I find it funny how things come full circle sometimes when doing research. I have been, for more years than I care to admit, researching the 7th Maine Regiment in hopes of doing a book on them. I came across a reference where Captain John Channing of Fairfield meets up with an old friend from Maine named Edward Drummond and who is serving with the Confederate army during the Peninsula Campaign. Today, I came across a book review from The Civil War News website http://www.civilwarnews.com/reviews/bookreviews.cfm?ID=642 . So needless to say I had to go find a copy and order it forthright. Now I can't wait to get the book and read it. It is amazing to me all the fascinating stories that have come from such a National tragedy. And then I am also amazed at how the internet has made research so rewarding. What would have taken me forever to find, if I ever did find it, now is accessible without traveling and doing an incredible amount of leg work. I do not generally post but this gave me pause to put down a few words about my experience.

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