Before I move on to Florilla Dunham Ellingwood's testimony, I wanted to share what
I've found about two of the witnesses Asa asked to have interviewed on his behalf.
The first is James Barrows. As I previously mentioned,  Asa Ellingwood's mother
was Rachel Barrows and after her death, he went to live with his Aunt Polly Barrows
and her husband Morton Curtis. Given that fact, I was fairly sure that witness James
Barrows was a relative.
On p.501 of The Hstory of Paris, Maine by Wiliam Berry Lapham, I found the

James Hooper Barrows, (son of Harvey) m. Mary P., dau. of Lewis Fuller. 
Settled in Paris in 1854. Has been largely engaged in the manufacture of chairs.

Unfortunately, Lapham didn't have much information on Harvey Barrows:

 Harvey Barrows was of Sumner, and passed his boyhood in the family of Elder 
James Hooper. He m. Hannah Beekler, whose grandfather was of German birth, 
and settled in Albany. Children:

Elizabeth, m. Sullivan Barrett, s. Sumner.
Hannah, m. Wm. Richardson, s. Greenwood.
Sabrina, d. at the age of 13.
James Hooper, b. Dec, 21, 1831, m. Mary P. Fuller.
George H., b. July, 1833, s. in Ohio.

However, I had a surprise waiting for me when I checked out the other witness,
Oliver Pratt. I found this on pages 700-701, You'll see why I used red for the
above entry on Harvey Barrows.


Phineas and Joshua Pratt came to Plymouth in the third Pilgrim ship, Ann. and

were among the forefathers at Plymouth, and probably ancestors of most of the 
name in the old colony.

Luther and Nathaniel Pratt were of Middleborough, Mass., and were early 

settlers in the west part of the town. The wife of Capt. Jairus Shaw was a sister,
as was also the mother of Governor Albion K. Parris of Hebron. Luther Pratt 
m. Udora Leonard. Children:
Betsey, m. Jacob Winslow.
Leonard, m. Sally Glbion.
Calvin, b. May 17, 1797, m. Deborah Barrows.
Polly, m. 1st, Solomon Knight, 2d, George Knight of Poland, and was murdered by 

her husband, who is serving out a life sentence in the State prison.
Martin, d. 1827.
Sally, b. 1801, m. __________ Ricker of Poland.
Eliza, b. Aug. 12, 1804, m. Nov. 4, 1825, Ansel Cushman of Hebron.
Nancy, b. 1806, m. Stephen Mitchell.
The father d. 1818. The mother d. 1818.

Nathaniel Pratt, brother of the preceding, m. Lucy Shaw, a sister of Gilbert Shaw,
and settled on the lot now the farm of Alhert Winslow. Children:

Abagail, m. David Andrews;
Cyrene, m. David Andrews, 2d wife;
 Lucy,. b. July 17, 1797, m. William Cumniings, s. Hamlin's Grant;
 Lydia, b. April 15,1801, m. 1st, Moses Cummings, 2d, Daniel Cummings.

Leonard, son of Luther Pratt, m. Sarah Gibson of Waterford. Children:

Mary Jane, m. 1st, Ether Deering, 2d; Robert Sklllings
Sarah, d. young.
The father d. about 1820. The widow m. Thomas Dunham of Hebron, and settled
in Turner.

Calvin Pratt, brother of the preceding, m. Deborah, dau. of Ansel Barrows. She
was b. in Granby, Vermont, Oct. 22, 1799. Ansel Barrows came to Paris and
lived in a log house near Elder Hooper's, and moved to Sumner. Children:
Oliver Leonard, b. May 2, 1820, m. Elizabeth Fuller of Woodstock.
Theodora Leonora, b. April 20, 1822, m. Richard H. Jordan of Bethel, and
died some years ago.
Hannah Elliot, b. March 31,1829, m. John C. Warren; she is also dead.
The father d. May 15, 1871. The aged mother still lives with her son at West Paris.


Now, Ansel Barrows was the uncle of both Rachel and Polly Barrows and so the
granduncle of Asa Ellingwood. I know that he had a son named Harvey, so it's
probable that James Barrows was his grandson.

In other words, both Oliver and James were Asa's cousins, and given that he'd
probably known them all his life, they would have known precisely what his
physical condition was like before and after his enlistment in the Union Army.

((Originally posted in West in New England" 29Apr 2011))


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Comment by Franz Martin on June 25, 2012 at 10:34pm

The piece on "Asa Ellingwood's Pension File" includes the claim that Lydia Pratt, dau. of Nathaniel and Lucy Shaw Pratt married first Moses Cummings and second Daniel Cummings.  Can someone clarify who these two Cummings men are?  Are they the brothers Moses and Daniel, sons of Isaac and Elizabeth Bryant Cummings?  That Daniel married Lydia Ann Bryant.  Did he later marry Lydia Pratt?  Or was this an entirely different Daniel?  Or is there an error in the information?

Comment by Bill West on January 19, 2013 at 9:00pm

Hi franz, sorry I didn't see this until now. Daniel Cummings was the son of another Daniel Cummings and Abigail Fletcher. Moses Cummings was the son of Isaac Cummings and Elizabeth Bryant, Both men were the grandchildren of a third Daniel Cummings and Elizabeth Williams. Hope that helps.


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