Chapter 2 - Viola Elizabeth (Cook) Smart 1861-1944

Chapter 2


Viola Elizabeth (Cook) Smart 1861-1944

Grandmother of Gladys Mabel (Hunt) Whiting


Cook Pedigree

Samuel Cook 1829-1910 and Susannah Hunt 1830-1870+

Samuel Cook 1795-1850+ and Lydia Wentworth 1789-1870+

Cutting Cook 1761-1827 and Elizabeth Merrill 1766-1845

Samuel Cook 1720-1790 and Judith Bartlett 1726-1790

Samuell Cooke 1680-1734+ and Elizabeth Wilson 1685-1735+

John Cook 1647-1716 and Mary Buxton 1641-1710

Henry Cook 1614-1661 and Judith Birdsall 1620-1689

Edmund Cook 1563-1617 and Elizabeth Nicholls 1569-1619

Henry Cook 1540-1568 and Anne Goodere 1547-1568


Hunt Pedigree

Susannah Hunt 1830-1870+ and Samuel Cook 1829-1910

William Hunt 1789-1865 and Mary Dunlap 1792-1843

Ephraim Hunt 1749-1818 and Martha Lowell 1760-1854

John Hunt, Jr. 1718-1789 and Mary Reed 1723-1797

John Hunt, Sr. 1681-1732 and Hannah Clough 1685-1752

Edward Hunt 1655-1727 and Ann Weed 1657-1711

Edward Hunt 1632-1665+ and Wife

Edmund Hunt 1613-1657 and Goodwife


          Viola Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cook[1] was born in Harmony, Maine, the daughter of Samuel Cook[2] and Susanna Hunt[3], who were married on June 29, 1851 in Kingsbury, Maine by Clergyman, Joseph Foss.


          Samuel Cook was born in Corinna, Maine, the youngest child and only son of Samuel Cook[4] and Lydia Wentworth[5], who were married on August 23, 1812 in Fryeburg, Maine. Other children born to Samuel Cook and Lydia Wentworth are: Ruth B. Cook[6] who married Thomas Shaw Sinclair[7]; Mary Cook[8] and Lydia A. Cook[9] who married Samuel Hunt[10] on March 14, 1847 in Kingsbury.


          Son of Samuel Hunt and Lydia A. Cook, Willard A. Hunt[11] married his cousin Lillian A. Packard[12] on October 5, 1895 in Corinna. Willard and Lillian shared ancestors Samuel Cook and Lydia Wentworth. Lillian A. Hunt died in Dexter, Maine of “Chronic Hepatitis” at age 37. She left her husband Willard Hunt and four children ages 16, 15, 7 and 3.

          The daughter of Samuel Hunt and Lydia A. Cook, 14-year-old Ruth B. Hunt[13] married on February 11, 1884 to 55-year-old Elisha Drake[14] in Cambridge, Maine. Their intentions were filed in Parkman, Maine on January 20, 1884. Elisha Drake and Ruth Hunt may have had a child together, but they divorced before 1894. Elisha Drake was 70 years old when he committed suicide by hanging in Wellington, Maine.


          Ruth P. (Hunt) Drake married David H. Barker[15] on March 17, 1894 in Bangor, Maine and they had a stillborn daughter[16]. It is a second child for Ruth. Ruth B. (Hunt) Drake Barker died of "Consumption" less than a year later. She was only 26. Her husband, David H. Barker died at age 53 in Lewiston, Maine of pneumonia that developed when his ribs were fractured after being kicked by a horse.


          Mother of Viola Cook, Susanna Hunt was born in Brighton Plantation, Maine according to her marriage record to Samuel Cook in 1851. She was probably the daughter of William Hunt[17] and Mary "Polly" Dunlap[18], who were married on February 29, 1812 in Brunswick, Maine and had six other children born there. Roxanna D. Hunt[19], who married Mr. Powers; Betsy "Eliza" Hunt[20], who married Nathaniel Mcgraw[21] on November 20, 1836 in Brighton Plantation; William Hunt[22], Jeremiah Hunt[23], Joseph Hunt[24] and Sally Hunt[25], who married John H. R. Kent[26] on November 19, 1850 in Wellington, Maine.


          After Polly (Dunlap) Hunt's death, William Hunt married her sister Rebecca Dunlap[27] on August 10, 1845 in Brunswick. Rebecca Dunlap was the widow of William Keene, whom she married in 1812. In 1850, William, age 61 and Rebecca Hunt, age 60, live with Martha Hunt[28], age 89, in Brunswick. Martha (Lowell) was the widow of Ephraim Hunt.


          Viola E. Cook's oldest daughter, Vidella M. Cook[29] would marry her second cousin, Perly R. Hunt[30]. Vidella Cook and Perly Hunt were both the great-grandchildren of Lydia A. Cook and Samuel Hunt.


          Samuel Cook the elder, his wife Lydia (Wentworth) Cook, son Samuel and daughter Dorothy "Dolly" Cook[31] lived in Kingsbury in 1850.


          Dorothy "Dolly" Cook married Aaron Campbell[32] in about 1851 and they had six children: Estella Campbell[33], who married William S. Tewksbury[34]; Ann Eliza Campbell[35] who married James A. Packard[36] on August 8, 1874; George Campbell[37], Flora E. Campbell[38], Willis E. Campbell[39] and Eezra R. Campbell[40].


          Flora E. Campbell married her first cousin Henry Sinclair[41] in 1883 and they had one child that died in infancy.


          Viola Elizabeth Cook had two older sisters, Eliza L. Cook[42] and Ellen May Cook[43] who married William H. Kent[44]. Viola had one older brother Joel Cook[45] who disappears from records after 1870.


          Viola E. Cook also had four younger sisters Ruth N. Cook[46], who married in about 1881 to Edmund R. Brown[47], his parents were first cousins; Julia A. Cook[48] who married Lewis H. Lawrence[49] in 1885 and they had five daughters; Georgianna Cook[50] and Lillie Cook[51] who like their brother Joel, also have no records after 1870.


          Ruth Cook and Edmund Brown had a son, Amos S. Brown[52] who would marry his first cousin Lula Lawrence[53], the daughter of Julia Cook and Lewis Lawrence. Amos Brown was 21 and Lula Lawrence was 16 at their marriage on November 13, 1904 in Harmony or Brighton, ME. Amos and Lula Brown also had five daughters.


          Older sister of Viola, Eliza L. Cook married her first cousin, Martin V. Sinclair[54] on October 13, 1869 in Kingsbury Plantation, ME and had son Ephraim Sinclair[55]. In 1910, Eliza's father Samuel Cook lives with her and Martin in Harmony and is incorrectly enumerated in the Census as Samuel Sinclair, age 81, widowed, "Father-in-law" of Martin Sinclair.


          After Martin Sinclair's death, Eliza (Cook) Sinclair married Lorenzo Mc Clellan Starbird[56] on December 13, 1921 in Harmony. This is a second marriage for Eliza and a fourth marriage for Lorenzo, who states he is a widower, but is actually divorced from his third wife. The marriage certificate lists Eliza as age 60 and Lorenzo as 59, but she is actually 70 and he is 57 years old. Lorenzo M. Starbird married for a fifth time, shortly after his fourth wife Eliza's death.


          Older sister of Viola E. Cook, Hellen [sic] M. Cook married William H. Kent on October 9, 1875 in Wellington, ME and had children: Charley W. Kent[57], Scott Kent[58] who died at age 14, Amos Samuel Kent[59], Archie Kent[60], Lura M. Kent[61] who married George E. Turner on October 19, 1904; William E. Kent[62] who accidently drowned at age 9; Edith Kent[63] who died at 2 days old and daughter Cly E. Kent[64] who died of "Pulmonary Tuberculosis" at age 16.


          William and Ellen Kent divorced before 1905 and William Kent remarried Ada (Chase) Bartlett[65] on January 28, 1905 in Cambridge or Parkman, Maine. Ada Chase had been previously married to Franklin L. Bartlett[66] on February 10, 1879 in St. Albans, Maine and had children: Warren Guy Bartlett[67] and Blanche E. (as born) she was also known as Frances Eaton Bartlett[68], who married Robert Campbell, Jr.[69] on September 18, 1920 in Bangor, Maine.

          Viola Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cook and Frederick Walter Tripp[70] had an illegitimate daughter, Vidella M. Cook, born in Harmony when Viola Cook was just 16 and Fred Tripp was 19. No marriage document has ever been found for Viola Elizabeth Cook and Frederic Walter Tripp.


          A marriage for Fred W. Tripp and Harriett "Hattie" Frances Smith[71] is recorded for March 11, 1882 in Wellington, ME. Frederick Tripp and Hattie would have two sons, both born in Harmony: Guy Ernest Tripp[72] who died in Phoenix, AZ and Harold Earl Tripp[73] who died in Pocatello, ID. Frederick "Fred" Walter Tripp died in Richmond, Utah at age 49.


          Harriett F. (Smith) Tripp second married Reverend Hiram Bartlett Nutter[74] in Medford, Massachusetts on February 5, 1900. Rev. Hiram B. Nutter was a cousin of Harriett's first husband, Frederick W. Tripp.


          Frederick W. Tripp was born in Harmony, the child of Robert H. Tripp[75] and Diana Roxanna "Roxie" Emery[76] who were married about 1845 and had seven children: Uriah E. Tripp[77], Naamah B. Tripp[78], who married Elsworth Levett[79]; William Robert Tripp[80], Enoch Bartlett Tripp[81], Helen Frances Tripp[82], who married Charles A. Laughton[83] on November 5, 1877; Herbert Tripp[84] and Frederick W. Tripp.


History of Robert H. Tripp 1825-1890


"Robert Tripp was born 8 June 1825 in Newry, Oxford County, Maine. Actually, he was probably born in Howard's Gore, a section between Newry and Bethel that later became the town of Hanover. He was the second child and second son of William Tripp and Naamah Hall Bartlett. When he was born, there were three older siblings in the household including his brother, Enoch Bartlett Tripp, his half brother, William III, and his half sister, Sarah. As his father rode the Methodist Circuit, Robert grew up along the way in many towns in Maine. By the time he was about 10 or 11, the family settled down in an area north of the home of his ancestors. Why they chose the Cambridge/Harmony/Ripley area of Somerset County is unknown. Maybe he found the area to his liking and needed to get his family settled. We do know that William's sister, Dorcus, had been living in the area, coming to Athens in the early settlement of the town.


By 1836 the family has settled on a farm in Harmony. It was here that the 18-year-old Robert fell in love and married the only daughter of Silas and Anna (Booth) Emery. Silas Emery had twelve children from two previous marriages and, by the time he married a third time, he was 53 years old. And by the time their first child was born he was fifty-five years old. That child was Dianna Roxana Emery. She was born 1 October 1827, in Harmony, Maine. Robert Tripp and his 16-year-old bride were married on 26 November 1843 in Harmony, by his father, the Reverend William Tripp. The intention of marriage was filed in the Harmony town record as 7 November 1843 and a certificate were issued on 25 November 1843. In February 1844, the marriage date was recorded by the town clerk from the records of Reverend Tripp.


Robert and Diana moved onto the Emery Farm on Ripley Road and helped the elder Emerys to farm the land. It was a magnificent farm setting on a hill with a dramatic driveway leading up to the house. The farm was later sold to Everet Hurd and still later known as the Fox Farm. The buildings are no longer standing but the foundation of the house and barn are visible, as is the house. On 8 June 1846, Silas Emery signed over one-half of this farm to Robert in exchange for life care of himself and Anna. Over the years, he mortgaged this land several times and bought other land in Harmony and Ripley. Just before he went off to war he engaged a loan transaction with Sarah E. Gilman of Old Town, his half sister.


Robert and Diana had six children all born in Harmony. The Children were: Uriah Emery Tripp born 28 Oct 1845 and married Lorinda Withee. Naamah Bartlett Tripp born 11 Feb 1848 and married Ellsworth Leavitt. William Robert Tripp born 8 September 1851 and married Julia Jane Egan, Martha Ann Cottrell and Annie Elizabeth Bowman. Enoch Bartlett Tripp born 16 May 1854 and married Julia Ann Bowman. Helen Frances Tripp born 9 May 1856 and married Charles Laughton. Fredrick Walter Tripp born 6 July 1858/1859 and married Francis Smith and Maria Eskelson Bowman.


Robert appears to be a restless one. Was this because he married and settled down so young that he didn't have advantage of traveling and exploring as a young man? Time after time, Diana was left to care for the children and the farm. She must have been a strong woman. We first hear of his traveling west to visit his brother in Iowa, just 8 years after his marriage leaving Diana with 3 small children at home. He went in the fall, stayed there all winter returning to Maine in the spring. He and another man bought Enoch's shoe shop but it evidently didn't do very well, as Enoch had to give him money to return to Maine! Then when Enoch came to Maine in 1854, Robert wasn't home. He had been in California since spring hoping to cash in on some of the gold strikes!! Again, he came home broke.


Then in 1862, he takes his oldest son, Uriah, then only 16 and his younger brother, Paschal and goes off to war. They were all in F Company of the 20th Maine. Robert was a Private in the Infantry. He really never served as he spent most of the time in the hospital and was released, as he had hepatitis. How this affected him in his later years, I do not know. His Certificate of Disability for Discharge reads " Lt Hosea Allen's Company F of the Twentieth Maine Volunteers. Enlisted on 20th July 1862 to serve 3 years. Born in Harmony, State of Maine. Is 38 years old. Light complexion, blue eyes, light hair, farmer. Has been unfit for duty 61 days. General Hospital of U. S. A. Philadelphia 24 Dec 1862 signed by David Durpee, Surgeon in Charge. Discharged 27 December 1862 at Philadelphia order of Brig. Gen. Montgomery. The reason for his discharge was chronic hepatitis.


Following his brother Paschal's death in the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863, Robert suffered a nervous breakdown. He recovered and later in life went into the mercantile business with his son, Uriah.


In June of 1872, we find that Diana had gone to Salt Lake City with her son, Uriah. They stayed but a month and returned to Maine. William Robert Tripp came out to join them, remained in Utah and was converted to the Mormon Church. Enoch kept up a long period of correspondence with Diana and sent her a lot of literature about the Mormon religion.


Diana died 7 December 1889. She left a will but the film is hard to read. Robert followed her in death on 30 September 1890, about 10 months later. He did not leave a will so his estate was probated. Diana was 62 years, 2 months and 6 days old at her death. Robert was 65 years, 3 months and 22 days old at his death. They are buried in the West Ripley Cemetery, the same cemetery as William and Naamah. It is located just over the Ripley line not far from their farm."         


            In the 1870 Census in Kingsbury, 10-year-old Viola Cook lives with her parents Samuel and Susan Cook, both age 44 and their other children Elize [sic], Ellen, Joel, Ruth, Julia, Georgianna and Lillie Cook.     


            In 1880 Elizabeth V. Cook is listed as living with Samuel, Ruth and Julia Cook only. Susan, Joel, Georgianna and Lillie Cook are not listed in 1880. Among those listed is the granddaughter of Samuel, Fidelia [sic] Cook, age 2. On subsequent documents, Vidella will indicate her surname alternately as Cook or Tripp.            

          Viola Cook had another illegitimate child, listed as Lony Cook, age 5, and living as a boarder in 1900 in the household of William H. Smart, Viola's future husband.


            Viola Cook and William H. Smart were married on November 6, 1900 in Harmony. In the 1900 Census, Viola lists the number of living children as "1", but Lona B. Cook is actually the 2nd child born to Viola. Viola Cook denies the existence of her first-born daughter Vidella M. (Cook) Hunt Whiting, who was still alive at the time.


          In 1910 Lona Cook is known as Louie B. Swart, 15-year-old daughter of William H. and Viola E. Swart in Harmony.          

           Lona Smart, daughter of Viola Cook and William Smart married Howard Nathan McCausland[85] on November 15, 1913 in Pittsfield, ME.

          William Henry Smart[86] was born in Parkman, Maine, the youngest of eleven children born to Eliphalet Loton Smart[87] and Susan Robbins[88], who were married on March 6, 1825 in Leeds, Maine.


          William H. Smart married Viola E. Cook on November 6, 1900 in Harmony. His second marriage, her first. About six months later, Viola gave birth to a stillborn male child on June 18, 1901 in Harmony, the son of William H. Smart. Another stillborn male child followed on June 10, 1903, also in Harmony. Curiously, the child born in 1901 is listed as 1st and the child born in 1903 is listed as 3rd.


          William H. Smart was previously married to Mary P. Parker[89] on September 30, 1866 and they had several children in Parkman before divorcing, then William moved to Harmony. Their children were Susan M. Smart[90], John Henry Smart[91], Jesse T. Smart[92] and Myra A. Smart[93].


          William H. Smart died in Parkman and is buried with Viola in the Pingree Center Cemetery in Parkman.           In 1930 Viola E. Smart is a "roomer" living with the family of Fred G. Piper[94] and Frances M. Piper[95] in Harmony. Viola Cook is a 69-year-old widow. In 1940, she is known as Lizie [sic] Smart, 80 widowed living with her hired hand Wilbur Staples[96], age 40 in Harmony.


          In 1930, Wilbur Staples was living with the family of Leander Sanford Brown[97], in the same neighborhood in Harmony as Viola Cook, so they were most likely previously acquainted.


          Wilbur C. Staples was one of only two surviving children born to Elmer T. Staples[98] and Lula "Lulie" B. Tibbetts[99]. When he was 12 years old, Wilbur Staple's mother Leula [sic] Staples died at age 42, from "Hemorrhaging due to Placenta Previa" before the birth of her last child, who also died. Wilbur's sister, Eugenia J. Staples[100] was the other child of Elmer T. Staples and Lula Tibbetts. Eugenia married Ben S. Collins, Jr.[101] on December 23, 1916 in Thomaston, Maine.


          Wilbur C. Staples was a patient at the Augusta State Hospital at age 19 and declared "Insane" by the Superintendent Dr. Forrest Clark Tyson[102] on September 12, 1918 for the WWI Draft. Wilbur C. Staples is described as being of medium height, a slender build, with brown hair and blue eyes. His nearest relative is his father Elmer T. Staples.


          Viola Elizabeth (Cook) Smart died in Harmony and is buried with her husband William H. Smart.


[1] Viola E. Cook b Feb 17, 1861 d Mar 21, 1944; dau of Samuel Cook 1829-1910 & Susannah Hunt 1830-1870+

[2] Samuel Cook b 1829 d Jul 16, 1910; son of Samuel Cook 1795-1850+ and Lydia Wentworth 1789-1870+

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[87] Deacon Eliphalet L. Smart b Jul 23, 1803 d Jan 11, 1873; son of Eliphalet Smart 1770- & Sarah Bailey 1762-

[88] Susan Robbins b Jun 12, 1804 d Oct 27, 1881; dau of Rev Daniel Robbins Jr. 1760-1838 & Mary Clark

[89] Mary Priscilla Parker b Jul 1846 d Jul 15, 1915; dau of William T. Parker 1817-1899 & Susan E. Leeman 1820-1893

[90] Susan M. Smart b Mar 15, 1871 d Jun 9, 1886; dau of William H. Smart 1846-1927 & Mary P. Parker 1846-1915

[91] John H. Smart b 1873 d 1942; son of William H. Smart 1846-1927 & Mary P. Parker 1846-1915

[92] Jesse T. Smart b Aug 11, 1877 d Jan 22, 1953; son of William H. Smart 1846-1927 & Mary P. Parker 1846-1915

[93] Myra A. Smart b May 24, 1879 d Dec 9, 1883; dau of William H. Smart 1846-1927 & Mary P. Parker 1846-1915

[94] Fred G. Piper b Sep 26, 1897 d Jul 19, 1974; son of George H. Piper 1861-1930+ & Annie Esther Wiggins Ohlsson 1863-1933

[95] Frances Mae Dore b Mar 22, 1907 d Jun 5, 2001; dau of Arnold Dore 1877-1957 & Vivian Whittier 1883-1927

[96] Wilbur C. Staples b Jan 20, 1899 d May 30, 1967; son of Elmer T. Staples 1861-1938 & Lulie B. Tibbetts 1868-1911

[97] Leander S. Brown b Feb 4, 1877 d Jan 6, 1945; son of Hiram R. Brown 1840-1921 & Mercy A. Ward 1843-1914

[98] Elmer T. Staples b Sep 13, 1861 d 1928; son of Joseph C. Staples 1819-1888 & Lucy M. Heald 1836-1904

[99] Lula B. Tibbetts b Apr 1870 d Apr 1, 1911; dau of William H.H. Tibbetts 1840-1894 & Annetta Poland 1847-1942

[100] Eugenia J. Staples b Sep 5, 1895 d Jul 27, 1973; dau of Elmer T. Staples 1861-1938 & Lulie B. Tibbetts 1868-1911

[101] Benjamin S. Collins, Jr. b Apr 23, 1891 d Dec 13, 1975; son of Benjamin S. Collins 1857-1918 & Flora G. Parlin 1859-1918

[102] Forrest C. Tyson b Feb 2, 1881 d Dec 25, 1953; son of John Charles Tyson 1856-1928 & Arabella Ball 1860-1928

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