my first cousin has made the application and now just needs to prove it all. My father passed in 1999 but prior to that he took up the "hobby" of the family genealogy after he retired. He met a second cousin and the two created a very nice family history and tree back for many generations. Most of it was done the hard way...hours in library's scouring books and old microfilms. He has vast binders of stuff and we, his family, have a lovely printed spiral bound book with the gleanings of his work.


For some reason, around the beginning of the year...I got the bug. I cannot say I remember what tripped me into it all but now I am hooked. It is a little like golf...17 holes of frustration and then in one shot you are sucked right back in and loving it. And then my cousin said she was going to try to get into the DAR - a Connecticut yankee who moved to Kentucky after marriage. Lots of work has now gone into it...we both want our family patriarch to get the attention and recognition he deserves. Israel Davis joined the fighting in the French and Indian War when he was 17. He worked his way to Captain and fought in most of the big battles (wins and losses). Yet it was information not really spelled out in my fathers work.The internet has made my digging very valuable.


My cousin and I know we can get in to the DAR via at least one other family line, I can get in because of one line in my mother's tree half. But there will come a satisfaction knowing that our last name is recognized and recorded. I think my Dad would have loved it!



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Comment by Nancy Kirk Davis on May 20, 2011 at 9:18pm

...good Dad and cousin to leave you such a legacy of information.  With all that's available today finding the evidence of our guys is so much easier.  Time's another issue.  I was curious at 9 yrs old, would question my mother, whatever she knew she kept to herself.  I forgot about it until my bro' had a heart attack in 1977.  I wrote him a long letter of love and support and was glad he survived.  His recovery inspired me to stay more in touch and out of that came the questions-where did I come from and who are my people.  Alex Haley's "Roots" was on TV at the same time.  It was tough when I started because my parents were divorced and my grandmother was born Nova Scotia.  One day my mother sent me a published poem my great-grandmother b 1780 wrote when she was 103 yrs.  And she lived to 108.  I was so jazzed I could hardly sit still and been going strong ever since.  Had lots of help along the way, have learned how to use computer-somewhat-joined a few organizations, and voila', here we are meeting.  Go figure.

I'm wondering if your Captain Israel and my Private Thomas knew each other or may have shared a campaign.  I've not researched Thomas except to qualify for DAR.  Also looking for a connection to Captain Issac Davis.  They all came across the pond from England and Wales, so they should be related.

I know what you mean re: 'recognized and recorded'.  I was a flag waver before I found genealogy, now I have no friends left who are not into geno.  And I believe all the souls we are researching are out there just waiting to be found-and helping your Dad.  Our Patriots made it possible for us to live in a better time and place.  The least we can do is acknowledge their contribution to our lives.  I think I like my ancestors better than I liked my parents!  N

Comment by Laurie Davis on May 20, 2011 at 9:28pm

I am sure we are related to Issac in some way but it is distant from all that I can tell...


I found a couple Great Grand uncles who died in the civil war. My great uncle was shot down behind the German lines in WWII [he survived]. Those things I knew but unless my father had a note somewhere I never saw I am not sure the family realized much about Captain Israel's service. I remember being mesmerized by roots on TV but never really thought my own roots were anything special.

All my digging, into my mothers half of my tree, and I find out her maiden name was spelled wrong since my grandfather came from Canada. I will probably never know why or how it went from McConnell to MacConnell. But she does not know yet....LOL. Doing this all online is right up my alley....I love the chase and the brain tease of it all. Meanwhile I know my father is looking down loving it.

Comment by Laurie Davis on June 4, 2011 at 7:16pm

My newest tidbit of news comes from the in newspaper. I found a Lost and found article from the 24 Nov 1755 Boston Evening Post where an Israel Davis has lost "a leather pocket book, with sundry writings and a small piece of gold in it"  He offered a reward... WOW He asks for them to be take to the "Sign of the Lamb"...sounds like another researching adventure...



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