Chapter 11 - Velma Blanche (Knights) Whiting 1922-1995

Chapter 11


Velma Blanche (Knights) Whiting 1922-1995

Wife of William H. Whiting - Nephew of Gladys Mabel (Hunt) Whiting


Knights-Hilton Pedigree

Andrew J. Knights 1879-1968 and Blanche Jewett Hersey 1889-1958

Stephen D. Knights 1816-1897 and Patience C. Tuttle 1839-1925

Solomon Knight 1777-1860+ and Hannah Hilton 1784-1844

William Hilton 1759-1846 and Katherine McKenney 1765-1816

William Hilton 1736-1831 and Hannah Boynton 1735-1760

Ebenezer Hilton 1700-1745 and Mary Lord 1708-1747

Mainwaring Hilton 1682-1705 and Elizabeth Thompson 1687-1748


Knights-Tuttle-Corson Pedigree

Andrew J. Knights 1879-1968 and Blanche Jewett Hersey 1889-1958

Stephen D. Knights 1816-1897 and Patience C. Tuttle 1839-1925

Asa Tuttle 1813-1907 and Olive York 1816-1904

James Tuttle 1777-1870+ and Patience Corson 1782-1859

Lemuel Corson 1750-1820+ and Patience Perkins 1758-1842

Zebulon Corson 1712-1786 and Mary Tibbetts 1718-1803

Samuel Corson 1685-1764 and Mary Potts 1690-1775

Cornelius Corson 1660-1719 and Hannah Hobbs 1661-1705


Hersey Pedigree

Blanche Jewett Hersey 1889-1958 and Andrew J. Knights 1879-1968

Walter Bert Hersey 1864-1926 and Fannie E. Ring 1866-1894

Luther A. Hersey 1830-1897 and Abby H. Hatch 1833-1914

Luther Hersey and Sarah Jane Allen



          Velma Blanche Knights[1] was born in Athens, Maine and named for her great aunt Velma M. Hersey[2], who had died at age 16. Velma B. Knights was the seventh and youngest child of Andrew Jackson Knights[3] and Blanche Jewett Hersey[4], who were married on March 29, 1907.


          Blanche J. Hersey was the oldest child of Walter B. Hersey[5] and Fannie E. Ring[6], who were married on April 7, 1888 in Brewer, Maine. Walter and Fannie Hersey also had two sons: Leroy Stephen Hersey[7], who moved to Rhode Island and Walter Earl or Earl Walter Hersey[8].


Fannie E. (Ring) Hersey died at the age of 28, leaving her husband Walter a widower, with three young children, ages 1, 3 and 5.


          Fannie E. Ring, orphaned at age 7, as both of her parents also died young. Fannie’s father, Joseph Ring[9] died at age 33 and her mother Marcia E. Clewley[10] at age 28. Joseph and Marcia are buried in Clewleyville Corner Cemetery in Holden, Maine near the Brewer line.


          In 1900, after his wife Fannie’s death, Walter B. Hersey has moved to Veazie City, Maine with his three children, Blanche age 11, Leroy S. age 9 and Walter E. age 7. They are living with his widowed mother, Aby [sic] H. Hersey. Walter B. Hersey is employed as an Electrician.


          Walter B. Hersey married Mrs. Etta C. Foster[11] on November 11, 1901 in Old Town, Maine. It is a second marriage for both, they were both 36, he widowed, she was divorced. Etta Cora Mann was married to Isaac Foster[12] in about 1886 and they had at least two daughters.


          In 1910 The family is still in Veazie and Walter is now employed as a Dynamo Tender at an Electric Plant. Walter and Etta have been married for 8 years according to this record. Etta Hersey is listed as the mother of 3 children, 2 still living. They divorced on April 11, 1914.


          On May 6, 1914 in Veazie Walter B. Hersey, age 49 married his third wife Lottie R. Downs[13], age 38. Lottie’s parents, George and Esther Kimball had recently died within a few weeks of each other. Walter B. age 55 and Lottie K. Hersey, age 44 live in Veazie in 1920, with Leroy S. Hersey, age 28.


          Walter B. and Lottie K. Hersey, both died before the next Census in 1930. Lottie A. Kimball, Wife of W. B. Hersey is buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery in Bangor. Walter B. Hersey is in Fairview Cemetery in Veazie with his first wife Fannie E. Ring Hersey.


         Etta Cora Hersey married Ernest R. Bodwell[14] on May 9, 1914 in Westchester, New York. Etta is 49 and Ernest is 40 at their wedding. They are both listed as divorced. Etta and Ernest Bodwell would end their marriage before 1930, where she is living in Bangor, divorced.


          Cora E. Mann Bodwell is buried in Cedarville Cemetery, but she also has a memorial as Cora E. Bodwell Foster, with her first husband Isaac Foster in the same cemetery. Both are dated 1865-1951.


          Velma’s parents, Andrew and Blanche Knights had six other children, five sons and another daughter: the oldest child, Stephen M. Knights[15], named after his grandfather, was born about three months after his parents' wedding; John Knights[16] and Walter Bert Knights[17].


          The daughter of Andrew and Blanche, Fannie Abi Knights[18], married a distant cousin, Alva D. Corson[19]. Alva was a descendant of James Tuttle[20] and Patience Corson[21]; Howard E. Knights[22], Robert Leroy Knights[23], who died before age 10 and Velma Blanche Knights.


          Velma Blanche Knights, like Emmeline Smart[24] (Chapter 5) was a descendant of James Tuttle and Patience Corson, who had eight children born on Brighton Plantation, Maine: Nathan Tuttle[25], Cynthia Tuttle[26] and James Tuttle, Jr.[27], who all married children of Nathan Berry[28] and Rebecca Noble[29]; Asa Tuttle[30] and Silas Tuttle[31].


          The second daughter of James and Patience, Susan Tuttle[32], married Jeremiah Brown[33] and continued with the tradition of intermarrying in the “Happy Hollow”[34] area of West Athens, Maine, ultimately passing down the gene for Bright’s Disease[35] to their son Jeremiah Brown[36], who married Mary Jane Tuttle[37]. You get the idea.


          Other children of James and Patience Tuttle: George Washington Tuttle[38], who married Eunice York[39] on April 19, 1839 and had 12 children; the youngest child of James and Patience, Betsy H. Tuttle[40], was the mother of Emeline Smart, subject of Chapter 5.


          In 1910 in Athens, Andrew L. Knight [sic] age 31, lives with his mother Patience Knight age 77, his wife Blanche E. Knight age 20 and their two children Stephen M. Knight age 2 and John Knight age 1.


          Andrew Knights' mother, Patience Tuttle[41] was first married to Benjamin F. Pennell[42] on December 9, 1857 in Brighton Plantation. According to some records, their daughter, Emma Jane Pennell[43] had been born more than two years before, when Patience was about 16.


          In 1850 in nearby Mayfield, Maine, Benj Pennel, born 1836 lives with Danl Hayden, age 69 and Aphia [sic] Hayden, age 61. It appears that Benjamin and his younger siblings, Caroline Pennell, age 11 and Bradford Q. Pennell, age 10 are living with their grandparents.


          The 1860 Census in St. Albans, Maine shows a 25-year-old Benj J. Pennel [sic], his wife Patience, age 20 and their daughter Emma J. at age 1. This would place the year of birth for Benjamin Pennell at 1835, Patience Pennell in 1840 and Emma J. Pennell in 1859.


          Benjamin J. Pennell, married, born 1834 in Brighton, enlisted there for military service on November 20, 1861 for 3 years in Company D of the 15th Maine Infantry as a Private. He was mustered in at Augusta, Maine on December 10, 1861 and "Deserted" on October 22, 1863 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is described as 5' 11" tall, with blue eyes, black hair and a light complexion. Benjamin is 27 years old.


          Intentions for marriage were filed on July 20, 1872 in Brighton for Andrew J. Tuttle and Emma J. Pennell. They were married that same day. Emma J. Pennell would have been 17 and Andrew Tuttle, 32 at the time. This is a copy of an old marriage and does not list their parents, but Andrew J. Tuttle and Emma Jane Pennell are first cousins.


          Andrew J. Tuttle was born in Brighton, the oldest child of George Washington Tuttle and Eunice W. York. Andrew, age 22, lives with his parents and 11 younger brothers and sisters in Brighton in 1860.


          On September 12, 1861, at Skowhegan, Maine Andrew J. Tuttle, age 21 enlists in the Union Army during the Civil War. He served in the 14th Maine Infantry, Company C. His service discharge date is February 29, 1864 from the 17th Infantry under Lt. Baily


          There is another record for Emma J. Pennel [sic], age 20 who married on June 5, 1877 in Rochester, New Hampshire to 37-year-old Andrew J. Tuttle[44]. On this record, their parents are listed correctly. Did they marry twice, in different places or is the first date wrong?


          Emma Jane Pennell next married to George Allen Corson[45] on December 25, 1878. George A. Corson was a first cousin of Emeline Smart, whose grandparents were: Isaac C. Berry[46] and Cynthia Tuttle[47], a sister of Patience Tuttle, Emma J. Pennell’s mother.


          Not surprisingly, George A. and Emma J. Corson settled in Athens and have eight children. Their oldest child, Arthur Corson[48] may have actually been the son of Andrew Tuttle. There is no actual record to verify this yet, but dates usually don’t lie, people do.


          Four years after the death of her first husband Benjamin Pennell, Patience C. (Tuttle) Pennell married Stephen Knights[49], a "Basket Maker" on June 27, 1869, in Brighton.


          Stephen Knights was previously married to Sarah Ann York[50] on April 27, 1845 in Bingham, Maine. They had two daughters, Abigail Knight[51] and Belinda Knight[52]. They live in Brighton in 1850 with daughter Abigail in the household of Jno L. and Sophia Clark. In 1860 Stephen, age 35 is living in Bingham with his daughter Belinda age 8. Sarah Knight, age 50, born 1810 also lives in the house with them.


          After the death of his wife Sarah Ann, Stephen Knights enlisted in the Union Army on September 10, 1862 in Company D of the 24th Maine Volunteer Infantry. He was 46 years old. Barely a month later on October 5, 1862 he was admitted to the General Hospital in Augusta with Typhoid Pneumonia and was discharged from service on December 24, 1862. The War Department did not consider him to have been in service, but he has a plaque in York Cemetery in Brighton - "STEPHEN D KNIGHTS - PVT CO H 5 MAINE INF - CIVIL WAR".


          The children of Stephen Knights and Patience (Tuttle) Pennell: Belinda Knights[53], named for Stephen and Sarah Ann's youngest child. The second Belinda Knights would die young, before 1880. The only son of Stephen and Patience, Stephen Knights[54], also died young;


          Other children of Stephen Knights and Patience (Tuttle) Pennell are: Abbie "Nabby" Knights[55], who married her first cousin, Martin C. Corson[56], both were grandchildren of Issac Berry and Cynthia Tuttle; Patience Jane "Jennie" Knights[57], first married when she was 16 to a 28-year-old Sumner C. Whitman[58] on May 19, 1892 in Brighton.


          Jennie and Sumner Whitman had two children: Nelson W. Whitman[59] and Abbie May Whitman[60], who married Fred Almon Ellis[61] on November 9, 1912 in West Athens, Maine. Sumner Whitman was descended from Maria Corson[62] and Elisha Whitman[63], who were married on February 14, 1858 in Brighton.


          Patience "Jennie" Whitman married for a third time to Sumner Whitman's younger brother, Horace Whitman[64] on March 25, 1904 in Brighton. The bride was 28, the groom was 21.


          I wonder, if the nine-year-old Horace Whitman could even imagine that his older brother Sumner's teenage bride, Jennie would become his wife in about 22 years? It is unclear whom Jennie Knights Whitman married for the second time. Could it possibly have been another Whitman brother? There were at least four of them.


          On May 18, 1908, in Bingham, Maine, Sumner Whitman, age 44 marries Edith Cleveland, age 22, both residents of Athens. It is a second marriage for both. She is also known as Edith Avery[65], the daughter of John Avery[66] and Mittie Brown[67], who were married on July 1, 1880 in Athens when John R. Avery was 34 and Mittie Brown was 16.


          Mittie Brown is the sister of Rufus Brown, Jr., who is the subject of the “Hard Cider Murder”. John and Mittie Avery are also mentioned.


          Edith B. Whitman, age 31, daughter of John R. Avery and Mittie Burns [sic] marries on September 25, 1918 in Athens to Clever [sic] Corson[68], age 21, the son of Martin Corson and Abbie Knights. Abbie was the daughter of Patience (Tuttle) Pennell Knights. Remember her?


          1920 in Athens, Andrew J. Knights age 40, wife Blanche J. age 30, children Stevie Knights age 12, John D. Knights age 10, Walter B. Knights age 8, Fannie A. Knights age 6, Howard E. Knights age 4 are all with Patience Knights age 85, Andrew’s widowed mother.


          In 1930, 8-year-old Velma B. Knights lives with her parents Andrew and Blanche Knights, with two older brothers W. Bert Knights, age 19 and Howard E. Knights, age 14. Before the next Census, Velma B. Knights would be hired out as a teenaged servant.


          While in the employ of Louisa Smart[69] as a housekeeper, in the summer of 1938, a 16-year-old Velma Knights became pregnant with the child of William Henry Smart Whiting[70]. Their daughter Joyce M. Whiting[71] was born in Athens early the next year.


          William H. S. Whiting is the son of Seth O'Dell Whiting[72] and Emeline Smart[73]. William Whiting had been raised by his aunt, Louisa Smart since the death of his mother Emeline (Smart) Whiting in 1921.


          In 1930, William H. Whiting is known as William H. Whitney, age 10, "Nephew", living with his aunt Lowizia [sic] Smart, age 47 in Athens.


          In the 1940 Census, Velma B. Knights, age 17, "single" is still employed as a housekeeper in the household of Louisa Smart, age 58 in Athens. Also in that household, listed as Louisa’s nephew is William H. S. Whiting, age 20. The one-year old daughter of Velma B. Knights and William H. Whiting, Joyce M. Whiting, is also living there.


          On March 17, 1941, more than two years after her daughter Joyce's birth, Velma B. Knights finally married William H. Whiting. Their son William Odell Whiting[74] was born in Athens later that year. William H. S. Whiting is also a descendant of James Tuttle and Patience Corson.


          Joyce M. Whiting married on November 1, 1958 to Herbert R. Norman[75]. Joyce F. Norman was a resident of Bucksport, Maine as of September 1, 1996. Her whereabouts are unknown after that.


          Velma Blanche (Knights) Whiting died in Skowhegan, Maine and is buried with her husband William Whiting in Mount Rest Cemetery in Athens. She was 73 years old and outlived her husband by 24 years. William Henry Smart Whiting was not quite 52 years old when he died.


[1] Velma B. Knights b Jul 23, 1922 d Dec 11, 1995; dau of Andrew Knights 1879-1968 & Blanche Hersey 1889-1958

[2] Velma M. Hersey b Jul 23, 1868 d Mar 18, 1885; dau of Luther Hersey 1830-1897 & Abby Hatch 1833-1914

[3] Andrew J. Knights b Apr 21, 1879 d Oct 25, 1968; son of Stephen Knights 1816-1897 & Patience Tuttle 1839-1925

[4] Blanche J. Hersey b Mar 17, 1889 d 1958; dau of Walter B. Hersey 1864-1926 & Fannie E. Ring 1866-1894

[5] Walter B. Hersey b 1864 d 1926; son of Luther A. Hersey 1830-1897 & Abby H. Hatch 1833-1914

[6] Fannie E. Ring b Oct 15, 1866 d Sep 25, 1894; dau of Joseph Ring 1840-1873 & Marcia E. Clewley 1847-1874

[7] Leroy S. Hersey b Feb 10, 1891 d 1942+; son of Walter B. Hersey 1864-1926 & Fannie E. Ring 1866-1894

[8] Walter Earl Hersey b May 15, 1893 d Aug 1973; son of Walter B. Hersey 1864-1926 & Fannie E. Ring 1866-1894

[9] Joseph Ring b Oct 17, 1840 d Nov 22, 1873; son of Ebenezer Ring 1798-1880 & Rebecca 1801-1868

[10] Marcia E. Clewley b May 12, 1845 d Mar 2, 1874; dau of Walton Clewley 1785-1871 & Mary Pray 1812-1854

[11] Etta C. Mann b 1865 d 1951; dau of Isaac Mann 1839-1911 & Melissa J. Orr 1845-1897

[12] Isaac Foster b 1861 d 1955; son of John Westley Foster 1834-1880+ & Sarah J. 1839-1880+

[13] Lottie R. Kimball b Nov 2, 1875 d Apr 17, 1924; dau of George J. S. Kimball 1837-1914 & Esther H. Smith 1841-1914

[14] Ernest Record Bodwell b Oct 30, 1872 d 1940+; son of Andrew J. Bodwell 1834-1917 & Sarah A. Clark 1850-1880+

[15] Stephen Knights b Jun 22, 1907 d Jul 9, 1966; son of Andrew J. Knights 1879-1968 & Blanche J. Hersey 1889-1958

[16] John D. Knights b Mar 27, 1909 d Jan 5, 1973; son of Andrew J. Knights 1879-1968 & Blanche J. Hersey 1889-1958

[17] Walter B. Knight b 1911 d May 10, 1971; son of Andrew J. Knights 1879-1968 & Blanche J. Hersey 1889-1958

[18] Fannie A. Knights b Nov 28, 1913 d Jun 3, 1998; dau of Andrew J. Knights 1879-1968 & Blanche J. Hersey 1889-1958

[19] Alva D. Corson b Mar 1, 1907 d Sep 11, 1953; son of Cyrus Elwin Corson 1850-1932 & Annie Belle Salley 1870-1951

[20] James Tuttle b 1777 d 1870+; born in New Hampshire; son of Tuttle & Unknown

[21] Patience Corson b 1782 d 1859; dau of Lemuel Corson 1750-1820+ & Patience Perkins 1758-1842

[22] Howard E. Knight b 1915 d 1976; son of Andrew J. Knights 1879-1968 & Blanche J. Hersey 1889-1958

[23] Robert L. Knights b Mar 4, 1920 d <1930; son of Andrew J. Knights 1879-1968 & Blanche J. Hersey 1889-1958

[24] Emeline Smart b Aug 17, 1888 d Oct 29, 1921; dau of John Smart 1848-1927 & Emmeline Berry 1848-1924

[25] Nathan Tuttle b Feb 22, 1809 d Apr 15, 1893; son of James Tuttle 1777-1870+ & Patience Corson 1782-1859

[26] Cynthia Tuttle b Apr 28, 1810 d Jan 18, 1902; dau of James Tuttle 1777-1870+ & Patience Corson 1782-1859

[27] James Tuttle, Jr. b Jan 3, 1812 d 1850+; son of James Tuttle 1777-1870+ & Patience Corson 1782-1859

[28] Nathan Berry b 1780 d 1847; son of Benjamin Berry 1761-1860 & Mary Foss 1764-1824

[29] Rebecca Noble b 1783 d 1870+; born in New Hampshire; dau of Noble & Unknown

[30] Asa Tuttle b May 22, 1813 d 1907; son of James Tuttle 1777-1870+ & Patience Corson 1782-1859

[31] Silas Tuttle b Jun 5, 1815 d Jan 18, 1905; son of James Tuttle 1777-1870+ & Patience Corson 1782-1859

[32] Susanna Tuttle b Sep 13, 1817 d Mar 19, 1897; dau of James Tuttle 1777-1870+ & Patience Corson 1782-1859

[33] Jeremiah Brown b Oct 10, 1816 d 1900+; born in Maine, son of Brown & Unknown

[34] “The Hard Cider Murder” of William Knights by Rufus Brown, Jr. in Happy Hollow, Athens, Maine

[35] Bright's Disease: Chronic inflammation of the kidneys; acute or chronic nephritis

[36] Jeremiah Brown b Feb 5, 1845 d Nov 29, 1919; son of Jeremiah Brown 1816-1900+ & Susan Tuttle 1817-1897

[37] Mary Jane Tuttle b Feb 1848 d Apr 25, 1916; dau of Asa Tuttle 1813-1907 & Olive York 1816-1904

[38] George W. Tuttle b Jun 21, 1819 d Jul 21, 1887; son of James Tuttle 1777-1870+ & Patience Corson 1782-1859

[39] Eunice W. York b 1821 d Jun 6, 1907; dau of John York 1825-1915 & Olive S. Moshier 1827-1887

[40] Betsy H. Tuttle b Jul 1, 1821 d Oct 23, 1893; dau of James Tuttle 1777-1870+ & Patience Corson 1782-1859

[41] Patience Tuttle b Nov 8, 1839 d Apr 27, 1925; dau of Asa Tuttle 1813-1907 & Olive York 1816-1904

[42] Benjamin Pennell b 1835 d 1865; son of Pennell & Hayden?

[43] Emma J. Pennell b Nov 30, 1854 d Jul 15, 1942; dau of Benjamin Pennell 1835-1864 & Patience Tuttle 1839-1925

[44] Andrew J. Tuttle b Apr 6, 1840 d 1877+; son of George W. Tuttle 1819-1887 & Eunice W. York 1821-1907

[45] George Corson b Mar 27, 1853 d Oct 11, 1928; son of Martin Corson, Sr. 1826-1909 & Catherine Berry 1835-1892

[46] Isaac C. Berry b May 5, 1807 d 1870+; son of Nathan Berry 1780-1847 & Rebecca Noble 1783-

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[48] Arthur Corson b May 25, 1876 d Apr 16, 1949; son of Emma J. Pennell 1854-1942 & Andrew Tuttle 1840-1877+

[49] Stephen D. Knights b Dec 9, 1816 d Dec 14, 1897; son of Solomon Knight 1777-1860+ & Hannah Hilton 1784-1844

[50] Sarah Ann York b 1827 d May 20, 1857; dau? of Richard York 1796-1860+ & Sarah “Sally” Clark 1805-1880+

[51] Abigail Knight b 1846 d <1860; dau of Stephen Knights 1816-1897 & Sarah Ann York 1827-1857

[52] Belinda Knight b 1852 d <1870; dau of dau of Stephen Knights 1816-1897 & Sarah A. York 1827-1857

[53] Belinda Knights b May 13, 1870 d <1880; dau of Stephen Knights 1816-1897 & Patience Tuttle 1839-1925

[54] Stephen Knights b Jun 20, 1872 d <1880; son of Stephen Knights 1816-1897 & Patience Tuttle 1839-1925

[55] Abbie Knights b May 20, 1874 d Feb 15, 1901; dau of Stephen Knights 1816-1897 & Patience Tuttle 1839-1925

[56] Martin C. Corson b Aug 1, 1868 d May 11, 1933; son of Martin Corson 1827-1909 & Catherine Berry 1835-1892

[57] Patience Knights b Nov 25, 1876 d Aug 6, 1965; dau of Stephen Knights 1816-1897 & Patience Tuttle 1839-1925

[58] Sumner C. Whitman b Jan 1, 1864 d Jan 10, 1952; son of Elisha J. Whitman 1834-1905 & Maria Corson 1840-1925

[59] Nelson W. Whitman b Jun 17, 1893 d Jun 16, 1980; son of Sumner Whitman 1864-1952 & Patience J. Knights 1876-1965

[60] Abbie M. Whitman b Dec 12, 1895 d May 25, 1985; dau of Sumner Whitman 1864-1952 & Patience J. Knights 1876-1965

[61] Fred A. Ellis b Jan 12, 1894 d Nov 26, 1961 son of Simon Ellis 1865-1946 & Christina L. Kenney 1866-1936

[62] Maria Corson b Sep 9, 1840 d Dec 6, 1925; dau of Hiram Corson 1813-1898 & Rebecca Berry 1811-1889

[63] Elisha Whitman b Apr 26, 1834 d Aug 6, 1905; son of Samuel Whitman 1807-1880 & Hannah Jones 1806-1879

[64] Horace A. Whitman b Feb 26, 1883 d Jul 25, 1950; son of Elisha J. Whitman 183-1905 & Maria Corson 1840-1925

[65] Edith B. Avery b Sep 14, 1886 d May 19, 1960; dau of John Avery 1846-1917 & Mittie C. Brown 1862-1948

[66] John R. Avery b Jan 1846 d Oct 24, 1917; son of Ephraim Avery 1808-1860+ & Asenath Brooks 1813-1871

[67] Mittie Brown b Nov 22, 1862 d Jan 1948; dau of Rufus Brown 1838-1924 & Sarah Tuttle 1841-1922

[68] Cleaber Corson b Jan 4, 1897 d Jun 28, 1960; son of Martin Corson 1868-1933 & Abbie Knights 1874-1901

[69] Louisa Smart b Sep 1882 d 1940+; dau of John Smart 1848-1927 & Emeline Berry 1848-1924

[70] William H. Whiting b Dec 2, 1919 d Nov 30, 1971; son of Seth O. Whiting 1900-1968 & Emeline Smart 1888-1921

[71] Joyce M. Whiting b Feb 11, 1939 d; dau of William H. Whiting 1919-1971 & Velma B. Knights 1922-1995

[72] Seth O. Whiting b Dec 19, 1900 d Oct 3, 1968; son of Seth L. Whiting 1861-1930+ & Vidella M. Cook 1877-1901

[73] Emeline Smart b Aug 17, 1888 d Oct 29, 1921; dau of John S. Smart 1848-1927 & Emeline Berry 1848-1924

[74] William Whiting b Dec 30, 1941 d Feb 25, 2006; son of William Whiting 1919-1971 & Velma Knights 1922-1995

[75] Herbert R. Norman b 1937 d; son of Albert Louis Norman 1887-1931+ & Thelma Daisy Foss 1917-1956

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