Looking for any new info on my grate grate grandfather ben f chase his mother submit woodman his father benjami. Tappin his cuzin cyrus woodman born in buxton at the chase tavern in 1850s moved to wisconsin working for his cuzin cyrus woodmen wild living in nealsvile joned. The 19th wisconin int reg after the civil war be ale the first atterny in augusta wis. Died 1909 looking for any pics and any corisponedances with his family in maine he had a brother willom and 4sisters. In in 1889 he copyed a family history of a relitive. A miss palmer at the end he wrote. I to have had an eventfull personel history if werthyness found ever a hand of
reddy writer . Did he ever find one

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Comment by SCOTT MORGAN on April 20, 2011 at 3:07pm

Married in Buxton, Maine


[1815,] Oct. 12.—Benjamin Tappan Chase & Submit Woodman both of Buxton.


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