Chapter 14 - Sharon Rae (Tash) Hildreth Watson 1948-2015

Chapter 14

Sharon Rae (Tash) Hildreth Watson 1948-2015

Granddaughter of Gladys Mabel (Hunt) Whiting


Whiting Pedigree

Vidella Marian Whiting 1917-2007 and Raymond David Tash 1900-1980

George Elisco Whiting 1895-1965 and Gladys Mable Hunt 1897-1991

George W. Whiting 1866-1942 and Thurza Jane Inman 1873-1953

Ephraim Whiting 1839-1910 and Francina Ann Spearin 1836-1883

Leonard Whiting 1808-1880+ and Hannah Dyer 1807-1840

John Whiting 1759-1846 and Margaret Fairbrother 1782-1859

John Whiting 1727-1776 and Lucy Farmer 1736-1768

Cornet John Whiting 1699-1775 and Sarah Hunt 1709-1745

Esquire Oliver Whiting 1665-1736 and Anna Danforth 1667-1737

Reverend Samuel Whiting II 1633-1713 and Dorothy Chester 1637-1713

Reverend Samuel Whiting 1597-1679 and Elizabeth St. John 1605-1676


Tash Pedigree

Raymond David Tash 1900-1980 and Vidella Marian Whiting 1917-2007

William Franklin Tash 1853-1914 and Louisa Emily Emmett 1863-1918

William Augustus Tash 1803-1884 and Elizabeth Berry 1814-1887

Thomas Tash 1780-1870+ and Polly Ham 1785-1830+


Sharon Rae Tash[1] was born in Lincoln, Maine, the youngest child and only daughter of Vidella Marian Whiting[2] and her second husband Raymond David Tash[3], who were married on December 21, 1944.  Vidella and Raymond Tash had two sons, Theodore "Ted" Raymond Tash[4] and Gerald "Gerry" Robert Tash[5], before Sharon was born. 


Vidella Marian Whiting was first married to George Wesley Ryer[6] about 1936. Vidella Whiting was 19 and George Ryer 21. They may have been married in Connecticut, but the 1936 "Winsted Directory" indicates that George Ryer removed to Maine, so they could have been married there.  George Ryer was probably the father of Sharon's oldest half-brother Richard Arthur Ryer[7].  Richard came to Maine with his mother Vidella (Whiting) Ryer and was adopted by Raymond D. Tash.


Vidella and Raymond Tash were divorced on September 26, 1952, when Sharon was about four years old.  When Sharon was 11 years old, her mother, Vidella, age 42 married for a third time on October 28, 1959 in Searsmont, Maine to 29-year-old Richard Wallace Fowler[8].


Sharon lived with her mother Vidella, step-father, Richard Fowler and her three older brothers in Waldoboro, Maine. Vidella Fowler was employed as an "Egg packer" at the H. P. Hood Company[9] and Richard was in the canning department at the Medomak Canning Company[10] in New Sharon, Maine.  In November 1960, the vegetable cannery factory warehouse was destroyed by a spectacular fire and never rebuilt.


From an eyewitness account of that fire: " It was November 1960, and the factory warehouse section was packed with canned goods ready for labels and shipping to market.  The fire started in the night and was well underway before an alarm could be sounded.  By the time the pumpers and firefighters arrived, flames were widespread and super heated sealed cans of corn, beans, squash, etc. were exploding with skyrocket results.  Fire Chief Frank Brown ordered his men to stay clear of the building and remain out of can range, which was greater than that of the fire hoses, until the hot vegetable barrage subsided.  By then the shop was reduced to ashes."[11]


Vidella's regular place of residence was shown as Orff's Corner Rd. in Waldoboro and Richard's address was RFD#3, also in Waldoboro.  Richard and Vidella Fowler's marriage lasted ten years or less, they were divorced before 1971 and she removed to Clinton, Massachusetts. 


Sharon R. Tash, 17 married 21-year-old Edward J. Hildreth[12] on January 1, 1966 in Maine and they had one child, James "Jim" Edward Hildreth[13] born in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine.  Their marriage lasted about ten years, Sharon and Edward Hildreth divorced before 1978.


Edward James Hildreth is alternately known as James Edward Hildreth, James E. Hildreth or Edward J. Hildreth in some records.


Edward James Hildreth[14] was born in New Hampshire, according to the Social Security Number Index of 003[15], which indicates it as such. This would lead us to his parents, not conclusively documented, but with inference and proximity to be used as circumstantial evidence.

Edward James Hildreth is the son of Edwin Leroy Hildreth[16] and Thelma May Ames[17], who were married on August 25, 1938 in North Haverhill, New Hampshire.


In 1940, in Glencliff, Warren Town, New Hampshire, Edwin Hildreth 22, wife Thelma Hildreth 18, her divorced mother, Sadie Ames 57, all live together. Edwin is employed as a State Highway Laborer.


Edwin Leroy Hildreth was born in Warren, New Hampshire, the son of William Edwin Hildreth[18] and Margaret Gertrude Veasey[19].


William Edwin Hildreth, born in Warren, New Hampshire and Margaret (or Marguerite) G. Veasey, born in Bristol, New Hampshire, were married on July 17, 1917 in East Haverhill, New Hampshire, only three days before their son, Edwin Leroy Hildreth was born in Warren.


Thelma May Ames was born in West Thornton, New Hampshire, the daughter of William Manson Ames[20], born in Bancroft, Maine and Sadie Jane McCormick[21] (or McCormack), born in Providence, Maine.


From 1989 to 1997, Edwin L. Hildreth is recorded as living in Plymouth, New Hampshire. A possible relative listed is Thelma Hildreth. In 1998, Edwin L. Hildreth is now living Rumney, New Hampshire.


In 1998, Edward J. Hildreth is living in Plymouth and in 2004, Edward J. Hildreth is living in Rumney. Another report shows the direct correlation between Edward James Hildreth, a resident of Rumney and his relatives, Edwin Leroy Hildreth and Thelma Hildreth.


A compelling connection between Edwin Leroy Hildreth, Thelma Hildreth and Edward James Hildreth has now been established.


The parents of Thelma May Ames were both born in Maine, according to her marriage record to Edwin Leroy Hildreth. Records indicate that Thelma’s mother, Sadie Jane McCormick, was born in New Brunswick, probably correct, because there is no Providence, Maine.


William Manson Ames was born in Bancroft, Maine, a town near the New Brunswick, Canada border. William M. Ames’ first two children were born in Kingman Township, Penebscot County, Maine, but his seven youngest children were born in Warren, New Hampshire.


Kingman Township is about 30 miles from where Edward James Hildreth’s future wife, Sharon Rae Tash, was born in Lincoln, Maine.


It’s probably just a coincidence that Sharon Tash’s grandfather, William Franklin "Frank" Tash, Sr.[22] was born in Mattawamkeag, Maine, six miles down the Mattawamkeag River from Kingman Township.


“Frank” Tash and William M. Ames were contemporaries, with just six years separating their dates of birth. Were they ever acquainted with each other while they lived in close proximity for a brief time?


That is a matter of speculation, but what other connections can be made to find Edward James Hildreth and Sharon Rae Tash together?

When and how they met is still unclear, but Maine is definitely the clue.


Sharon and Edward J. Hildreth may have moved with their son Jim to Central Massachusetts, before their divorce. Possibly to live near her mother Vidella (Whiting) Ryer Tash Durkee, who had remarried in 1971 to Dwayne Kenneth Durkee[23] and lived in the same area.


When Sharon and Edward Hildreth divorced, he was ordered to pay child support, which he either stopped paying or never paid at all. On June 14, 1999 he owed Sharon $11,497.00 and a lien was placed on his property at 154 East Street in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. 


On November 15, 2001 a lien was placed on his property at 11 Vine Street in Leominster, Massachusetts.  He owed 32,485.44. On April 19, 2002 the amount owed was $33,751.36.  The lien was for Vine St.


James E. Hildreth owned property in Central Massachusetts from 1999 to 2002, but from 1990 to 1993, he was living in Jacksonville, Arkansas. He also lived in Rumney, New Hampshire for a time. From December 31, 1996 to October 15, 2005, his residence is recorded as being at the March Air Reserve Base in California.


Sharon Rae (Tash) Hildreth married Thomas "Tom" Wendell Watson[24] on October 28, 1978.  This was a second marriage for both. 


Thomas Wendell Watson, age 21, was first married on November 17, 1951 in New Hampshire to 18-year-old Mildred Anita Vickery[25].  Thomas Watson was only 18 years old and Mildred Vickery was just 17.  It was easier to be married in New Hampshire and lie about your age.


Thomas Wendell Watson was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, the son of Thomas Wilfred Wendell Watson[26] and Ethel Brown[27] who were married on December 8, 1932 in Hollis, New Hampshire.  Thomas and Ethel had filed their intentions to marry on November 30, 1932.


Thomas W. W. Watson is 18 and Ethel Brown is only 15, but they give their ages as 21 and 18 respectively, at their marriage. She was 15 when she gave birth to their son Thomas about three months later. 


During the Census in Lowell, Thomas W. Watson is enumerated on April 7, 1930, exactly a week after he celebrated his 16th birthday.


In nearby Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, Ethel Brown, is age 13, on April 22, 1930 during the Census there. She had celebrated her 13th birthday only two days before the Census that year.


If you are 13 years old in 1930, you definitely are not 18 in 1932.


Thomas W. Watson and Mildred A. Vickery were divorced and Mildred married Kenneth Percell[28] with whom she had three sons: Kevin C. Percell[29], Kenneth M. Percell[30] and David J. Percell[31].  Mildred A. Percell next married William D. Norman[32] in 1974 in Connecticut.


For a time, Tom and Sharon Watson lived on 87 Turnpike Road in Townsend, Massachusetts.  They then purchased a two-family home on June 21, 1988 at 85 Adams Street in Leominster, Massachusetts.  Tom was employed as a Maintenance Supervisor for Federal Housing.


Thomas Wendell Watson died in Leominster Hospital of "Diffuse Large Cell Lymphoma", which had metastasized to his brain.  He was 60 years old and is buried in St. John's Cemetery in Clinton, Massachusetts.


In the summer of 1995, after Tom's death, Sharon Watson had a going-away party at the home she was soon to lose on Adams Street. Sharon Watson moved to Winter Garden, Florida with her son James E. Hildreth, shortly after what should have been a foreclosure party.


Sharon R. Watson was issued with the foreclosure documents for 85 Adams Street on August 12, 1996.  The loan was issued by Security Home Mortgage Corporation, who auctioned the property afterwards.


In about the year 2000, Sharon lived at 1312 Meadow Finch Drive in Winter Garden with widower Raymond F. White, Sr.[33].  Raymond White died about four years later and is buried in Woodlawn Memorial Park in Gotha, Florida.  After Raymond's death, Sharon Watson moved into a mobile home at 992 Morning Dove Drive in Winter Garden.


Sharon Watson's son, James Edward Hildreth, place of birth Maine, was arrested for "Possession of Cocaine" on August 15, 2008 in Clermont, Florida.  His address was listed as 15840 State Road in Clermont.  He has no "Occupation" (and never does) listed on the arrest report.  He was released the next day without posting bond.


On December 1, 2009 again in Clermont, James Edward Hildreth was arrested and charged with "Contempt of Court and Criminal Contempt".  His residence is shown as 6420 Lu Emma Lane in Groveland, Florida.  He has no "Occupation" listed on the arrest report.  He was held without bond at "The Lake County Detention Center" until December 29, 2009.  Christmas wasn't very merry for Jim that year.


On May 18, 2010, James Edward Hildreth was arrested in Leesburg, Florida for an "Out-of-County Warrant". His address is shown as 2304 West Main Street in Leesburg.  He has no "Occupation" listed on the arrest report.  He was released the same day on a $500 bond.


On March 24, 2004, Sharon R. Watson of 992 Morning Dove Drive in Winter Garden, Florida purchased a 2-acre parcel of land at 984 Bear Hill Road in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine.  Sharon owned the property for nearly ten years. The value of the property in 2013 was $21,700. 


By February 1, 2014, the property had changed hands and now was in the possession of her brother Richard A. Tash and his cousin-wife Elaine J. Tash[34].  It is still their property as of 2018, value $21,700.


If Sharon thought that her son James would care for her when she was no longer able to care for herself, she was sadly mistaken.


Sharon developed Parkinson's Disease[35] in the last years of her life and would eventually succumb to it in a nursing care facility in Florida. 

[1] Sharon Tash b Feb 2, 1948 d Jul 21, 2015; dau of Vidella Whiting 1917-2009 & Raymond Tash 1900-1980

[2] Vidella Whiting b Jun 9, 1917 d Jan 31, 2007; dau of George Whiting 1895-1965 & Gladys Hunt 1897-1991

[3] Raymond D. Tash b May 1, 1900 d Aug 19, 1980; son of William F. Tash 1853-1914 & Louisa E. Emett 1863-1918

[4] Theodore R. Tash b Feb 19, 1946 d Aug 26, 2014; son of Raymond Tash 1900-1980 & Vidella Whiting 1917-2007

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[8] Richard W. Fowler b Jun 10, 1928 d Nov 4, 2011; son of Frank Fowler 1902-1972 & Hazel Gilmore 1902-1970

[9] HP Hood LLC Headquarters, Six Kimball Lane, Lynnfield, MA 01940

[10] Medomak Canning Company, 110 One Pie Road, Waldoboro, Lincoln County, ME 04572.  Still in operation 2017

[11] Canning Gold-Northern New England’s Sweet Corn Industry by Paul B. Frederic

[12] Edward James Hildreth b Nov 30, 1944 d 2005+; son of Edwin L. Hildreth 1917-2000 & Thelma Ames 1921-1994

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[15] SSN obtained from Child Support Enforcement Division of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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[35] Parkinson's Disease: neurodegenerative disorder leading to a progressive deterioration of motor function

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