Benjamin Franklin Sanders 1859-1935

Sanders Pedigree


John Henry Sanders 1823-1909 & Margery Hurlburt 1824-1924

Richard Saunders 1800-1849 & Desiah “Desire” Cahoon 1800-1894

Henry Saunders 1766-1842 & Abigail Van Norden 1774-1847

Joseph Saunders 1724-1802 & Sarah Hill 1728-1802

Henry Edward Sanders 1688-1768 & Mary Mitchell 1687-1787

James Sanders 1643-1721 & Hannah Tewksbury 1662-1746

John Saunders 1613-1643 & Elizabeth Grafton 1622-1678

John Saunders 1572- & Alice Coles 1598-1636

Henry Saunders 1558-1652 & Sibyl Shepard 1556-1630

Sir Nicholas Saunders 1527-1587 & Isabel Carew 1520-1587

William Saunders 1492-1571 & Joan Marston 1503-1581

Henry Saunders 1445-1518 & Joan Lepton 1457-1518

Sir William Saunders 1415-1481 & Joan Carew 1420-1470

Thomas Alexander Saunders 1348-1481 & Joan Pollard 1388-1430

Stephen Saunders 1350-1398 & Joan Alexander 1360-1384

Matthew Saunders 1320- & Anne Morgan 1320-1370

James Saunders I 1299- & Agnes de Noyers

Richard Saundre 1260- & Unknown Wife

Ralph Saundre 1230- & Unknown Salaman

Richard de Sandersted 1200- & Unknown Wife

Sir Leonard de Sandersted 1175-


Benjamin Franklin Sanders[1], was born in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, the 2nd son of John Henry Sanders[2] and Margaret Hurlburt[3], who were married there on January 16, 1845 and had five children.


John Henry Sanders is known as John H. Sanders, Henry Sanders or Saunders and Margaret Hurlburt is known as Margery or Marjorie Hurlbut, Margery Herbert, Marjorie Hurlbert or M. E. Hurleburt.


Benjamin Franklin Sanders, has many aliases also: B. F. Sanders, Frank Sanders, Benjamin F. Saunders, Benj. F. Saunders, Benj. T. Saunders, Benj. F. Saunderson or even Benjimen Sanders.


In 1881, living in Tusket River, Nova Scotia, are Henry Sanders 59, wife, Margery Sanders 57, their children, James Sanders 24, Frank Sanders 22 and Ella B. Sanders 17. It is unclear where the youngest child, Desire A. Sanders, may be during this Census, but later records indicate that her parents are Henry Sanders and Marjorie Hurlbert.


The oldest son of Henry and Margery Sanders, was James H. or John H. Sanders[4], born in Yarmouth. On March 21, 1880, James Sanders 23, immigrated aboard the “Dominion” to Boston, Massachusetts. This date conflicts with the 1881 Census in Tusket River for James Sanders.


On November 28, 1892 in Danvers, John H. Sanders 35, who is a Carpenter by trade, married Katie L. Hilderbrand[5] 27, a Housekeeper.


In 1910, in nearby Salem, Massachusetts, James S. Sanders 52, is a widower, who employs Carrie S. Sinclair[6] 46 as a Servant. She is a recent widow with three children, who also live in the household; Elmond R. Sinclair 14, Charles D. Sinclair 13 and Gilbert M. Sinclair 7.


On December 10, 1890, in Salem, Carrie L. (Alton) Wellman 26, married George L. Sinclair[7] 43. This was her 2nd marriage and his 1st. Her 1st husband, Samuel Horace Wellman[8] died at age 34 in Salem.


James Saunders [sic] 65, in Danvers in 1920, with his new wife, Carrie Saunders [sic] 58. It is unknown their whereabouts afterwards.


The daughter of Henry and Margery Sanders, Ella Saunders[9] 21 married George S. White[10] 22 on April 15, 1886 in Deerfield, Nova Scotia. George and Ella White move to Beverly, Massachusetts before 1891, where their daughter, Leola H. White[11] dies at age 1.


On November 8, 1899, in Newton, Massachusetts, George S. White 34 married Icea M. McPherson[12] 23. George White, born in Yarmouth, NS claims that this is his first marriage. Has Ella died?


1900, Newton, George White 32 [sic] 34 and new wife Margaret White 23, live at 169 Linwood Avenue. George White is a Carpenter.


The daughter of Henry and Margery Sanders, Emma A. or Emma Lucalla Sanders[13] or Saunders, married Reuben S. Kinney[14] or Reuben S. Kenny on November 15, 1888 in Yarmouth. Their children were all born in Glenwood, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.


Desire A. Sanders[15], named for Henry’s mother, married Albert W. Eaton, but when or where is unknown. Desire A. Sanders 67, born in Nova Scotia, died in Manhattan, New York, Widowed Spouse of Albert W. Eaton and the daughter of Henry Sanders and Margorie Hurlbert.


In 1881, in Tusket River- West, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Frank Sanders, age 22, a “Shoemaker”, is living with his parents, Henry and Margery Sanders. It is very likely that Benjamin F. Sanders and Louisa E. Emmett became acquainted while they were both living in Nova Scotia. Then, when her family moved to Lynn, he must have followed them.


Louisa Emily Emmett[16] and Benjamin Franklin Sanders were married there on April 2, 1882. The intentions were filed in Lynn on March 31, 1882. The marriage is also recorded in Swampscott, Massachusetts for Benj. F. Saunders.


Louisa Emmett reports alternately, that she is the daughter of Mary N. and David S. Emmett or Elizabeth and David Emmett. Benjamin F. Sanders is employed as a “Shoe Laster” and Louisa is an “Operative”.


Benjamin F. Saunders [sic] is naturalized on October 15, 1886 in Boston, Massachusetts. Benjamin, born in Nova Scotia, is a resident of Lynn. Naturalization records for Louisa Emmett are not found.


The children of Benjamin and Louisa Sanders, all born in Lynn, are: George Franklin Sanders[17], Nellie Mae Sanders[18], who married Pearl Albert Libby[19] on November 3, 1904 and the youngest child, William Atwood Sanders[20], who was married 5 times. 


Benjamin and Louisa Sanders divorced, in the early 1890’s and their three children, who live with Louisa’s parents, have moved from Massachusetts to Lincoln Center, Maine. Louisa Sanders soon leaves her job in Lynn to join her parents and children in Maine and begins keeping house for William Franklin Tash. Louisa Emily Emmett Sanders, a housekeeper with benefits, is pregnant with his child by early 1895.


On May 3, 1895, in Lincoln, William F. Tash 43 married Louisa Sanders 32. It is a second marriage for both parties, who make the claim they are widowed. Both are actually divorcees, because their former spouses Annie Wyman and Benjamin Sanders, are not dead yet.


Benjamin Sanders has moved to the Midwest part of the United States and on June 17, 1896 in Boone, Iowa, B.F. (Benjamin Franklin) Sanders, age 35, son of Henry Sanders and Margery Hulburt, marries Sarah Mccaffre [sic] or Sarah Chevet [sic], age 41. Benjimen [sic] Sanders and his wife Sarah live in Black Hawk, Iowa in 1905.


In 1910, in Waterloo, Iowa, Frank Sanders 49, wife Sarah Sanders 54, both born Canada. With them is her mother, Mary Mccaffrey 74, born in Canada. Frank Sanders leaves Iowa before the next Census, but his wife Sarah stays behind and does not move to New Jersey with him.


In 1920, in Hoboken, New Jersey, Frank Sanders 56, claims he is widowed and lives with his 6-year-old daughter, Margetet [sic] Sanders[21], who was born in Iowa. Elizabeth Thute, a 61-year-old housekeeper, completes the household. Frank is employed as a Night Watchman at S.S. Piers.


Frank Sanders is not widowed in 1920, as he claims, but still has a wife in Iowa until 1927, unless they were divorced before he left. Who is that 6-year-old girl he claims to be his daughter? At the year of this child’s birth, Frank’s wife, Sarah Sanders would have been 58 years old.


Margetet is most likely a misspelling from the Census and in 1930, there is a Margretta Sanders, age 16, born in Iowa, living in Queens, New York as a single, white, lodger.


Sarah J. McCaffrey[22], was born in Canada, the daughter of Michael McCaffrey[23] and Mary Doyle[24]. Sarah J. (McCaffrey) Chauvet Sanders died at age 70 in Iowa. She is buried with her parents Michael and Mary McCaffrey in Corpus Christi Cemetery in Fort Dodge, Iowa.


In 1930, Benjamin Sanders is enumerated in Manhattan, New York as a widowed, lodger and servant. Before his death he married a woman by the name of Lettie, of which nothing is known.


Benjamin Franklin Sanders died at age 72 in Manhattan. At his death, he was listed as married, spouse’s name is Lettie. They lived at 170 West 85th St. and he was employed as a Night Watchman. Benjamin Franklin Sanders is buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery in New York.


Benjamin Franklin Sanders was preceded in death by his parents, John Henry Sanders and Marjory (Hurlburt) Sanders.


Benjamin Franklin Sanders was also predeceased by his two ex-wives, Louisa Emily (Emmett) Sanders Tash, at age 55 in Maine and Sarah (McCaffrey) Chauvet Sanders at the age of 70 in Iowa.


Benjamin F. Sanders was survived by his three children in Maine: George F. Sanders, Nellie M. (Sanders) Libby and William A. Sanders; also, several grandchildren in Maine, including Durwood Ellison Libby.


[1] Benjamin F. Sanders b Oct 27, 1859 d Aug 19, 1935; son of John Henry Sanders 1823-1909 & Margery Hurlburt 1824-1924

[2] Henry Sanders b Mar 10, 1823 d 1909; son of Richard Sanders 1800-1849 & Desiah “Desire” Cahoon 1800-1894

[3] Margery Hurlburt b Dec 1824 d 1924; dau of Titus Hurlburt, Jr. 1790-1872 & Catherine Gavel 1796-1877

[4] James H. Sanders b 1856 d 1920+; son of Henry Sanders 1823-1909 & Margery Hurlburt 1824-1924

[5]Katie L. Hilderbrand b 1865 d bef 1910; dau of Lewis F. Hilderbrand & Katie L.

[6] Carrie Louise Alton b Jan 19, 1864 d unknown; dau of Samuel Alton 1840-1863 & Caroline S. Church 1840-1881

[7] George L. Sinclair b Feb 13, 1848 d Nov 16, 1906; son of Daniel Sinclair 1805-1886 & Louisa Leighton 1816-1854

[8] Samuel H. Wellman b May 31, 1853 d Jul 14, 1887; son of Samuel Wellman 1818-1895 & Mary E. Hill 1831-1868

[9] Ella B. Sanders b 1865 d bef 1899; dau of Henry Sanders 1823-1909 & Margery Hurlburt 1824-1924

[10] George S. White b 1864 or Jan 1868 d 1900+; son of Isaac White 1839-1910 & Eunice Cavanah 1826-1897

[11] Leola H. White b May 9, 1889 d Feb 17, 1891; dau of George S. White 1859-1900+ & Ella B. Sanders 1865-1891+

[12] Icea Margaret McPherson b Apr 1877 d 1900+; dau of Alexander McPherson & Christina Mclean

[13] Emma A. Sanders b Sep 7, 1867 d 1896+; dau of Henry Sanders 1823-1909 & Margery Hurlburt 1824-1924

[14] Reuben S. Kenny b Apr 1864 d 1913; son of Israel D. Kenney 1817-1894 & Hannah Whitehouse 1822-1900

[15] Desire A. Sanders b 1871 d Nov 8, 1938; dau of Henry Sanders 1823-1909 & Margery Hurlbert 1824-1924

[16] Louisa E. Emmett b Aug 9, 1863 d Nov 30, 1918; dau of David S. Emmett 1834-1914 & Mary A. Dyer 1838-1911

[17] George Sanders b Dec 9, 1882 d Aug 7, 1962; son of Benjamin Sanders 1859-1935 & Louisa Emmett 1863-1918

[18] Nellie Sanders b Sep 3, 1886 d Jun 20, 1976; dau of Benjamin Sanders 1859-1935 & Louisa Emmett 1863-1918

[19] Pearl A. Libby b May 3, 1883 d Feb 23, 1955; son of Abram Libby 1835-1922 & Lovina Pond 1842-1927

[20] William Sanders b Jan 14, 1888 d Jul 8, 1965; son of Benjamin Sanders 1859-1935 & Louisa Emmett 1863-1918

[21] Margaret Sanders b 1914 d unknown; dau? of Benjamin F. Sanders 1859-1935 & Sarah MacCaffrey 1855-1927

[22] Sarah McCaffrey b 1856 d 1927; dau of Michael McCaffrey 1827-1900 & Mary Doyle 1836-1920

[23] Michael McCaffery b Sep 1827 d Mar 13, 1900; born in Ireland, son of McCaffery

[24] Mary Doyle b Dec 12, 1836 d Apr 19, 1920; born in Canada, dau of Doyle & Unknown


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