The next witness was his cousin Oliver Pratt. On the affidavit he

says "his age is 64 years. P.O. address West Paris Me. Occupation

carriage maker by trade and painter."

Q: How long have you known the claimant Asa F. Ellingwood

A: Ever since we was a little boy


Q: Did you ever work with him

A: Yes sir from 1853 to 1860 we worked for a chair mfg. co. and he did the

lifting part of the work


Q: What was his physical condition  when you and he worked together

A: I don't know and never knew but what he was an able bodied man.


Q: Did you ever hear him complain of any disease or pains prior to his


A: I don't remember ever hearing complain at all


Q: Did you ever see him naked prior to his enlistment

A: Yes sir once we went in swimming but I was not near him


Q: Did you ever see him in the service

A: No


Q: Have you seen him often since the war

A: No sir


Q: Do you know for what he claims a pension

A: No sir


Q: Have you any knowledge what has been the trouble with him since

the war

A: No sir


Q: Have you any interest directly or indirectly in the prosecution of said


A: No nor prejudice.


This concluded Oliver Pratt's testimony.


To be continued.


Originally posted at West in New England 6/19/11


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