A few comments on what we've seen so far from 2x great grandfather Asa
Ellingwood's testimony:

I am extremely fortunate to have a copy of  cousin Florence O'Connor's  book
The Ancestors and Descendants of Asa Freeman Ellingwood and Florilla
(Dunham) Ellingwood (West Paris, Me 1979)
to draw upon in my family research.
In her section on Asa himself, she writes of how Asa and his brother Oscar were
sent to live with their Aunt Polly Barrows Curtis and her husband Morton Curtis
after their mother had died. Three years later, on 25Jan 1835, Asa's father  John
Ellingwood Jr died as well, leaving Asa and his siblings orphans. This was why he
livd with the Curtises for 18 years.

 Although I haven't yet filled in the collateral Barrows cousins on my family tree
it is highly probable that the James Barrows Asa refers to in his testimony is
a cousin. And Crosby Curtis was the son of Morton Curtis and his first wife,
Dorcas Young.

I believe the man named Perry who Asa was helping during the retreat from
First Bull Run was a soldier named Albert Perry who served in CO.I 5th Me.
and died in Washington. D.C. on18Sep 1862. He was 19 years old.

So from Asa's testimony and the Ellingwood book, I've constructed the
following timeline for Asa for the years up to 1874. The information from
the testimony is italicized:

4Apr 1828  Born in Milan, Coos, N.H.

9May 1832  Rachel Barrows Ellingwood dies. Asa and brother Oscar sent to live with
their Aunt Polly Barrows Curtis and her husband Morton Curtis at Woodstock, Oxford, Me.

1846-The 18 year old Asa  returns to Milan, Coos, N.H. to work for his brother  J. H.
Ellingwood. (Jacob Ellingwood)

1848/1849-Asa returns to Woodstock, Oxford, Me.

22Aug 1850- Marries  Florilla Dunham in Woodstock, Oxford, Me. 

1853-Asa goes to  Paris, Oxford, Me. to work for Alfred Sterns.

1854- Asa works for 6 mos. at J. Jackson's grist mill

1855- Back to Woodstock, Oxford, Me. for a year

1856-Asa moves back to Snow Falls section of Paris, Oxford, Me. to work for Alfred

May 1861- Asa enlists in Co.I, 5th Me. at Portland, Me.

21Jul 1861- Asa suffers his injuries in the Union retreat from the First Battle of
Bull Run.

22Dec 1861- Asa is given a disability discharge and returns home.

1Jul 1863- Asa is counted on the Civil War  Draft Registration rolls at Dummer, Coos, N.H.

Dec 1864-Asa reenlists

1865- Asa is discharged and returns to Dummer, Coos, N.H. He remains there for six years,

1871- Asa moves to Errol, Coos, N.H.

1874-Asa moves to Upton, Oxford, Me.

Next, Florilla Dunham Ellingwood's testimony.


((originally posted on "West in New England" 27Apr 2011))



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