Chapter 12 - Mildred Evelyn (Whiting) Savoy Safford 1927-1972

Chapter 12


Mildred Evelyn (Whiting) Savoy Safford 1927-1972

Daughter of Gladys Mabel (Hunt) Whiting


Whiting Pedigree

George Elisco Whiting 1895-1965 and Gladys Mabel Hunt 1897-1991

George W. Whiting 1866-1942 and Thurza Jane Inman 1873-1953

Ephraim Whiting 1839-1910 and Francina Ann Spearin 1836-1883

Leonard Whiting 1808-1880+ and Hannah Dyer 1807-1840

John Whiting 1759-1846 and Margaret Fairbrother 1782-1859

John Whiting 1727-1776 and Lucy Farmer 1736-1768

Cornet John Whiting 1699-1775 and Sarah Hunt 1709-1745

Esquire Oliver Whiting 1665-1736 and Anna Danforth 1667-1737

Reverend Samuel Whiting II 1633-1713 and Dorothy Chester 1637-1713

Reverend Samuel Whiting 1597-1679 and Elizabeth St. John 1605-1676


Hunt Pedigree

Gladys Mabel Hunt 1897-1991 and George Elisco Whiting 1895-1965

Perly Hunt 1877-1901+ and Vidella M. Cook 1877-1901

Daniel Hunt 1850-1924+ and Dora V. Wells 1848-1917

Samuel Hunt 1811-1899 and Lydia Cook 1825-1915

William Hunt 1789-1865 and Mary Dunlap 1792-1843

Ephraim Hunt 1749-1818 and Martha Lowell 1760-1854

John Hunt, Jr. 1718-1789 and Mary Reed 1723-1797

John Hunt, Sr. 1681-1732 and Hannah Clough 1685-1752

Edward Hunt 1655-1727 and Ann Weed 1657-1711

Edward Hunt 1632-1665+ and Wife

Edmund Hunt 1613-1657 and Goodwife


          Mildred Evelyn Whiting[1] was born in Garland, Maine, the fifth child of Gladys Mabel Hunt[2] and George Elisco Whiting[3], who were married on January 31, 1917 in Garland. 

          Mildred Evelyn Whiting had two older and one younger sister.  Mildred also had two older and one younger brother. Older sister Vidella Marian[4] Whiting, older brothers Merle E. Whiting[5] and Fred Elisco Whiting[6].  Older sister, Madeline Dora Whiting[7], younger half-sister, Charlene Hester Whiting[8] and younger half-brother, Chester Judkins Kimball Whiting[9].  Madeline and Merle Whiting both died in Maine before the next Census in 1930.

          In 1930, 2-year-old Mildred E. Whiting was living in Garland with her father George E. Whiting, age 34, mother Gladys M., age 33, siblings Vidella M., age 12 and Fred E. Whiting, age 6. The remainder of the family would soon break apart in the early 1930's.   By 1935, George Whiting is now living in Washington Town, Maine employed as a “Lumberman”.  George E. Whiting would remain in Washington Town until his death.


          The likely cause for George’s departure from the homestead in Garland, is that Gladys (Hunt) Whiting would give birth to two more children, both with "Unknown Fathers". A daughter in 1934, born in Maine and a son in 1935, born and died in Connecticut at 15 days old.


          Gladys and George Whiting would be divorced before 1940 when, Gladys M. Whiting is living in Garland with two lodgers, Carroll E. Richards[10] and William M. Farrell[11].  Like Emeline Smart (Chapter 5) and Velma Blanche Knights (Chapter 11), Carroll Edison Richards was a descendant of James Tuttle[12] and Patience Corson[13].


          By 1940, Mildred, age 12 and her brother Fred, 17 had been abandoned by their parents. Fred E. Whiting is now living in the "Maine School for Boys" and Mildred was sent to live with her grandparents, George W. Whiting [14], age 73 and Thurza J., age 65 in Detroit, Maine. 


          Others in that household included Eugean E. Whiting[15], age 40 (bachelor son of George and Thurza J.), George Whiting's widowed brother Fred A. Whiting[16], age 63 and a lodger, Harry F. Thompson[17], age 85, who is Thurza J. (Inman) Whiting’s cousin. 


          Ira “Harry” F. Thompson was the son of Charles Blanchard Thompson[18] and Mary Jane Inman[19], who were married in Bath, Maine on October 15, 1849 and had four sons: Ira “Harry” Thompson, Eugene E. Thompson[20], Selden George Thompson, Herbert M. Thompson[21] and one daughter, Ella Mary Thompson[22].


          In 1880, in Barnard, Maine, Charles, age 56 and wife, Mary J. Thompson, 54 have living with them: Eugene E. Thompson and wife Bertha M., both 21, Herbert M., 19 and Ella M. Thompson 17. The children of Eugene and Bertha, Irvin age 2 and Merton Thompson age 3 months are also in the household. It is the whole family, except for Ira Thompson.  In the same neighborhood, live the John H. Higgins Family.


          John H. Higgins, 56, a widower, lives with his two adult children Hannah S., age 23 and John T. Higgins[23], age 22.  Perhaps this is the same Higgins referred to here? Mary Ella Thompson married a man with the surname of Higgins and died at the age of 29, according to this one source.


          John T. Higgins, born in Barnard, marries Addie M. Wyman[24] on January 4, 1904 in Brownville, Maine. He is a widower, 2nd marriage, she is widowed, 3rd marriage.  They are both 45.  Addie has a daughter Ida Higgins, born in 1901 in New Hampshire. Ida Higgins is probably the daughter of John Higgins, because Addie’s second husband Walter E. Wyman had already been dead for three years before Ida’s conception.


          Mrs. Addie M. Stevens married Walter E. Wyman[25] on October 1, 1884 in Milo, Maine.  Walter E. Wyman is the son of Seth Fish Wyman[26] and Exsah Augusta Thompson[27]. Walter E. Wyman, a Brakeman for the Railroad, suffered a particularly gruesome death in Brownville, Maine, probably while at work on a train.  Walter’s COD was ‘Heart failure after loss of leg and arm’.  Walter E. Wyman was 38 years old at his death.


          Seth F. Wyman and Exsah A. Thompson are also the presumed parents of Annie E. Wyman[28], was the first wife of William “Frank” Franklin Tash, who is detailed in “Chapter 10 - Vidella Marian (Whiting) Ryer Tash Fowler Durkee 1917-2007” at the following link.


          More information for Annie Wyman and her parents at this link:


          Mary J. Inman was most likely the older sister of Ira W. Inman, Thurza Jane Inman’s father.  One of Mary Jane (Inman) Thompson’s sons married Ira W. Inman’s daughter, so they definitely knew each other from somewhere. The names of their parents are not known for certain, because the first record for Mary Jane Inman is at her marriage and does not list her parents. Ira Inman’s marriage record is not found.


          In 1850, Mary J. Thompson, age 26, is living in Bath with her husband Charles B. age 24, in the household of Levi Huntington[29], age 40 and his wife Phebe[30], age 38.  Also, living in Bath in 1850, there is a Mary Inman, age 50, born 1800 in Maine, but Ira Inman is not with her.


          In 1850, in Old Town, Ira Inman is known as Ira Luman, age 14, born 1836. Ira Inman may have actually been 16 at this Census. Mary Inman, born 1800 would be the correct age for having children that were born in 1824 and 1834. The 1850 Census does not list marital status, so it is unknown if Inman is her birth name or married name.


          Florence Jane Inman[31] was born in Garland, the daughter of Ira W. Inman[32] and Martha Ann Young[33], who had ten children.  Florence Jane adopted the first name of her grandmother, Thirsa Jane or Thurza Jane Curtis.  In 1894, Florence was known as Thurza J. Inman, when the first child with her husband George W. Whiting, was born in Garland.


          In 1850, in Kirkland, Maine, Martha J. Young, is age 12 and living with her parents James, age 29, born 1821 and Thurza J., age 37, born 1813, with their five other children: Mary J., age 11, Horace (Leonard), age 10, Amanda, age 7, Thomas, age 6 and Omena Young, age 2.


          Ira W. Inman and Martha Ann Young were probably married about 1857, maybe Hudson or Old Town, Maine.  Ira W. and Martha A. Innman [sic] are enumerated on June 10, 1860 in Old Town with their two daughters, Alma E. age 2 and Liena J. Inman age 1 month.  Liena J. Inman is known as Isoline “Isa” F. Inman, born 1862 in all other records.


          On June 19, 1860 Ira W. and Martha Inman are recorded again in Hudson, Maine with only their daughter Alma Inman[34], at the home of Martha’s parents, Thirsa and James Young. James Young II[35] and Thirsa Jane Curtis[36] married on November 3, 1836 in Skowhegan, Maine.


          By 1870, Ira Inman has moved to Garland with his wife Martha J. and their five children: Alma, Isoline, James, Linnie and an unnamed infant Inman (this is Leron E. Inman). In 1880, 6-year-old Thurza Inman lives next door to her future husband, 14-year-old George W. Whiting.


          In 1880, in Garland, Ira W. Inman is enumerated as Ira W. Quinn, age 44, born 1836, with wife Martha A. and their eight children: Isoline F., Jarus [sic] J., Lines [sic], Leven E., Arthur E., Florence J. (this is Thurza Jane Inman), Frances A., and Martha E. Quinn.  Ira and Martha Inman’s youngest daughter, Edith “Eda” Belle Inman was born after this Census.


          The oldest daughter of Ira and Martha J. Inman, Alma Etta Inman married Maynard Eddy Osgood[37] before 1880 and had a daughter, Alice Osgood[38], who married Irven H. Thompson[39] on December 31, 1898. 


Alice Osgood was age 16 and Irven Thompson was 20 at their wedding. Irven Harry Thompson was the son of Eugene Thompson and Bertha M. Damon[40].  Eugene Thompson was the son of Charles Blanchard Thompson and Mary Jane Inman.  Alice Osgood and Irven Thompson were probably only second cousins.


          Alice E. (Osgood) Thompson died less than a year after her marriage in Lake View, Maine at the age 17 of Puerperal Peritonitis[41], just five days after the birth of her daughter[42].  It is not known what happened to their unnamed daughter Thompson.


          Irven Thompson moved to Boston, Massachusetts, soon after Alice’s death, where he is living in 1900, employed as an Electrician.


          Irven H. Thompson married again on June 25, 1902 in Lynn, Massachusetts to Abbie R. Pendleton.  She was born as Rosalind A. Pendleton[43] to Nathaniel Seary Pendleton and Emily Amelia Wood.


          Irven and Rosalind Thompson had a daughter, Florence A. Thompson[44], who was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts.  Florence Thompson died from Broncho Pneumonia as an infant.


          Irven and Rosalind Thompson had seven more children, with six surviving to adulthood. They moved to Auburn, Massachusetts, then settled in Worcester, Massachusetts. Their unnamed son[45] was born there, but lived only 10 ½ hours, dying of an Internal Hemorrhage.


          The second daughter of Ira and Mary Jane Inman, Isaline “Isa” F. Inman[46] married her first cousin Selden G. Thompson[47] in about 1883 and they had three daughters and a son. For a photograph of Selden and Isoline Thompson see:


          The daughter of Ira and Martha Inman, 22-year-old Annie F. Inman[48] married 53-year-old Frank Wheeler[49], a Stable Keeper, on July 19, 1897 in Dexter, Maine.  He was married once before and divorced. Their first child, a son, Frank Jonas Wheeler[50] was born in Dexter.


Obituary for Frank Wheeler, Sr. 1843-1907

Publication - The Eastern Gazette, Dexter, Maine 7-25-1907

“Frank Wheeler, one of Dexter's well-known citizens, died at the home on Railroad Avenue last Thursday afternoon, the cause of his death being cancer of the stomach, of which he had been sick since last October. Wheeler was 64 years of age, and was born and has always lived in Dexter. He was one of the best-known horsemen in this Read More section, having been for the most of his business life engaged in the livery business here, retiring about a year ago on account of failing health. He is survived by a widow and three sons, Fred, who is landlord of the Exchange Hotel, Charles, in E. H. Bemis' meat market, and Frank Wheeler, Jr., who lives at home; and one daughter, Mrs. Mamie Cooley, of this place. The funeral was held at the home Sunday afternoon at two o'clock, Rev. J. Cheater Hyde officiating. The interment was in Elmwood cemetery.”


          Youngest child of Ira W. and Mary Jane Inman, Edith “Eda” Belle Inman[51], age 20 married on January 1, 1902 in Dover, Maine to Arthur A. Randall[52], age 21.  Edith Belle Randall died in Greenville Junction, Maine of Cerebral Meningitis[53] at the age of 24.  On January 25, 1908 in Garland, Arthur A. Randall married Alice B. Crockett[54].


          Alice B. Crockett married Frank E. Nuite [sic] on June 11, 1903 in Dexter, Maine.


          Daughter of Ira and Mary Jane Inman, Ellen Edith Inman[55], married on June 27, 1903 to Edgar Ernest Lary[56].  Ellen Edith Inman is known as Martha E. Quinn in 1880.  Mary Jane (Young) Inman would live with Edgar and Ellen Lary in 1910 and 1920, after Ira Inman’s death.


          In 1910 in Foxcroft, Maine, Linus Inman, age 43, lives in the household of his sister Ellen Lary and her husband Edgar. Linus Inman is a Scourer at a Woolen Mill.  Linus “Linie” M. Inman[57] died at age 45, in Abbott, Maine.  COD: “Suicide by cutting throat with Jack Knife”.


          In Foxcroft, Maine during the 1920 Census, in the household of Edgar Larry [sic] and his wife Martha E. Larry (this is Ellen Inman), they have a ‘Widowed Boarder’, Herbert Thompson, age 70, born 1850 (actual year is 1861).  Herbert Thompson is the son of Mary Jane Inman.  Further proof that there was a family connection, is the fact that Martin [sic] A. Inman (this is Martha Ann Inman), ‘Mother’, age 85 lives there.

          In the fall or early winter of 1944, Mildred E. Whiting, a 17-year high school girl, had an intimate relationship with a married man named Thomas Neill[58]. Mildred soon became pregnant with his child. 


          Thomas Neill was born in Belfast, Ireland and immigrated to Boston, Massachusetts with his family in 1912.  Thomas was living and working as a Dairyman in Albion, Maine or that vicinity when he met Mildred Whiting and they became involved. 


          Thomas Neil married Doris E. Shaw on June 12, 1934 in Salem, New Hampshire and they had three children, all born in Massachusetts: Thomas S. Neill[59], born six months after the wedding; Thomas S. Neill married Adella E. Booker[60] on September 23, 1956 in Maine; Mark Edward Neill[61], who died in Macon, Georgia and Alice C. Neill[62], who married Winfield L. Stubbs[63] on May 1, 1963 in Maine.

          Doris Elizabeth Shaw[64], was the daughter of Thomas Shaw[65]and Mary Alice Cooper[66].  Thomas Shaw was born in Preston, Lancashire, England, the son of Mark Shaw[67] and his first wife Henrietta Linguard[68], who had children: William Shaw[69], Thomas Shaw and Susannah Shaw[70], all christened in St. John’s Church, in Preston, Lancashire, England. Henrietta “Etta” Lingarde was born in Preston, Lancashire, England, the daughter of Thomas Lingarde and Susan.


          Mary Alice Cooper was born in Farnworth, Lancashire, England, the daughter of James Cooper[71] and Mary Ann[72], who had five children: Thomas Henry Cooper[73], Francis Richard Cooper[74], John Robert Cooper[75], Mary Alice Cooper and Amelia Hannah Cooper[76].


          Thomas Preston Shaw and Mary Alice Cooper had children: Thomas C. Shaw[77], James Gordon Shaw[78], who were both born in Canada and Doris Elizabeth Shaw, born in Massachusetts. Thomas C. Shaw, age 23, born in Montreal, Canada, married Emily W. Kimball[79], age 22 on February 22, 1932 in Rockingham, New Hampshire.  Thomas Shaw was a plumber and Emily was a bookkeeper at their marriage


          Thomas Shaw immigrated from Canada via England in 1913 with his wife Maria A. and their two sons to Boston, Massachusetts. Doris’ birth is recorded in Quincy, Massachusetts according to the ‘Manifest of Alien Passengers’ from Liverpool, England for "The Scythia" on August 24, 1929 to Boston, Massachusetts.


          Doris Shaw’s mother, Maria A. (Cooper) Shaw, died at age 34 in Boston, from Pneumonia, during the Influenza Pandemic in 1918.  Doris was only 3 years old when her mother died and Doris’ father, Thomas Shaw, soon married Gertrude Mays McCaslin[80] , a telephone operator, on January 15, 1919 in Dedham, Massachusetts.


          Thomas and Gertrude M. Shaw live in Dedham in 1920 with his children: Thomas Shaw, 11, Gordon Shaw, 10, both born Canada, Doris Shaw, 4 and son of Gertrude, Frederick P. Shaw[81], age 0.


          In 1921, Thomas Shaw’s father, Mark Shaw immigrates to Boston with his second wife Edith[82] and their young daughter, Marion Shaw.  In 1930, Doris Shaw, age 15 makes her home with them in Dedham. 


          In 1930, Doris’ father, Thomas Shaw is also in Dedham, with his wife Gertrude, his sons Thomas C., age 21 and James G. Shaw, age 20.  Thomas and Gertrude’s children, Preston Fred’K Shaw, 10, Robert L. Shaw[83] and Sara G. Shaw[84] age 4 complete the household.


         Mark Shaw was a Ship Carpenter according to the 1881 Census in Preston, England.  In Turton, Lancashire, England, in 1901 Mark Shaw is now employed as a Foreman Joiner.


          Marion Shaw, age 13, in 1930, the daughter of Mark and Edith Shaw, is Doris’ aunt, but being close in age, they probably had a relationship more like sisters.


          Marion or Marian Shaw[85] married William H. Bridges, Jr.[86] on November 21, 1937 in Maine.  Marian Bridges died in York, Maine and her husband, William died in Winthrop, Maine about four years later.

          On February 7, 1945 in Newport, Maine an 18-year-old pregnant, Mildred E. Whiting married a friend of her brother Fred E. Whiting,

24-year-old Wilfred Martin Savoy[87], a recent WWII Veteran. 


          Wilfred M. Savoy was born in Bangor, Maine, the only child of Martin S. Savoy[88] and Mazy Evelyn Pinkham[89], who were married on August 5, 1920, about five months before Wilfred's birth.  At his birth, Wilfred Savoy's mother's name is recorded as Mary Pinkham.


          Wilfred’s parents, Martin and Mazy were divorced before 1930, where she was listed as an "Inmate" in the "State Reformatory for Women" in Skowhegan, Maine.  Mazy's ex-husband, Martin Savoy was living in Moscow, Maine in a boarding house in 1930, but his 9-year-old son Wilfred Martin Savoy is not found there with him.  Wilfred Savoy's grandparents, Willis J.[90] and Bertha C. Pinkham[91] are living in Holden, Maine with their two youngest daughters, but Wilfred is not there.


          Mazy Evelyn (Pinkham) Savoie [sic] remarried to Leon E. Rowe[92] on December 5, 1931 in Eddington, Maine.  In 1940 Mazie [sic] E. and Leon E. Rowe live on Fort Hill Road in Gorham, Maine, but her son Wilfred Savoy is not listed with them and has just joined the Military.


          In 1940, a 19-year-old Wilfred M. Savoy is stationed at Camp Paraiso in the Republic of Panama with the Fifth Infantry as part of the Panama Canal Defense Project.  Camp Paraiso was home to 65,000 troops who had built barracks, quarters, a post exchange and a movie theater.  By 1943 it was closed as a military camp.


          After their marriage in Newport, Maine, Wilfred M. and Mildred E. Savoy moved to Rutland, Massachusetts.  The daughter of Mildred Whiting and Thomas Neill, Gloria Jean (Neill) Savoy[93] (Chapter 13), was born in the nearby town of Holden, Massachusetts.  Gloria Jean Savoy was born two months prematurely and weighed only 3 pounds.


          Wilfred Savoy did not want his step-daughter, Gloria Jean, but her father, Thomas Neill did and took the baby girl home with him to Maine.  His wife Doris did not want the baby, so Thomas Neill took Gloria Jean to Dr. Archibald C. Ross[94] in Albion, Maine.  


          Dr. Ross then gave Gloria Jean to his daughter Maxine Audrey Ross[95] and her husband Francis Gardiner Jones[96] who also lived in Albion.  Baby girl, Gloria Jean Savoy would be adopted and renamed Linda K. Jones, never knowing her birth mother.

          Wilfred M. Savoy and Mildred E. (Whiting) Savoy would move to Lancaster, Massachusetts and have two children together, son Willard Lawrence Savoy[97] and a daughter Marva Savoy, born about 1947.  Wilfred’s and Mildred Savoy’s marriage lasted 2 ½ years and it appears that they divorced soon after their daughter, Marva’s birth.

          In September of 1947, Mildred E. Whiting’s divorce from Wilfred M. Savoy was finalized in Bangor.  Mildred Whiting moved on rather quickly and Wilfred Savoy moved far away from her.  As far as he could get and still stay on the continent of North America.


          Mildred next married Everett Ross Safford[98] in Lancaster on February 4, 1950. Their first child, Ronald Wayne Safford[99] was born soon thereafter on March 6th. Four more children followed, all born in the hospital of the neighboring town of Clinton: Elaine Joyce Safford[100], Phillip G. Safford, Katherine Jean Safford[101] and Teresa E. Safford[102].


          From the Police Report Listings, in the September 8, 1966 edition of "The Fitchburg Sentinel": " Willard L. Savoy, 20, of 208 Packard St., Lancaster, pleaded guilty to a charge of larceny and was fined $25."


          Willard L. Savoy apparently redeemed himself, joined the Military during the Vietnam War and now his name appears etched in granite, with several hundred others on the Veterans Memorial in Lancaster.

          Everett Ross Safford was born in New Portland, Maine, the third of four sons born to George Converse Safford[103] and Minetta Walton[104], who were married there on November 24, 1906.  George Converse Safford was a farmer, who was born in Lexington, Maine and Minetta Walton was a housewife, born in New Portland.

          Everett Safford first married Nettina May (Dakin)[105] Dalrymple Farmer on July 23, 1942 in Gorham, Maine. Everett Safford did not acknowledge this union on his marriage certificate to his second wife, Mildred Whiting, indicating he had no previous marriages.


          This was a third marriage for Nettina, who was first married at age 14 to Lester Albra Dalrymple[106] on June 28, 1922 in Vermont. Nettina next married Roy Edwin Farmer[107] on June 2, 1934 in Wilton, Maine. Nettina had five children[108] before her marriage to Everett Safford.


          Nettina and Everett Safford divorced less than 5 years after their marriage.  An article appeared in "The Portland Press Herald" on January 10, 1947 detailing the grounds for that ugly, public divorce. 

"Everett R. Safford East New Portland would leave for work but get intoxicated instead Nettina M. Safford, Portland declared. After he left the shipyard here he'd go away on three or four-week binges and come back broke and dirty she said. She had to run a rooming house here to support herself she said. They were married at Gorham July 23 1942."

          Nettina M. Dakin married for a fourth time to a WWII, Korea and Vietnam War Veteran, SP3 Burton H. Thompson[109] on July 28, 1948.  Burton H. Thompson was first married to Mary E. Doody[110] on February 17, 1945 in Portland, Maine, soon after his return from WWII. 


          On April 27, 1942, Burton H. Thompson enlisted in the military at Portland. He is single, with the civilian occupation in construction as a semi-skilled cranemen, derrickmen, hoistmen and shovelmen.


          Although Nettina M. (Dakin) Thompson was nearly twenty years older than Mildred E. (Whiting) Safford, Nettina outlived her by more than 10 years and died in Maine at the age of 74.  Nettina Thompson survived her younger husband Burton and two of her ex-husbands.  Everett Ross Safford was the only one of her husbands to outlive her.


          Soon after his divorce from Nettina, Everett Safford moved to Massachusetts with his older brother, Frederick Safford[111], to Clinton, where their brother Carroll Safford[112] was already living.  Carroll, had served during WWII, but survived, unlike the oldest Safford brother Henry Hollis Safford, who was killed in action in the Philippine Islands.


          "Pfc. Henry H. Safford - Farmington, February 2, 1949--The body of Pfc. Henry H. Safford will arrive Thursday by train. Committal services will be conducted at New Portland Post American Legion here by the Howard B. Holland, chaplain Roderick Crosby, Post. American Legion. A detachment from the Post will escort the remains from the train to the cemetery. Private Safford was killed in action on the Island of Cebu, Philippines, April 7, 1945. while serving with Company B, 132nd Infantry. Born at East New Portland on April 25, 1913, he was the son of George C. and Minetta Walton Safford. He was educated in the schools of New Portland. Surviving are his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George C. Safford, East New Portland; his widow, Mrs. Doris Robbins; a son, Richard Safford[113], Farmington; three brothers Frederick and Everett Safford, East New Portland and Carroll Safford of Clinton, Mass."

          Mildred Evelyn (Whiting) Savoy Safford died in Clinton, on her 22nd Wedding Anniversary to Everett Ross Safford. According to the newspaper report in "The Fitchburg Sentinel", she died after skidding her car into the path of an oncoming truck.  Yet, the family continues to tell the 'story' that she died of a 'heart attack', completely contradictory to the medical examiner's report for the cause of death.


          From the hundreds of times that I have traveled the same route as Mildred on that fateful winter afternoon, I cannot fathom how she lost control of her vehicle.  The road is straight from both directions as you approach the cemetery, beginning to gently curve back and forth as you pass the burial ground.  The corners are not sharp or blind.


          Unless she was moving at a high rate of speed or the roads were slippery from inclement weather, which is not clearly stated in the newspaper report, but the term “skidded” is rather telling.  It refers to a vehicle slide, typically sideways or obliquely, on slippery ground or as a result or stopping or turning too quickly.  The question is, was it intentional?  Dying in a traffic accident is not shameful, so why was the ‘heart attack story’ employed to try to cover up the actual event?


          Maybe she did have a heart attack on her anniversary that caused her to lose control of her car.  Please excuse my skepticism, but I refuse to believe in that many coincidences occurring on one day.  What I am inclined to believe is that she was probably drunk, suicidal or both.

"Lancaster Woman Dies in Accident"

Lancaster MA - Fitchburg Sentinel on February 5, 1972, Page 2


"Mrs. Mildred E. Safford, 43 of 98 Packard Road was fatally injured Friday when the car she was driving skidded into the path of an oncoming truck about 4:15 pm on Main Street near Middle Cemetery.

According to the police report, Mrs. Safford's car was headed north on Main Street when it collided with a truck operated by Robert N. Trudeau, 38 of 57 Main Street, Blackstone. The truck was headed south on Main Street at the time, police said.

The Lancaster Rescue Wagon and the Lancaster Fire Department were called to remove Mrs. Safford, who was pinned in her car. She was taken to Clinton Hospital in the ambulance. Dr. Richard A, Bartlett, medical examiner attributed death to "multiple internal injuries" according to the Lancaster police. Trudeau was uninjured, they said.

The truck Trudeau was driving was owned by Henry's Auto Parts, Blackstone, police said. Mrs. Safford's car was demolished."


          There was no formal obituary published in the newspaper in the days that followed the "accident" and no public funeral services were held.  Presumably, the casket was closed.  Mildred Safford was 44 years old at the time of her death, leaving a husband and eight children by three different men.  The youngest child, Teresa was only 10 years old.  The oldest child, Gloria Jean Savoy, never knew her mother at all.


          Everett R. Safford died in Potsdam, New York.  His obituary as printed:  Page 12 - Courier & Freeman, Potsdam, N.Y. –


Tuesday, April 26, 1988 - "Everett R. Safford - WINTHROP - The funeral for Everett R. Safford, 66, of Shaw Street, Winthrop, will be held at the convenience of the family with the Rev. James Shurtleff officiating. 


There will be no calling hours.  Arrangements are with Garner Funeral Home in Potsdam.  Mr. Safford died Sunday evening (April 17, 1988) at Canton-Potsdam Hospital, where he had been a patient for three days. 


Surviving are three sons, Willard Savoy of Massachusetts, Ronald Safford of Florida, Phillip Safford of Brasher Falls; four daughters, Mrs. Marv Savoy, Mrs. Elaine Tash, Mrs. Katherine Grant, Mrs. Theresa Jones, all of Massachusetts; several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


He was born December 11, 1919 in Newportland, Maine the son of George and Minetta Walton Safford.  He attended schools in Newportland and married Mildred Whiting on Feb. 4, 1950 in Lancaster, Mass.  She died in 1972. 


Mr. Safford moved to Worcester County in Massacusetts (sic-as printed) where he worked as a dry wall finisher on construction projects.  He came to Brasher Falls in 1984."


          Mildred's ex-husband, Wilfred M. Savoy left the east coast, moved as far away as he could get and relocated to Alaska.  Wilfred M. Savoy, age 31, married for a second time in Anchorage in August 1952 to a 52-year-old divorcee named Esther M. (Stein) Brittingham Encelewski.  It is the third time that Esther M. Stein[114] has been married.  Her second marriage to Marion A. Encelewski ended in 1950.


          Wilfred (William in this record) and Esther Savoy divorced on October 15, 1954 in Anchorage, two weeks before her marriage to fourth husband, C. A. Richey on November 1, 1954 also in Anchorage.  Esther and C.A. Richey were divorced on September 12, 1956, only a week before she filed intentions to marry for a fifth time to her second husband, Marion A. Encelewski on October 7, 1956 in Homer, Alaska.           


          Esther M. Stein married for the first time, probably before 1928, to Edward Raymond Brittingham[115], who was born in Washington, D.C.  Their only child, Ned Raymond Brittingham[116] was born in Easton, Pennsylvania.  Esther and Edward Brittingham divorced before 1930.


          Esther Stein, age 26 married her second husband Marion A. Eucelewski[117] [sic], age 24 on October 7, 1933 in Manhattan, New York.  According to this record, Esther is born in 1907 and Marion in 1909.  Esther was actually 33 years old at the time of her marriage to Marion, because in other records her birth year is noted as being in 1900.  


          Marion and Esther lived in Easton, where she was born and her parents still lived.  Marion and Esther Encelewski had a daughter, Marion Emma Encelewski[118], who was also born in Easton.


          Marion and Esther Encelewski homesteaded with the children Ned and Marion Emma to Clam Gulch, Alaska in 1945.  Marion and Esther Encelewski divorced about five years later in September of 1950 and Esther (Stein) Encelewski then married Wilfred M. Savoy. 


          Wilfred Savoy was only seven years older than his new stepson Ned R. Brittingham, who had by now adopted the surname of his first step-father, Marion A. Encelewski.   


          On October 30, 1952, Marion E. Encelewski, daughter of Marion and Esther, married Grassim Oskolkoff[119], an Aleut Eskimo, who was to become the Tribal Leader of the Ninilchick in Alaska.


          Marion A. Encelewski is listed as age 47 and Esther (Stein) Richey is 49 years old at their second marriage together. This would coincide with their first marriage ages in 1933, but conflict with the 1910 and 1930 Census records indicating that Esther Stein was born in 1901.  Esther M. (Stein) Encelewski died in Anchorage.  She was 88 years old.   

         Her husband, Marion Encelewski died less than 5 years after he married his first wife, Esther (Stein) Savoy Richey for the second time.


          Wilfred M. Savoy age 35, "Race - White" married for a third time on July 13, 1956 (or August 3, 1956) to Mary M. Peters, a 29-year-old "Race - Indian", both residents of Fairbanks.  Mary Peters is a "Laundry Worker" and Wilfred is employed as a "Power Plant Operator".  This is a first marriage for Mary Peters, who was born in West Yukon, Alaska.


          Mary (Peters) Savoy divorced Wilford [sic] Savoy on October 4, 1957 in Fairbanks.  Mary Marie (Peters) Savoy, age 30, married again on December 31, 1957 to 24-year-old Theodore Eric Weiler[120], who was a “Surveyor” born in Medford, Wisconsin. Theodore E. Weiler married again before 1969.  It is unknown what happened to Mary Marie (Peters) Savoy Weiler after her marriage to Theodore in 1957.


          Other than Wilfred Savoy’s former step-daughter’s husband, Grassim Oskolkoff, Mary M. Peters[121], who was born at Fort Yukon, Alaska, was the only "Indian" to appear anywhere in this family.  Mary Peters was an "Eskimo" and the relationship to Gladys M. (Hunt) Whiting is negligible.


          Wilfred M. Savoy died in Pacific, King County, Washington. His obituary appeared in "The Seattle Post-Intelligencer on November 14, 1991.  He was 70 years old when he died and outlived his first wife, Mildred Evelyn (Whiting) Safford by nearly 20 years. 


          Wilfred Martin Savoy is buried in Willamette National Cemetery at 11800 SE Mount Scott Boulevard in Portland, Oregon.  


          I wonder if Wilfred Savoy ever had any kind of relationship with his children Willard and Marva Savoy after he left the East Coast?

[1] Mildred Whiting b Jun 5, 1927 d Feb 4, 1972; dau of George Whiting 1895-1965 & Gladys Hunt 1897-1991

[2] Gladys M. Hunt b Jan 22, 1897 d Feb 24, 1991; dau of Perly Hunt 1877-1901+ & Vidella Cook 1877-1901

[3] George Whiting b Apr 13, 1895 d Aug 1965; son of George W. Whiting 1866-1942 & Thurza J. Inman 1875-1958

[4] Vidella Whiting b Jun 9, 1917 d Jan 31, 2007; dau of George Whiting 1895-1965 & Gladys Hunt 1897-1991

[5] Merle Whiting b Oct 21, 1922 d 1927; son of George Whiting 1895-1965 & Gladys Hunt 1897-1991

[6] Fred E. Whiting b Dec 20, 1923 d Aug 18, 1987; son of George Whiting 1895-1965 & Gladys Hunt 1897-1991

[7] Madeline Whiting b May 10, 1924 d 1927; dau of George Whiting 1895-1965 & Gladys Hunt 1897-1991

[8] Charlene H. Whiting b Jan 24, 1934; dau of Gladys Hunt 1897-1991 & Unknown

[9] Chester J. K. Whiting b May 22, 1935 d Jun 6, 1935; son of Gladys Hunt 1897-1991 & Unknown

[10] Carroll E. Richards b Aug 13, 1889 d Jul 27, 1947; son of Josiah Richards 1850-1929 & Bernice Tuttle 1863-1948

[11] William Michael Farrell b May 25, 1886 d Jul 28, 1954; son of Michael Farrell 1857-1920+ & Lena Michaud 1862-1898

[12] James Tuttle b 1777 d 1870+; born in New Hampshire; son of Tuttle & Unknown

[13] Patience Corson b 1782 d 1859; dau of Lemuel Corson 1750-1820+ & Patience Perkins 1758-1842

[14] George W. Whiting b Oct 1866 d 1942; son of Ephraim E. Whiting 1839-1910 & Francina A. Spearin 1836-1883

[15] Ephraim Eugene Whiting b Aug 22, 1899 d Jun 28, 1964; son of George W. Whiting 1866-1942 & Thurza J. Inman 1875-1958

[16] Fred Augustus Whiting b Nov 10, 1876 d 1940+; son of Ephraim Whiting 1839-1910 & Francina A. Shearin 1836-1883

[17] Ira “Harry” F. Thompson b 1855 d Oct 9, 1940; son of Charles Blanchard Thompson 1823-1910 & Mary Jane Inman 1824-1896

[18] Charles B. Thompson b May 22, 1823 d Aug 12, 1910; son of Noah J. Thompson 1785-1864 & Olive Welch 1785-1873

[19] Mary Jane Inman b Jun 15, 1824 d Nov 26, 1896; born in Maine, dau of Mary Inman?

[20] Eugene E. Thompson b 1857 d Jun 14, 1936; son of Charles B. Thompson 1823-1910 & Mary J. Inman 1824-1896

[21] Herbert M. Thompson b Jan 3, 1861 d Sep 10, 1927; son of Charles B. Thompson 1823-1910 & Mary J. Inman 1824-1896

[22] Ella Mary Thompson b Dec 2, 1863 d Mar 25, 1892 dau of Charles B. Thompson 1823-1910 & Mary J. Inman 1824-1896

[23] John T. Higgins b Mar 22, 1858 d Jan 31, 1925; son of John H. Higgins 1823-1897 & Susanna Cross 1818-1877

[24] Addie M. Stevens b Jan 11, 1858 d Mar 26, 1941; dau of William E. Stevens 1826-1900+ & Frances E. Young 1839-1870+

[25] Walter E. Wyman b Oct 16, 1859 d Dec 28, 1898; son of Seth Fish Wyman 1829-1894 & Exsah Augusta Thompson 1838-1921

[26] Seth Fish Wyman b Jan 25, 1829 d Feb 23, 1894; son of Zebedee Wyman 1794-1879 & Martha Osborn 1795-1886

[27] Exsah Augusta Thompson Apr 23, 1838 d Nov 11, 1920; dau of James C. Thompson 1808-1838 & Esther Farnham 1808-1875

[28] Annie E. Wyman b Sep 1, 1861 d 1900; dau of Seth Fish Wyman 1829-1894 & Exsah Augusta Thompson 1838-1921

[29] Richard Levi Huntington b Apr 27, 1808 d 1876 SC; son of John Huntington 1773-1843 & Mary “Polly” Hutcheson 1778-1872

[30] Phebe R. Winslow b Jun 8, 1812 d Oct 1, 1863; dau of Jeremiah Winslow 1783-1836 & Eunice Richardson 1783-1848

[31] Florence J. Inman b Jul 1875 d 1958; dau of Ira W. Inman 1834-1889 & Martha Ann Young 1839-1926

[32] Ira T. Inman b 1834 d 1889; born in Veazie, Maine, son of Mary Inman? Innman or Luman?

[33] Martha A. Young b 1839 d 1926; dau of James Young 1818-1892 & Thurza Jane Curtis 1812-1893

[34] Alma E. Inman b Mar 1855 d 1932; dau of Ira W. Inman 1834-1889 & Martha A. Young 1839-1926

[35] James Young II b Nov 13, 1818 d Sep 24, 1892; son of James Young 1795-1882 & Margaret Jendkins 1795-1875

[36] Thurza J. Curtis b 1812 d Sep 6, 1893; dau? of James Curtis 1780-1850 & Judith Gardner 1780-1850

[37] Maynard E. Osgood b Jul 20, 1855 d 1930; son of Marquis D. Lafayette Osgood 1824-1899 & Elizabeth B. Ramsdell 1823-1891

[38] Alice Osgood b Mar 27, 1882 d Dec 11, 1899; dau of Alma E. Inman 1855-1932 & Maynard E. Osgood 1855-1930

[39] Irven Harry Thompson b Apr 22, 1878 d 1920+; son of Eugene Thompson 1857-1936 & Alberta M. Damon 1858-1904

[40] Alberta M. Damon b Oct 18, 1858 d Oct 31, 1904; dau of George H. Damon 1835-1910 & Augusta Ellen Morgan 1840-1870+

[41] Puerperal Peritonitis: Fever due to an infection usually of the placental site within the uterus causing sepsis

[42] Dau Thompson b Dec 6, 1899 d unknown; dau of Alice Osgood 1882-1899 & Irven H. Thompson 1878-1920+

[43] Rosalind Abby Pendleton b Nov 10, 1882 d 1930+; dau of Nathaniel S. Pendleton 1846-1908 & Emily A. Wood 1857-1932

[44] Florence A. Thompson b May 1904 d May 28, 1904; dau of Irven H. Thompson 1878-1920+ & Rosalind Pendleton 1882-1930+

[45] Son Thompson b Dec 15, 1907 d Dec 15, 1907; son of Irven H. Thompson 1878-1920+ & Rosalind Pendleton 1882-1930+

[46] Isaline F. Inman b 1862 d 1932; dau of Ira W. Inman 1834-1889 & Martha A. Young 1839-1926

[47] Selden G. Thompson b 1858 d 1942; son of Charles B. Thompson 1823-1910 & Mary J. Inman 1824-1896

[48] Annie Frances Inman b Mar 1876 d 1910+; dau of Ira W. Inman 1834-1889 & Martha A. Young 1839-1926

[49] Frank Wheeler b Jan 1, 1843 d Jul 18, 1907; son of Jonas Wheeler 1803-1874 & Lucetta Beals 1808-1885

[50] Frank Jonas Wheeler b Sep 17, 1899 d 1910+; son of Frank Wheeler 1843-1907 & Annie F. Inman 1876-1910+

[51] Edith Belle Inman b Mar 29, 1881 d Mar 3, 1906; dau of Ira W. Inman 1834-1889 & Martha A. Young 1839-1926

[52] Arthur A. Randall b Sep 1880 d 1956; son of William E. Randall 1850-1924 & Cora E. Doore 1856-1935

[53] Cerebral Meningitis: an acute inflammation of the tissue surrounding the brain and spinal cord

[54] Alice B. Crockett b 1886 d 1960; dau of Thomas L. Crockett 1850-1903 & Christina A. Mccomb 1858-1893

[55] Ellen Edith Inman b Jan 1879 d 1949; dau of Ira W. Inman 1834-1889 & Martha A. Young 1839-1926

[56] Edgar Ernest Lary b Sep 21, 1881 d Jul 1, 1965; son of George W. Lary 1856-1925 & Rose M. Bartlett 1860-1934

[57] Linus M. Inman b Jun 1866 d Dec 9, 1911; son of Ira W. Inman 1834-1889 & Martha A. Young 1839-1926

[58] Thomas Neill b Sep 29, 1907 d Sep 1, 1981; son of Thomas Neill 1876-1930+ & Sarah Johnston 1884-1967

[59] Thomas S. Neill b Dec 22, 1934 d; son of Thomas Neill 1907-1981 & Doris Shaw 1915-1998

[60] Adella E. Booker b Apr 3, 1938 d 2004+; dau of Booker? & Unknown

[61] Mark E. Neill b Jun 13, 1936 d Dec 14, 2012; son of Thomas Neill 1907-1981 & Doris Shaw 1915-1998

[62] Alice C. Neill b Jun 19, 1937 d; dau of Thomas Neill 1907-1981 & Doris Shaw 1915-1998

[63] Winfield L. Stubbs b May 2, 1936 d Jul 27, 2008; son of Winfield Loud Stubbs 1908-1988 & Velma C. Tate 1912-1980

[64] Doris E. Shaw b Mar 21, 1915 d Sep 17, 1998; dau of Thomas Shaw 1886-1930+ & Mary A. Cooper 1884-1918

[65] Thomas P. Shaw bp Aug 5, 1886 d 1930+; son of Mark Shaw 1862-1930+ & Henrietta Lingarde 1862-1901+

[66] Mary Alice Cooper b Apr 20, 1885 d Oct 7, 1918; dau of James Cooper 1851-1911+ & Mary Ann 1851-1911+

[67] Mark Shaw bp Oct 10, 1865 d 1940+; son of William Shaw 1839-1871+ & Jane Ann 1841-1871+

[68] Henrietta Lingarde b 1861 d 1901+; born in Preston, Lancashire, England, dau of Lingarde

[69] William Shaw bp Jun 3, 1883 d ; son of Mark Shaw 1862-1930+ & Henrietta Lingarde 1862-1891+

[70] Susannah Shaw b Jan 30, 1887 d ; dau of Mark Shaw 1862-1930+ & Henrietta Lingarde 1862-1891+

[71] James Cooper b Mar 30, 1851 d 1911+; son of Thomas Cooper 1824-1891+ & Amelia Fletcher 1829-1891+

[72] Mary Ann b 1855 d 1911+; born in England dau of Unknown

[73] Thomas H. Cooper b Oct 25, 1871 d 1947; son of James Cooper 1851-1911+ & Mary Ann 1851-1911+

[74] Francis Richard Cooper b Sep 1, 1873 d 1911+; son of James Cooper 1851-1911+ & Mary Ann 1851-1911+

[75] John Robert Cooper b Mar 25, 1875 d Apr 16, 1947; son of James Cooper 1851-1911+ & Mary Ann 1851-1911+

[76] Amelia Hannah Cooper b Mar 16, 1887 d 1901+; dau of James Cooper 1851-1911+ & Mary Ann 1851-1911+

[77] Thomas C. Shaw b Oct 1, 1908 d Sep 26, 2002; son of Thomas P. Shaw 1886-1930+ & Mary A. Cooper 1885-1918

[78] James G. Shaw b Feb 21, 1909 d Jan 2, 1975; son of Thomas P. Shaw 1886-1930+ & Mary A. Cooper 1885-1918

[79] Emily Woodbury Kimball b Jul 2, 1909 d Jan 15, 1998; dau of George E. Kimball 1877- 1940+ & Ethel M. Bunker 1879-1940+

[80] Gertrude M. McCaslin b Jul 28, 1885 d Feb 1969; dau of James Andrew McCaslin 1860-1900+ & Sarah A. Corbett 1864-1900+

[81] Preston Frederick “Eric” Shaw b Nov 25, 1919 d 2007+; son of Thomas Shaw 1886-1920+ & Gertrude McCaslin 1885-1969

[82] Edith b 1884 d 1940+; born in England, dau of Unknown

[83] Robert Lingarde Shaw b Apr 6, 1921 d Feb 19, 2010; son of Thomas P. Shaw 1886-1930+ & Gertrude McCaslin 1885-1969

[84] Sara G. Shaw b 1926 d 1940+; dau of Thomas P. Shaw 1886-1930+ & Gertrude McCaslin 1885-1969

[85] Marion Shaw b Jun 16, 1917 d May 13, 2003; dau of Mark Shaw 1865-1940+ & Edith 1884-1940+

[86] William H. Bridges, Jr. b Nov 10, 1917 d Dec 5, 2007; son of William H. Bridges 1875-1953 & Julia F. Mcgovern 1875-1950

[87] Wilfred M. Savoy b Jan 10, 1921 d Nov 5, 1991; son of Martin S. Savoy 1895-1989 & Mazy E. Pinkham 1902-1940+

[88] Martin S. Savoy b May 15, 1895 d Jun 3, 1989; son of Gustave A. Savoie 1865-1940+ & Helene Hall 1873-1906

[89] Mazy E. Pinkham b Sep 8, 1902 d 1940+; dau of Willis J. Pinkham 1872-1956 & Bertha C. Thompson 1879-1959

[90] Willis Josiah Pinkham b 1872 d 1956; son of Eben Handy Pinkham 1825-1906 & Rachel Mitchell 1850-1894

[91] Bertha Corilla Thompson b Sep 3, 1876 or 1879-1959; dau of William H. Thompson 1838-1920 & Clarinda Colson 1832-1909

[92] Leon Earl Rowe b Jul 23, 1901 d 1940+; son of Charles T. Rowe 1868-1930+ & Adelia S. Fletcher 1876-1910+

[93] Gloria J. Savoy b Jul 6, 1945; dau of Mildred Whiting 1927-1972 & Thomas Neill 1907-1981

[94] Archibald Ross b Jan 31, 1882 d May 24, 1955; son of Charles Ross 1856-1933 & Martha Thompson 1860-1895

[95] Maxine A. Ross b Jul 4, 1916 d Jul 14, 2001; dau of Archibald Ross 1882-1955 & Florence Webber 1886-1967

[96] Francis G. Jones b May 8, 1916 d May 7, 1988; son of Frederick Jones 1896-1974 & Yuba Berry 1897-1916

[97] Willard L. Savoy b Jul 10, 1946 d Feb 6, 2017; son of Wilfred M. Savoy 1921-1991 & Mildred E. Whiting 1927-1972

[98] Everett Safford b Dec 11, 1919 d Apr 17, 1988; son of George Safford 1885-1953 & Minetta Walton 1888-1962

[99] Ronald W. Safford b Mar 6, 1950 d Oct 1, 2000; son of Everett R. Safford 1919-1988 & Mildred E. Whiting 1927-1972

[100] Elaine J. Safford b Jun 6, 1951; dau of Everett R. Safford 1919-1988 & Mildred E. Whiting 1927-1972

[101] Katherine Safford b Feb 10, 1956 d Dec 7, 2009; dau of Everett Safford 1919-1988 & Mildred Whiting 1927-1972

[102] Teresa E. (Safford) Jones b Jun 17, 1961; dau of Everett R. Safford 1919-1988 & Mildred E. Whiting 1927-1972

[103] George C. Safford b Aug 7, 1885 d Oct 25, 1953; son of William Safford 1838-1914 & Ellen Parsons 1847-1920

[104] Minetta Walton b Sep 6, 1888 d 1962; dau of Frederick Walton 1852-1938 & Cornelia Lisherness 1855-1942

[105] Nettina Dakin b Jul 12, 1908 d Apr 9, 1982; dau of Wallace C. Dakin 1876-1970 & Beulah M. Wilson 1885-1966

[106] Lester Dalrymple b Sep 19, 1891 d Jul 1964; son of Jason Dalrymple 1858-1941 & Marietta Warren 1856-1930+

[107] Roy Farmer b Mar 16, 1898 d Jan 10, 1975; son of Edwin H. Farmer 1857-1925 & Georgia A. Perkins 1861-1908

[108] Myrtle Leona, Catherine Louise, Lloyd A. and Lawrence Earl Dalrymple, also, Marlene C. Farmer

[109] Burton Thompson b Sep 12, 1913 d Oct 16, 1973; son of Charles F. Thompson 1884-1955 & Eva Higgins 1882-1963

[110] Mary Elizabeth (Doody) Bell b Nov 20, 1915 d 1979+; dau of John J. Doody 1879-1939 & Blanche S. Tucker 1878-1969

[111] Frederick R. Safford b May 3, 1915 d Dec 1958; son of George Safford 1885-1953 & Minetta Walton 1888-1962

[112] Carroll A. Safford b Dec 21, 1925 d Oct 26, 1988; son of George Safford 1885-1953 & Minetta Walton 1888-1962

[113] Richard Hollis Safford b Jan 6, 1943 d Jan 25, 2009; son of Henry H. Safford 1913-1943 & Doris Currier 1921-2005

[114] Esther M. Stein b Jul 25, 1900 d Apr 20, 1988; dau of Oliver J. Stein 1859-1930+ & Emma Sophia Richards 1857-1933

[115] Edward R. Brittingham b Jul 9, 1895 d Feb 27, 1948; son of Edward L. Brittingham 1861-1933 & May Wilhelm

[116] Ned R. Brittingham b Jun 25, 1928 d Feb 12, 2010; son of Esther Stein 1900-1988 & Edward Raymond Brittingham 1895-1948

[117] Alexander Marion Encelewski b Dec 11, 1909 d May 30, 1960; son of Alexander Encelewski 1880-1965 & Rozalia Zamerecka 1892-1980  

[118] Marion Emma Encelewski b Jun 15, 1934; dau of Esther Stein 1900-1988 & Marion Encelewski 1909-1960

[119] Grassim Oskolkoff b Oct 14, 1926 d May 26, 1998; son of Michael Oskolkoff 1893-1981 & Matuska Zoya Darien 1902-1984

[120] Theodore E. Weiler b 1933 d aft 2013; son of Nicholas T. Weiler 1907-1987 & Elsa Elizabeth Bartelt 1906-1990

[121] Mary Peters b 1926 d unknown; dau of Moses Peters 1896-1977 & Hannah William 1906-1942+

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