabella york born 1864 waterford me-married to rueben m riley

ephraim riley born 1770 not sure of where but according to info i received from this network he had a son born in baldwin

many thanks in advance...using this nework has been wonderful

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just wanted to make sure ben york got my thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have been working on this family history almost 2 years now..saved the hardest till last....and since it's only in my spare time i am not really all that good at digging out information...just a question to ben....did you have an ancester named isabelle or isabella york born about 1864 in waterford me????? again thanks so very very much

Added by sue hooper on January 13, 2012 at 10:12am — 1 Comment

seeking info

had such good luck the first time i tried this i decided to try again...this name is a little tougher..all i have is the name moses f sawyer born somewhere in maine 1828 and married to louisa larrabee...their daughter-my great grandmother was rozener..any help greatly appreciated

Added by sue hooper on January 12, 2012 at 6:52pm — 5 Comments

trying to get info

have been working on a family tree for almost 2 years now...have run into a roadblock with a granfather on my mother's side...a william riley supposedly born 1811 in denmark me...historical society has a record of his birth by no parents...just curious if anyone out there has any info..his wife is listed on as elizabeth jordan...any ino would be greatly greatly apperciated....

Added by sue hooper on January 4, 2012 at 9:04pm — 3 Comments

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