I am looking for some information on John Carter married to Betsey Murphy, they had a daughter Mary J. Carter who married Robert Fossett.  The only information I can find on John & Betsey is in Dodges Vitals of Old Bristol, it simply lists names and relationship to thier daughter and vice versa.  I cannot find any detailed information on death,birth ir marriage by looking through all the Carters' and Murphys'.

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Comment by Ben York on May 25, 2011 at 7:22am
I believe this is the Mary J Carter Fossett That Dwayne is looking for more info on.
Comment by Dwayne Jones on May 25, 2011 at 9:51am

Thanks Ben.  I am very familiar with this document. The trail for information on John Carter and Betsey Murphy, unfortunately, ends at Mary Jane Fossett's death certificate.  I am thinking that Betsey had a first marriage to a Murphy and then married a Carter, because the only previous information I can find is a Betsey Richards who was born and died in Bristol.  In looking through the census records I find some very close similarities with names from Enoch Carter and Erastus Carter's children to Mary Jane Fossett's children, so I am thinking that Betsey Richards (Murphy/Carter) who is a mother to Enoch, Erastus Carter may be Mary Jane's mother as well.  If anyone has an additional informaiton, it is greatly appreciated.

Comment by Chris Dunham on May 25, 2011 at 4:04pm
I have no idea if there is a connection, but the probate record of Samuel Bailey offers a link between the McMurphy and Richards families of Bristol.
Comment by Ben York on May 25, 2011 at 5:09pm

 I actually thought you had probably seen this document, but I thought this might get you better results in your search. At least for researchers to have some idea of dates or possible locations etc. I personally did not find any additional info based on this death record, other than census data.


Comment by Dwayne Jones on May 26, 2011 at 11:50pm

Ben, thanks!  That is a great idea!  And thank you Chris for the probate record, that only confirms my suspicions.  I have attached what I know from census records of the 1850s and 1870s and it certainly looks like the Mary J. Fossett was indeed the sister of Enoch and Erastus Carter based upon the similarities of childrens names.  So this leads me to believe that Betsey Carters maiden name (Murphy) listed on the death certificate may very well be her first marriage name. As you can see below, Betsey is listed as 80yrs old in 1850 living with Enoch, her son.  I believe this is the Betsey (Richards) then (Murphy) then (Carter).


Relationship First Name Last Name  Est. Birth Census Year Born Died Comments
Father Robert  Fossett 1811 1850 Bristol Bristol Lived next door to the Sprouls and Yates
Mother Mary J.  Fossett (Carter) 1815 1850 Bristol Bristol
Children Thomas Fossett 1835 1850 Bristol ????
Enoch Fossett 1837 1850 Bristol ????
Martha Fossett 1839 1850 Bristol ????
Rosella Fossett 1841 1850 Bristol ????
Mary V. Fossett 1842 1850 Bristol ????
John  Fossett 1844 1850 Bristol ????
Delia Fossett 1846 1850 Bristol ????
Father Erastus Carter 1805 1850 Bristol
Mother Margaret Carter 1805 1850 Bristol
Children Nelson Carter 1835 1850 Bristol
Children Rosella Carter 1837 1850 Bristol
Children Albert Carter 1842 1850 Bristol
Children Roscoe Carter 1844 1850 Bristol
Children Charles Carter 1847 1850 Bristol
Children Clara Carter 1850 1850 Bristol
Father Enoch Carter 1800 1850 Bristol
Mother Rhoda Carter 1802 1850 Bristol
Children Gustavius Carter 1827 1850 Bristol
Children John  Carter 1829 1850 Bristol
Children Orin Carter 1831 1850 Bristol
Children Enoch Carter 1835 1850 Bristol
Children Mary Carter 1837 1850 Bristol
Children Betsey Carter 1838 1850 Bristol
Children Thomas Carter 1841 1850 Bristol
Grandmother Betsey Carter 1770 1850 Bristol
Father Robert Fossett 1811 1870 Bristol
Mother Mary J. Fossett (Carter) 1815 1870 Bristol
Children John  Fosset 1840 1870 Bristol
Children Orin Fossett 1851 1870 Bristol
Children Rhoda Fossett 1854 1870 Bristol


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