Chapter 10 - Vidella Marian (Whiting) Ryer Tash Fowler Durkee 1917-2007

Chapter 10


Vidella Marian (Whiting) Ryer Tash Fowler Durkee 1917-2007

Daughter of Gladys Mabel (Hunt) Whiting


Whiting Pedigree

George Elisco Whiting 1895-1965 and Gladys Mable Hunt 1897-1991

George W. Whiting 1866-1942 and Thurza Jane Inman 1873-1953

Ephraim Whiting 1839-1910 and Francina Ann Spearin 1836-1883

Leonard Whiting 1808-1880+ and Hannah Dyer 1807-1840

John Whiting 1759-1846 and Margaret Fairbrother 1782-1859

John Whiting 1727-1776 and Lucy Farmer 1736-1768

Cornet John Whiting 1699-1775 and Sarah Hunt 1709-1745

Esquire Oliver Whiting 1665-1736 and Anna Danforth 1667-1737

Reverend Samuel Whiting II 1633-1713 and Dorothy Chester 1637-1713

Reverend Samuel Whiting 1597-1679 and Elizabeth St. John 1605-1676


Hunt Pedigree

George Elisco Whiting 1895-1965 and Gladys Mable Hunt 1897-1991

Perly Hunt 1877-1901+ and Vidella M. Cook 1877-1901

Daniel W. Hunt 1850-1924+ and Dora V. Wells 1848-1917

Samuel Hunt 1811-1899 and Lydia Cook 1825-1915

William Hunt 1789-1865 and Mary Dunlap 1792-1843

Ephraim Hunt 1749-1818 and Martha Lowell 1760-1854

John Hunt, Jr. 1718-1789 and Mary Reed 1723-1797

John Hunt, Sr. 1681-1732 and Hannah Clough 1685-1752

Edward Hunt 1655-1727 and Ann Weed 1657-1711

Edward Hunt 1632-1665+ and Wife

Edmund Hunt 1613-1657 and Goodwife



           Vidella Marian Whiting[1], was born in Garland, Maine, the child of Gladys Mabel Hunt[2] and George Elisco Whiting[3].  She was named for her grandmother Vidella M. Cook[4], who died at age 23.  Gladys M. Hunt, age 20 and George E. Whiting, age 21 were married on January 31, 1917 in Garland.  Vidella M. Whiting was born 5 months later.

          Vidella Marian Whiting, had three younger brothers and three younger sisters. Brothers, Merle E. Whiting[5], Fred Elisco Whiting[6] and half-brother Chester Judkins Kimball Whiting[7]. Sisters were Madeline Dora Whiting[8], Mildred Evelyn Whiting[9] and half-sister Charlene Hester Whiting[10].  Merle, Madeline and Chester would die as children.


          It is unclear of the circumstances surrounding the reason that Vidella's mother, Gladys M. (Hunt) Whiting was in Connecticut in 1935, but the recorded birth and death of her son Chester Judkins Kimball Whiting in Litchfield, Connecticut is sufficient proof that she was. 


          It is highly probable that Gladys' daughter Vidella was either living with or visiting with her about that time (or vice-versa).  This would place Vidella Whiting in direct proximity with her first husband George Wesley Ryer[11], who lived in nearby Winsted, Connecticut.

          Vidella M. Whiting married George W. Ryer in 1936. Vidella was 19 and George, age 20. They may have been married in Connecticut, but the 1936 "Winsted Directory" indicates that George W. Ryer removed to Maine, so they could have been married there.


          George and Vidella Ryer’s son, William George Ryer[12] was born in Connecticut, so they obviously left Maine before the spring of 1936.


          George “Butch” Wesley Ryer, born in Sheffield, Massachusetts, was the second son of Byron Weed Ryer[13] and Gertrude M. Worden[14], who were married about 1913, when Byron was 32 and Gertrude was 15.  Their oldest son, Walter Palmer Ryer[15], was born in New York.


          Please DO NOT believe the family tree, done by a relative of the Ryer family, who mistakenly lists the parents of George Wesley Ryer as Frank S. Ryer[16] and Louise Ryer[17].  This same tree shows George Wesley Ryer as being married to Ethelbert “Bert” Ryer[18], who is not a woman at all, but a MAN!  Luckily, they have no children listed on the tree. 


          The Census’ from 1920, 1930 and 1940 show Ethelbert Ryer, Jr. as being the “SON” of Ethelbert Palmer Ryer[19] and Ellen L. Brazil[20].


          The tree also shows that Louise Ryer, supposed mother of George Ryer, had six children, four of whom were supernaturally born, more than 40 years before her own birth! Go ahead and laugh out loud, I did.


          I have tried reaching out to members of the Ryer family, sending them an accurate genealogy, with proven sources. I have yet to hear from either of them.  The misleading errors online persist in 2018.  Don’t let the truth get in the way of what your mother told you….


          George Wesley Ryer’s father, Byron Weed Ryer was the fourth of five sons born to Walter Palmer Ryer[21] and Emma L. MacDonald[22], who were married in Manhattan, New York on May 11, 1871.


          Walter P. Ryer and his wife Emma are recorded as living in New York from 1850 to 1880.  Emma disappears from  records after then.


          In 1900 and 1910, Walter P. Ryer is in Sheffield with his second wife Mary Ann (Shier) Smith[23], whom he married on June 24, 1888 in Manhattan.  In 1900, Byron W. Ryer lives with them.  Walter P. Ryer died in Sheffield and his widow Mary Ann (Shier) Ryer continued to live there until at least the 1920 Census.


          George and Vidella Ryer returned to Connecticut, where he was listed as a chauffeur in Winstead in 1937 and 1938.  There are no Census records for Vidella Ryer in 1940, but the listing for George Ryer, age 24, is as a married "Inmate" in the Litchfield County Jail.


          In 1940, during the Census in Torrington, Connecticut, William Ryer 3, is enumerated in the household of Frank and Albertine Covey. William’s father, George Ryer is in jail and Vidella is in parts unknown.


          George W. Ryer was well acquainted with institutions because his listed residence in the 1930 Census was the Connecticut Junior Republic in Litchfield County, a residential program for troubled youth.


          George Wesley Ryer remained single for many years before he married a woman named Ethel, probably before 1961.  It is unclear if they had children, but I found this old post online:


          Diane, Posted: 15 Feb 2000 12:01 PM GMT "I knew of a George Ryer. He was my grandfather. Can you possibly provide any more information? Is he living? Did he have a nickname? Perhaps "Butch"? The man I knew lived in CT."


          George “Butch” Wesley Ryer died at age 78 in New Britain, Connecticut.  An Explosives Engineer, who died on the Fourth of July. Does anyone else see the incredible irony here?

          Vidella Marian (Whiting) Ryer left Connecticut after separating from George W. Ryer, returned to Maine and gave birth to a son, Richard Arthur Tash[24], in Lincoln, Maine.  According to his birth certificate, Richard “Tash” was the son of Raymond David Tash. 


          Vidella M. (Whiting) Ryer married for a second time on December 21, 1944 to Raymond David Tash, who adopted Richard.  Vidella was 27 and Raymond 44. This was a first marriage for Raymond D. Tash. 


          Raymond David Tash[25] was born in Lincoln Center, Maine the son of William Franklin "Frank" Tash, Sr.[26] and his second wife, Louisa Emily Emmett[27] who were married in Lincoln on May 8, 1895 and had a son, Charles "Gustin" Augustus Tash[28] born about four months later. 


William “Frank” Tash and Louisa Emmett had four more children: Bessie Gladys Tash[29],  who married Irving Ruel Philbrook[30] on March 21, 1914 in Chester; Raymond David Tash, Bryan Jennings Tash[31] and William Franklin Tash, Jr.[32].


          William “Frank” Tash, Sr., age 23, was first married to Annie E. Wyman[33], age 15 in Chester, Maine on January 21, 1877.  She is also known as Annie E. Wymon [sic].  They had no known children and when they divorced, Annie E. (Wyman) Tash married Charles Bell. 


          Annie E. Wyman is allegedly the daughter of Seth Fish Wyman[34] and Exsah Augusta Thompson[35], but there is no record of her living with them in 1870.  Charles and Annie Bell moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, where she died at age 38, according to the same source:


          Perhaps, the connecting factor to St. Petersburg is through Annie Wyman’s uncle, James Orren Thompson[36], who was a resident of 758-3 Ave South in St. Petersburg at the time of his death in 1917.


          In 1945, there is a Charles A. Bell, born 1876, age 69 who lives in St. Petersburg.  On September 6, 1949 a 72-year-old Charles Bell, born in Alpine, New Jersey, married 71-year-old Isabelle Cochran, born in England.  Both were residents of 4360 Central Ave in St. Petersburg.  Charles Bell is a widower and Isabell Cochran is a divorcee.


          Annie E. Wyman did not conveniently die, while she was still married to William Franklin “Frank” Tash.  Just as Benjamin Franklin Sanders did not die in Nova Scotia, when he was still married to Louisa Emily Emmet, but he lived for many more years in New York.  Using genealogical blinders does not make for very good research, Durwood.


          It was a second marriage for Louisa Emmett also, who had first been married to Benjamin Franklin Sanders[37] on April 2, 1882 in Lynn, Massachusetts and had children: George Franklin Sanders[38], Nellie Mae Sanders[39], who married Pearl Albert Libby[40] and William Atwood Sanders[41].  Benjamin and Louisa Sanders divorced, he later moved to New York, married a woman named Lettie and died there at age 72. 


          Benjamin Franklin Sanders is erroneously shown to be “Francis William Sanders, of Irish Decent [sic], d about 1889, probably Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.  (I could not find any information on the Sanders family.)” directly quoted from “The Descendants of Louisa Emily (Emmett) Sanders Tash” by Ellison “Durwood” Libby in 2002. 


          Benjamin Franklin Sanders is the son of Henry Sanders[42] and Margery Hurlburt[43] or Hurlbut [sic], who were married on January 16, 1845 in Yarmouth and had a least one other child, a daughter, Emma A. Saunders[44] [sic], born in Hebron, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.


          On June 17, 1896 in Boone, Iowa, B.F. (Benjamin Franklin) Sanders, age 35, born 1861, son of Henry Sanders and Margery Hulburt [sic] married Sarah Mccaffre or Sarah Chevet, age 41, born 1855.  Sarah was the daughter of Mike Mccaffre[45] [sic] and Mary Doyle. 


          I found so much information for Benjamin Franklin Sanders, that I traced his ancestry all the way back to James Sanders 1643-1721 and Hannah Tewksbury 1662-1746 from Haverhill, Massachusetts.


          You cannot deny documented evidence, but when I contacted Durwood Libby with the information that comprised one-half of his family tree, he refused to believe the facts, preferring instead, to believe what his mother told him.  That was his first and worst mistake.  This whole exercise is an effort to find the truth, not spread lies.


          Before his marriage to Vidella M. (Whiting) Ryer, Raymond D. Tash had been living with Pearl Warren[46] during the 1930 and 1940 Census as a boarder and laborer on her farm in Chester.


          Raymond and Vidella Tash made their home in Chester Town, Maine and had three children, all born in nearby Lincoln: Theodore "Ted" Raymond Tash[47], Gerald "Gerry" Robert Tash[48] and Sharon Rae Tash[49], the subject of Chapter 14.


          Vidella and Raymond Tash were divorced on September 26, 1952, when the children were very young, ages 4 through 9 years.  She raised the children alone for about seven years, until she married again.


          Raymond David Tash did not marry again until shortly before his death in Lagrange, Maine.  On May 17, 1980, in Lagrange, Raymond age 80, married Lucy L. Campbell[50], age 62, a resident of Old Town, Maine. 


          Lucy Louise Mushero was born in Danforth, Maine, the first child of Eldora May Mushero[51] and an Unknown Father.  Eldora was just 16 when her illegitimate daughter was born.  Lucy’s father would later be named as George Campbell and she is also known as Lucy L. Campbell.


          Lucy’s mother, Eldora May Mushero, age 17, was first married on March 22, 1919 to a 54-year-old widower, Joseph B. Smith[52].  Eldora is also known as Eldora May Mushreau [sic] for this record. 


          It is unknown if Joseph B. Smith died or if there was a divorce, but in early June of 1920, Eldora Mushero became pregnant again with the son of her future husband.  Their son, Edwin Harrison Jipson[53] was born in Burlington, Maine, almost nine months before the wedding.


          Eldora Mushero married on October 31, 1921 in Lincoln to Elmer Harrison Jipson[54].  This was a first marriage for Elmer, who was 31 at the time, a second for Eldora, who was 19.  Eldora is also known as Eldore Musheroe [sic] for this event.


          In 1930 the family lives in Carmel, Maine as Elmer Jipson, age 39, Eldora, age 27 and children L. Lucy Jipson, age 12 (this is Lucy Louise Mushero), H. Edward Jipson, age 9, Marshall Jipson[55], age 3 and E. Jone or Iona [sic] (Ione Elsie) Jipson[56], daughter age 2.  Eldora May (Mushero) Jipson died at age 30, when Lucy Mushero was just 13.


          Lucy Mushero, 18 was first married in Burlington, Maine on June 2, 1936 to Reuben Daniel Jipson[57], who was 44 years old.  Their son, Hartwell Jipson[58] had been born about two years before their wedding, when Lucy Mushero was only 16.  Lucy and Reuben Jipson had two more children, Jeannette and Archie D. Jipson, before they divorced.


          After her divorce from Reuben Jipson, Lucy Mushero married Ellsworth E. Ireland[59] on July 17, 1948 in Lincoln and they had two daughters, Sylvia M. and Sandra M. Ireland.  Ellsworth and Lucy Ireland divorced before September 4, 1954, when Ellsworth remarried.


          Thrice married, Lucy May (Mushero) Jipson Ireland Tash would become a widow only months after her marriage to Raymond David Tash, who died of Septicemia[60] from an untreated leg ulceration.


“LaGRANGE - Raymond D. Tash, 80, died unexpectedly August 19, 1980. He was born in Lincoln Center May 1, 1900, son of Frank and Louisa Tash. He is survived by his wife Lucy (Campbell) Tash of LaGrange; three sons, Richard of Griffin, GA, Theodore of Dover-Foxcroft and Gerald of Dexter; three daughters Sharon Watson of Leominster, MA; Sylvia Ireland of Old Town and Sandra Thibeault of Cornville; one brother Frank of Howland; nine grandchildren, several nieces and nephews. Funeral Services will be held at the Lary Funeral Home, Milo, 10 am Friday, burial will be in Hillcrest Cemetery, LaGrange. Friends may call at the funeral home Thursday 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 pm.”


          After Raymond died, Lucy L. Campbell married for a fourth time to William E. Looman[61] on April 16, 1983 in Lagrange or Old Town.  They divorced before July 1, 1995 when William Edward Looman remarried.

          Vidella Marian Tash (as recorded) married for a third time on October 28, 1959 in Searsmont, Maine to Richard Wallace Fowler[62], who was born in Ipswich, Massachusetts.


          Vidella M. Tash was age 42, Richard W. Fowler, was 29 at their marriage.  Attendants at the wedding were Margaret and David A. Achorn[63], sister and brother-in-law of the groom.


          Richard W. Fowler was the son of Frank Vernon Fowler[64] and Hazel Lindsey Gilmore[65], who were married in about 1924 and had 13 children.  Frank V. Fowler was born in Topsham, Maine and Hazel L. Gilmore was born in Ipswich, as were 11 of their children.


         In 1930, the family lives in Ipswich with their four oldest children.  Frank Fowler is employed as a Fisherman for a Clam Dealer.  In 1940 the family, now with 11 children, have returned to Lisbon, Maine, where Frank V. Fowler and his parents were living in 1910.


          Richard Fowler had first been married to Ella Martha Hood[66] on March 21, 1949 in Woolwich, Maine and they had a son Clyde Arthur Fowler[67].  The marriage lasted less than 10 years and they divorced.


          On December 14, 1957, Ella M. Hood (or Ella M. Fowles [sic]) married Everett G. Truman[68].  Their son, James “Jimmy” L. Truman[69] was born about four months later in Gardiner, Maine.  Everett G. and Ella M. Truman had five more children together.


          Vidella and Richard Fowler lived in Waldoboro, Maine. She was employed as an egg packer at the HP Hood Company and he was in the canning department at Medomak Canning.  Richard Fowler and Vidella were divorced before 1971 and she removed to Clinton, Massachusetts.

          Vidella Marian Fowler, 54 married for a fourth time on January 20, 1971 in Troy, New Hampshire to Dwayne Kenneth Durkee, age 43.  They were both residents of Clinton at the time of their marriage.

          Here is another online mystery. It was posted after Dwayne’s death in 1996:


          “I am searching for my grandmother. Last known address of Boston, Mass. Husband, Dwayne Durkee. (whom I believe to be deceased) Please contact me at Thank You.”


          The grandmother that Aly Rico refers to, is most surely Vidella, the only wife of Dwayne Durkee.  Some people who are unfamiliar with the geography of Massachusetts, might assume that everything east of New York is Boston. But, who is Aly Rico?  The email address is invalid, so I can’t ask her.  Whose daughter (or son) is this person and why are they in the United Kingdom?  I really would like to know.  Anybody?

          After Dwayne Durkee’s death, Vidella moved to Wisconsin and lived with her special friend, Myron G. DeForth[70] until his death; Myron was a widower whose first wife Irene M. Zwicky[71] had died in 1994.  Vidella and Myron shared a mutual interest in rocks and minerals.


          Vidella Durkee returned to Maine after Myron’s death and resided in Dexter, Maine for a short time, eventually moving to Florida to live with her daughter Sharon Rae (Tash) Watson.


          Vidella M. (Whiting) Ryer Tash Fowler Durkee died in Florida at age 89.  She outlived Dwayne Durkee, all of her other husbands and special friend.  Everyone, that is, except for Richard Wallace Fowler.



Dwayne Durkee's Downfall


          Dwayne Kenneth Durkee[72] was born in Fayston, Vermont, the only child of Clifford Willis Durkee[73] and Clara M. Schmalz[74].  In 1930, Dwayne lives with his parents Clifford age 36, born in Vermont, Clara age 34 born in Minnesota.  Clara's parents are born in Germany.  In 1940, Dwayne was living with his parents in Strafford Town, Vermont.


          In 1910, Clifford W. Durkee is in Fayston, living with his widowed mother, but in 1920 Clifford and his wife Clara are living in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He is employed as a blacksmith and she is a teacher there.


          Presumably, after his first wife Clara’s death, Clifford W. Durkee married for a second time on August 6, 1972 to Edith Mae Bixby[75] Lawhon in Vershire, Vermont.  This was her third marriage.


          There is a record for a Clare Durkee, born on January 8, 1894 in Minnesota that died in San Mateo, California on October 15, 1977.  The place and date of birth are suspiciously similar to the first wife of Clifford Willis Durkee, Clara M. (Schmalz) Durkee, of German descent.


          On November 14, 1968, Dwayne K. Durkee, a 40-year-old bachelor, was living at 29 Boynton Street, Clinton, Massachusetts when he purchased property on Laurel Street in Clinton, for $16,100. 


          Dwayne Kenneth Durkee married Vidella Marian Fowler, both residents of Clinton, on January 20, 1971 in Troy New Hampshire.  By December 23, 1971 he had sold his property in Clinton for $22,000.


          Less than two months later, on February 8, 1972, Dwayne and Vidella Durkee purchased property at 64 King Street, located in a seedy section of Worcester, Massachusetts for $5,900.  They secured a 5-year loan from a bank with an 18% interest rate, in the amount of $4,500.


          Slightly more than seven years later, on April 18, 1979 they were served notice that their building on 64 King Street was dilapidated, dangerous and ordered to be demolished. 


          On April 3, 1981, steps were taken by the city of Worcester for the collection of $927.82 in back taxes.  On December 17, 1982, the Massachusetts Land Court awarded the property to the city of Worcester.  The final decree for this action was issued June 11, 1984.


          The building was torn down at city expense and exists today as a dusty, vacant lot, with only a curb cut to indicate where a dwelling may have existed.  The business next door has a chain-link fence, topped with razor wire.  From all accounts the house was probably a hovel.


          Dwayne Durkee's address from December 1993 to November 2000 is at 307 Harvard Road in Bolton, Massachusetts.  Other listings include 24 Water Street and 110 Washington Street in Clinton and dates for that last address, up to January 2005 for Vidella M. Durkee.


          Dwayne Kenneth Durkee died in Clinton Hospital, at the age of 68.  At the time of his death, Dwayne was suffering from severe diabetes. He was a wheel-chair-bound, double-amputee, living in a federally subsidized housing unit, with very few assets to his name. 


          The greatest liability in Dwayne Durkee’s life however, was his wife, Vidella, who made sure to spend every penny he ever earned on the high life of fine dining, totally unconcerned that his poor diet would ultimately cause his death.


          Before he met Vidella, Dwayne was an able-bodied, middle-aged bachelor, who owned a decent piece of property in an old mill town.  It is unclear what his occupation may have been when Dwayne married Vidella, but if he had made a million dollars, she would have spent it all.



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[59] Ellsworth E. Ireland b Mar 11, 1923 d Jun 12, 1979; son of Milvin Ireland 1885- & Abbie Archer 1898-

[60] Septicemia; blood poisoning, especially that caused by bacteria or their toxins

[61] William E. Looman b Sep 30, 1933 d Jul 26, 2016; son of Unknown Looman

[62] Richard W. Fowler b Jun 10, 1928 d Nov 4, 2011; son of Frank Fowler 1902-1972 & Hazel Gilmore 1902-1970

[63] David A. Achorn b Jan 24, 1924 d Aug 27, 1979; son of Arthur W. Acorn 1899-1977 & Sadie M. 1900-1968

[64] Frank Fowler b Mar 7, 1902 d Aug 1972; son of William W. Fowler 1860-1948 & Edith M. Allen 1883-1920+

[65] Hazel L. Gilmore b Oct 1, 1901 d Dec 20, 1970; dau of George H. Gilmore 1857-1906 & Agnes Kent Lindsey 1874-1940+

[66] Ella M. Hood Truman b Sep 19, 1933 d Sep 3, 2004; dau of William “Roy” L. Hood 1908-1964 & Martha Eldora Coston 1917-1990

[67] Clyde A. Fowler b Jan 22, 1950 d; son of Richard W. Fowler 1928-2011 & Ella M. Hood 1933-2004

[68] Everett G. Truman b 1929 d Feb 4, 1974; son of Sherlock Deforest Truman 1910-1978 & Erva L. Rice 1907-1973

[69] James L. Truman b Mar 13, 1958 d Mar 25, 2005; son of Ella M. Hood 1933-2004 & Everett G. Truman

[70] Myron DeForth b Jun 2, 1918 d Jan 13, 2005; son of Philipp DeForth 1879-1956 & Augusta A. Becker 1883-1965

[71] Irene M. Zwicky b Nov 3, 1918 d Apr 6, 1994; dau of William 1881-1966 & Elizabeth Zwicky 1887-1987

[72] Dwayne K. Durkee b Sep 10, 1928 d Dec 12, 1996; son of Clifford Durkee 1894-1976 & Clara M. Schmalz 1896-1940+

[73] Clifford Durkee b Apr 4, 1894 d Apr 20, 1976; son of Wesley M. Durkee 1853-1903 & Isabelle (Ingalls) Maxham 1857-1941

[74] Clara M. Schmalz b 1896 d 1940+; b in Minnesota, dau of parents born Germany

[75] Edith M. Bixby b May 30, 1902 d May 12, 1987; dau of Charles M. Bixby 1868-1933 & Helen May Howard 1877-

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