Captain Israel Davis' son Charles Davis [1750-1829][ my 5th G Grandfather] moved to Davistown,ME [now Liberty] around 1805 presumably after the death of his wife [Elizabeth "Betty"Fowler (1750-1805)]. He had lived in Topsfield the majority of his life and was a farmer there. I have explored many online sources and decided to send an email to the Topsfield Library to see what material they may have there - thinking that a trip there in the spring might be enlightening. I received an email back offering to get information to me via Email [I live in Florida]. So...while looking ar the records there the researcher seemed very convinced that he had responded to the call to arms at Lexington and Concord that famous night! I had printed out the Mass Soldiers and Sailors section of Davis' and had been eliminating the ones that I had no connection to but there were a couple I put question marks by. One was for a listing for a Charles Davis of Ipswich. The researcher stated that the location of his home was very close to the town line of Ipswich so she was pretty sure it was him as there were no others in that area.


Yet another tidbit to submit to the DAR....

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Comment by Sharyn Carpenter Herian on October 12, 2011 at 9:32pm
Hi Laurie, I was so happy to find your posts and joined right up. Charles Davis is also my 5th G. Grandfather and I descend from his son, Charles Jr. who married Sarah Kenny and had Julia Davis who married the grandson of Joseph P. Knowlton another Rev War veteran.

I began to work on Julia's Davis line only recently but I have one or two other Davis lines and a "mystery" John Davis who married Honor de Rodier. This one may have come from Wales or Scotland.

Until I saw your post I did not even know that Israel was a Rev. War veteran and you must have found his pension application. Liberty is thick with Knowlton and Davis families. They didn't call it Davis Town for nothing.

I am happy to share whatever I have on Israel's descendants including a photo of Julia Davis.

Can't wait to hear back from you.
Comment by Laurie Davis on October 13, 2011 at 8:50pm

Well Hello Cousin!!! 

I too am descended through Charles-Sarah then his son Charles Elbridge and Julianna Dunton.

His son Harrison Henry Davis; then his son Earnest Augustus was my great grandfather. The family home is in S Montville - a great aunt of mine still lives there.


I would love to share and compare...   njlad1 at gmail dot com [to avoid spammers I have just spelled it out...]


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