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 On March 27th, 1877, my 2x great grandfather submitted his request
for a disabilities pension based on injuries and medical conditions suffered
during his service in the Civil War. While they weren't caused by a gunshot
or a sword cut, they were just as serious in the lifelong effect they had on
Asa Ellingwood. Unfortunately, as you will see, he had to wage a long fight
over nearly fifty years to obtain his pension. I'll be exploring that struggle
in this series.

The following is a transcription of the initial pension request filing. Again, it's
a pre-printed  form and those parts are in boldface while the parts filled in
are in normal type/

Declaration for Original Invalid Pension
State of Maine County of Oxford, SS:
On the 13th day of March a.d. one thousand eight hundred and seventy
seven personally appeared before me Register of the Probate Court the 
same being a Court of Record of the County and State aforesaid
Asa F Ellingwood a resident of Erol county of Coos State of N.H.
who by me being duly sworn according to law, on his solemn oath,
deposes as follows, to wit:
I am the identical Asa F Ellingwood who was enrolled on the 14th
day of May 1861 in Company I of the 5th Regiment of Maine Vols.
commanded by Captain Clark S. Edwards and I was honorably discharged 
at Camp Franklin on the 23 day of December 1863 and my age is now 46  

While in the service aforesaid and in the line of duty, I received the 
following disability, to wit:
At the first battle of Bull Run, I became over heated and took cold that settled
on my kidneys which has since greatly disabled from manual labor. I was
also ruptured caused by the Colonel driving his horse over me. I have never
recovered from said rupture.

I was treated by Dr Warren at Bush Hill, July 1861. I claim a pension
on the above declaration. Afterwards a member of Co "A" 9th Veteran R Corps.

I have never been employed in the Military or  Naval Service of the 
United States otherwise than set forth above. Since leaving the 
Service, I have resided in Coos County, N.H. and my occupation has
been farming. I was of good sound physical health, being at enrollment 
a farmer and I am now partially disabled from obtaining my subsistence
by manual labor by reason of my disabilities above stated, received in 
the service of the United States, and I make this Declaration for
purpose of being places on the Invalid Pension Roll of the United States. 

I hereby appoint and empower,with full power of substitution Nathan W. 
Fitzgerald of Washington City, D.C.., my true and lawful attorney to 
prosecute my claim. My Post Office address is Upton County of Oxford  
State of Maine.
Asa F Ellingwood
Attest two witnesses: J. N. Dunham, S.S. Fanning
This Declaration MUST before some Clerk of a Court of Record. If 
acknowledged before a Notary or Justice, it will be worthless.

March 27th, 1877.

((Originally posted at "West in New England" 7Apr 2011))


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