Asa Day, Abenaki Day, Caleb Day, Lydia M. Edgecomb


I am researching my Day and Edgecomb Lines from York and Penebscot Counties Maine.  I am also trying to find out an Abenaki grgrgrgrgr grandmothers Native or Christian maiden name as well.  I live on the West Coast so I am unable to get to Maine to do research.  I do have the Day line going back to England, but am stuck on finding out the name of this Abenaki women I am descended from.  Here is what I have and am looking for:


Asa Day, born 4, Sept 1760 in Wells, York, Maine

Abenaki Wife, married in 1795 in York, Maine

Son Caleb Day, born 1806, Cornish, York, Maine, Death 31, March, 1847 Brewer, Penebscot, Maine

Married Lydia M. Edgecomb, 24 Sept, 1825


They had other children Asa and the Abenaki wife, but I am just concentrating on Caleb and Lydia Edgecomb.





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Comment by Tina Walwyn on September 1, 2014 at 1:56pm

Hi Susie, It seems you and I (along with others who have posted) are related.  Asa Day and the mysterious Indian Maiden (as listed on the genealogy info I inherited) had several children.  I am descended from eldest son Ezekial Day born in Cornish about 1796.  On the Latter-Day Saints genealogy website, I found Asa's birth year to be "about 1765" and year of death to be "about 1845."  He was a doctor in Cornish and York.  Just concentrating on my direct lineage: I also have info that William Day (born 1582) - Asa's great-great-great-great grandfather - is a descendant of Dees of Wales.  Would love to hear from relatives in helping to piece together this branch on our family tree.

Comment by Susie Plaisted on September 5, 2014 at 7:32pm
I'm glad others are related. It's interesting that a doctor would marry an Indian. I just want to find out what her name was. Many of the Natives took on French names from the Jesuit missionaries in the area. I don't know.
Comment by Marilee Fair Vance on September 26, 2014 at 8:52pm

Susuiem I haven't forgotten you.  I still haven't found a book yet and any other info.  Someone out there knows.  We will find them!  I will try to stay in closer touch.  I've just moved back to San Diego, Ca.  I'm thinking of going to the LDS hist lib. here.  Marilee

Comment by Carlene Keene on March 24, 2019 at 8:06pm

My name is sue spiller and I'm family also!my grand mother was a day. Isabel day.her father was Howard .iv been to Cornish and seen the day farms and even had a tour.been to the cemetery's but no Asa .the town did have a fire and lots of things lost.been to the historical society .the family bible was lost in a one knows anything about Asa's Indian wife.


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