This is the first part of 2x great grandfather Asa F. Ellingwood's pension
request affidavit. I was struck not so much by the content as I was by the
barely legible handwriting of whoever was taking the notes for Asa's hearing
and the lack ofg a question mark at the end of the questions!

That aside, there's a lot of information here about Asa's life and I'll discuss
that after I post the second half of Asa's testimony.

Florilla Dunham Ellingwood & Asa F.Ellingwood


For now, here's part 1:
On this 3rd day of April, 1884, at Upton, County of Oxford, State of Maine,
before me, F. E. Lawton, a Special Examiner of the Pension Office, personally
Asa F. Ellingwood, who says his age is 54 years P.O. address is
Upton, Maine, occupation is  Farmer.

Q: I want you to commence and tell me where you were born and where you
lived each and every year up to the time you enlisted in 1861.

A: I was b orn in Milan, N.H. and when four years old I went to live a man by the
name of Morton Austin at Woodstock, Me. where I lived until I was eighteen
years old.Then I went to Milan N.H. to work for my brother J.H. Ellingwood
where I worked for two years and six months.  Then I went back to Woodstock
Maine to live where I stayed for one year. Then I  went to work in Paris, Me. for
Alfred Sterns in 1853 where I worked for one year. Then I worked for  J.
Jackson for six months in the grist mill at Paris, Me. Then I went back to Woodstock
again for a year doing jobbing work. Then I went back to Paris or what is known as
Snows Falls  to work for Mr. Alfred Sterns where I remained until I enlisted in 1861,
Q: Who were your intimate friends when you worked at Mr.  Alfred Sterns at and
prior to to the time you enlisted.
A: Mr. Oliver Pratt of West Paris, Me.
     Mr. James barrows of West Paris, Me.
     Mr.  Benjamin Thurlow of Paris, Me.

Q: Do these above named persons know whether or not you were free from
any rupture when you enlisted.
A: Yes for they worked with me in the mill and we used to go in swimming
together very oftenjust prior to the time I enlisted.

Q: When, where,  and in what Co. did you enlist.
A:  I enlisted at Portland Co, I, 5th Me. in May 1861.

Q: Who examined you when you enlisted in Co. I 5th Maine
A:Surgeon Warren and he made us all strip our selves when he examined us.

Q: Who was your Doctor prior to your enlistment.
A: I never had any Dctors.

Q: For what do you claim a pension?
A: For two ruptures and disease of the kidney.

End of part 1.


((Originally posted in "West in New England" on 22Apr 2011))


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