One of the little mysteries of the precedings on 3Apr 1884 is that there
is no indication as to what order the various witnesses testified nor is
there any notation of time of day. If Asa's wife, my 2x great grandmother
Florilla Dunham Ellingwood, gave her statement late in  the day after all
the others it might possibly explain the somewhat (I think) prosecutorial
tone of the questioning. Despite that Florilla's responses steadily agree
with those Asa gave in his statement.

Again, the punctuation and grammar are as they appear on the original document:

On this 3rd day of April, 1884, at Upton, County of Oxford, State of Maine,
before me, F. E. Lawton, a Special Examiner of the Pension Office, personally
Florilla. Ellingwood, who, being by me first duly sworn to answer
truly all  interrogatories propounded to her during this Special Examination
of aforesaid pension claim, deposes and says: her age is 50 years. P.O. address
is Upton Hill, Maine, occupation housekeeper

Q: When did you marry the claimant Asa F. Ellingwood
A: In the year 1850

Q: Have you always lived with each other since you were first married
A: Yes sir,

Q: Do you distinctly remember when he enlisted in May 1861
A: Yes sir

Q: Did he have a rupture either over the right or left side when he enlisted
A: No sir I know he never had any ruptures when he enlisted in 1861

Q: What was the trouble with him when he enlisted in May 1861
A: I never knew that he had any.

Q: Did he never complain prior to his enlistment of pain in his hips
and on his back,
A: No Sir 

Q: When did you next see him after he enlisted in May 1851
A: I saw him in June 1861.when he came home on a furlough

Q: What disease or disability did he have when he came home in June 1861
A: He had none.

Q: When did you next see him after June 1861
A: I saw him in Dec 1861 when he was discharged and came home.

Q: What was the trouble with him in Dec 1861 when you say he came home
A: He had two ruptures when he came home one on each side.

Q: Was there any other disease or disability at the time you say he came home
in Dec 1861
A: He was troubled with his back and kidneys. I know of nothing else.

Q: Has your husband been sick each and every year since Dec 1861 with
back and kidney trouble
A:: Yes sir

Q: How much of the time each and every every year has he been incapacitated
for the performance of manual labor by reason of his kidney or back trouble
and the aforesaid ruptures.
A: I should say he has been laid up one quarter of the time so he could not
work each year since he came home in 1861.

Q: What was the age of your oldest child when your husband returned from
the service in 1861
A: The child was 9 years of age and his name Walter F. Ellingwood and he
lives in Cambridge N.H.

Q: How did your husband tell you he incurred the alleged ruptures.
A: He said the Col was on his horse and ran over him which ruptured him.

Q: How did he tell you he contracted kidney disease or back disease
A: He said he got overheated on a march and laid out without blankets
and got cold which settled in his back and kidneys.

Q: What were the size of the ruptures when he came home in Dec 1861
A: They were the size of a walnut I should say..

Q:You say he had his ruptures when he came home in Dec 1861
A: Yes Sir.

Q: Are you positive that you have stated these questions correctly when I have
asked you
A: Yes Sir.

Then the signature of Florilla Ellingwood as deponent.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 3rd day of Apr 1884 and I 
certify that the contents were fully made known to deponent before signing.
F. E. Lawton Special Examiner.


((originally posted at "West in New England" 5May 2011))

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Comment by Pamela Carter on June 3, 2011 at 8:50pm

This is so cool! Where did you find this testimony? 


Comment by Bill West on June 3, 2011 at 9:04pm

I sent away for the Pension file from the National Archives. I chose the complete file which had all the

paperwork.(There are two other less expensive versions but they ony have selected documents)


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