We have hit the proverbial brick wall. I am hoping that maybe I can get some suggestions or if anyone has any documents or notes that may help.

What we know is William Bryant along with his father and we thing two brothers, settled in Appleton (though I believe it was Hope at the time). They show up in the 1790 Census and we have the marriage announcement of William and Hannah Johnson, listing Sennebec as William's residence. We also know that William signed the Petition in 1803 to incorporate the town of Appleton and he also enlisted for a few days, anyway, in the War of 1812. We know his wife, Hannah, was presumably born in NH, so how/why they ended up in Maine we do not know. Hannah's mother did receive a land grant in 1835 for 200 acres, but by that time, William had already passed and his children moved from Appleton to start their own lives. Ambrose, my direct ancestor had ended up in China, then moved to Windsor, then to Minnesota. Most of Ambrose's siblings stayed in Maine.

We also know that Ambrose's wife, Narcissa Merrill's family were long residents of Maine, moving to Windsor from N Yarmouth.

Ambroses son, Alonzo, was born in Windsor and while he moved to MN when he was young, did marry Clara J Millett, who's family was also long residents of Maine. Her mother, Mary Morton, daughter of Solomon Morton and granddaughter of Elisha Morton, we believe is the Mayflower decedent.

So it seems for all the off shoots of the Bryant Family, we have a lot of information and records, but the Bryant is causing some trouble. The land records we can find i think list Joseph Pierce as selling land to William Bryant in 1808? But I am not really clear on how to read those notes, ie Grantor vs Grantee (I know one is the buyer and one the seller), but date of deed vs date of record, did family usually help buy, if there are multiple Bryant's buying and selling land, are they likely related? 

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Comment by Brenda W Stinson on January 8, 2017 at 7:58pm

Well if you are talking Windsor, Maine there are a lot of wonderful resources available and some history books written on the early family.  If you contact the Windsor Historical society they could point you in the right direction.  I am a Merrill through my great grandmother's line.  I at least 3 lines that go through Windsor and China, maybe more.  


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