not at all related to Maine but I needed to share...

I have a big tree on Ancestry, pay the fee and am working on several branches that go back to Ireland. My paternal grandmother married a nice "maine boy" but really had no family of her own as various disease made her an orphan as a young child. Her inlaws and my grandfather's family in Maine made her one of their own.

I have been trying to find more about her paternal Irish immigrant family - a real challenge. Her maternal family was little easier although not your average group either. One of those little leaves kept popping up and it was frequently the same owner and his tree. About 6 months ago he posted a photo of his relative, a sister to mine. I sent a direct message inquiring if there might be a photo of my great grandmother he had. Even though he said no he apparently revisited the scrapbook and this past week he posted a photo of her.

Moral of my story...keep trying and keep looking!  You never know....

I got to see that my grandmother looks like her mother....

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