The next person to testify in Asa Ellingwood's pension claim case was his

cousin James Barrows.

According to the statement,  James "says  his age  52 years, P.O. address

 West Paris, Maine occupation  mfg of chairs


Q: How long have you known the claimant Asa F.Ellingwood

A: Ever since 1850


Q: Did you work with him at that time

A: I worked with him from 1850 to 1860


Q: What was his physical condition in those years

A: I considered him sound


Q: Have you personal knowledge that he was not sound

A: None other than I could gain from acquaintance with him


Q: Did you ever know of him being sick or complaining of any disease prior

   to 1860

A: Not to my knowledge


Q: Did you ever see him in a (illegible) state

A: Yes sir every summer before 1860 we were in the habit of bathing together


Q: Did you ever notice any ruptures while you were bathing together

A: No sir and if he had have had any I think I should have known of it.


Q:Did you see Asa F Ellingwood in the service

A: No sir


Q: When did you next see said Ellingwood after he enlisted in to the service

A: I saw him the day that he came home


Q: What was his physical condition at the time that he came home

A: He was looking rather bad


Q: What was the trouble with him

A: I don't know the nature of the disability


Q: Did you ever know of him being ruptured

A:  I may but I have forgotten it if I did


Q:  Do you know what disability he has suffered from since his discharge

from the service

A: I don't


Q: Have you ever testified in this claim before today

A: I think I have


Q: Are these two affidavits now show you signed by you

A: I should say they were


Q: How is it you state in on of said affidavits he had kidney disease

when he came home from the service and today you say you don't

know what disease he has had

A: I recollect now that he had kidney disease since I have now my old affidavit


Q: Do you have any interest directly or indirectly on said claim.

A: No sir.


The introduction of two previous statements surprised  me and had me

rummaging through the other pages of the Pension File images. I'll

discuss what I found in the next installment of this series. 


Originally published at West in New England 6/5/11


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