Chapter 3 - Lucinda T. (Hanscom) Mace Stinneford Whiting 1861-1930+

Chapter 3


Lucinda T. (Hanscom) Mace Stinneford Whiting 1861-1930+

Step-Mother of Gladys Mabel (Hunt) Whiting


Hanscom Pedigree

Aaron J. Hanscom 1835-1896+ and Frances Jani Ham 1836-1906

Jordan Mcgray Hanscom 1798-1850 and Sarah Mcgray 1802-1850+

Moses Hanscom III 1759-1835 and Molly Mcgray 1767-1855

Moses Hanscom, Jr. 1710-1809 and Elizabeth Jordan 1730-1811

Moses Hanscom 1680-1748 and Hannah Rackliff 1687-1777

Thomas Hanscom 1632-1696 and Ann Downing 1646-1697

Thomas Hanscom 1612-1695 and Clayton 1600-1632+

John Hanscom 1550-1615 and Agnes Cowche 1570-1612+


Ham Pedigree

Frances Jani Ham 1836-1906 and Aaron J. Hanscom 1835-1896+

Reuben Ham 1782-1853 and Lucinda A. Reed 1797-1880+

Ruben Ham, Sr. 1752-1828 and Hannah Cornish 1749-1825

Tobias Ham 1717-1804 and Martha Abigail Smith 1720-1765

John Ham 1651-1727 and Judith Pitman 1680-1746

Matthew Ham 1623-1663 and Sarah 1625-1667

William Ham 1597-1673 and Honor Stephens 1601-1667


           Lucinda T. Hanscom[1], was born in Sangerville, Maine, the only daughter of Aaron J. Hanscom[2] and Frances Jani Ham[3]. Lucinda Hanscom's parents separated before she was 10 years old.


          In 1870 in Sangerville, Lucinda T. Hanscom is known as Lucinda J. Ham, age 9, living in the household of her grandmother, Lucinda Ham, age 73. Frances J. Hanscom, age 35, is using her maiden name and is known as Francis J. Ham. Also living there is George A. Ham, age 11.


          George A. Hanscom[4], was born in Sangerville, the son Aaron J. Hanscom and Frances Jani Ham. In 1870 he is known as George A. Ham. In 1880, a 19 year old George A. Hanscom is living in Dover, New Hampshire and working as a "Clerk in a Store”. In the 1900 Census, he has returned to Maine, is living in Harmony and is known as Geo. A. Hanscourt, single, age 41, day laborer on a farm. George Hanscom died in Hartland, Maine of " Cancer of Liver". He was 50 years old and never married or had children.


          In July of 1880, in Sangerville, Lucinda Hanscom's mother, Frances J. (Ham) Hanscom is known as Frances J. Hansoom, age 45, living with her mother Lucinda Ham, age 83. Both are listed as widows.


          Frances Jani or Jane Ham was born in Maine, the daughter of Lucinda A. Reed[5] and Reuben Ham[6], who were married on October 24, 1833 in Sangerville. Rueben Ham was born in Monmouth, Maine and Lucinda Reed was born in Bristol, Maine. Frances J. Ham married Aaron J. Hanscom about 1858, but no record for this has been found.


          Frances J. (Ham) Hanscom married Levi Y. Nickerson[7] on August 9, 1896 in Sangerville. It is a second marriage for both. They both list "Widowed" as their marital status. Curiously, the marriage certificate shows that Frances' father, Reuben Ham is residing in Sangerville and her mother, Lucinda A. Read [sic] has no residence listed, indicating that she is deceased. No residence is shown for Levi's parents and there are no Census records for them after 1850.


          Levi Y. Nickerson was first married to his distant cousin, Sarah "Sally" C. Nickerson[8] on June 16, 1856 in Sangerville. They had four daughters: Mary Nickerson[9] who married George L. Bennett[10] in Westford, Massachusetts on June 8, 1884; Elizabeth "Lizzie" Sarah Nickerson[11], who died of "Broncho Pneumonia" at age 45, only a week after her father Levi, who died of "Capillary Bronchitis and Chronic Rheumatism" at the age 75.


          Another daughter of Levi and Sarah Nickerson, Mabel Nickerson[12] died in the Bangor State Hospital three months after fracturing her humerus and femur in a fall from a suicide attempt on February 12, 1918. Levi's youngest daughter Addie Nickerson[13] Staples died of "Miliary Tuberculosis"[14] slightly more than a month after her father did. Addie's husband, George E. Staples[15] continued to live in Sangerville.


          Aaron V. or J. Hanscom was the son of Jordan Mcgray Hanscom[16], and his cousin, Sarah "Sally" Mcgray[17], who were married October 13, 1822 in Durham, Maine and had six children: Susan Hanscom[18]; Hannah Hanscom[19], who married Horace William Moulton[20]; Aaron Hanscom, William Hanscom[21], Sarah E. Hanscom[22] and Rebecca M. G. Hanscom[23], who married Josiah M. Gowdey[24], a Civil War Veteran. Josiah Gowdey is buried in Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.  


          The eight members of the Jordan Hanscom family lived in Harmony, Maine in 1850. Aaron Hanscom probably died after 1896, but exactly when is unknown. He is not living with Frances and the children in 1870, whose last name appears as 'Ham' on the census.


          Jordan Mcgray Hanscom was the son of Moses Hanscom III[25] and Mary "Molly" Mcgray[26], who were married August 29, 1786 and had eleven children. Their first child, William Hanscome[27] was born in Pejepscot, Maine about four months later and died at the age of 4 years and 3 months.


          Early in 1874, when Lucinda T. Hanscom was just 12 years old, she became pregnant with her first child, Willie A. Mace[28], who was born in Sangerville later that year. Nearly six years later, Lucinda T. Hanscom, age 18 married Willie's father, Lorenzo F. Mace[29], age 25, on May 8, 1880 in Dexter, Maine. The marriage was performed by Clergyman J. F. Witherell[30]. Lucinda, Lorenzo and Willie all lived in Sangerville with Lorenzo's parents Joseph and Sophia Mace.


          In 1900 in Sangerville, Willie A. Mace, age 26 is living with his grandmother, Sophia and her second husband Benjamin Burdin[31]. Sophia Page[32] was first married to Willie's grandfather, Joseph Mace[33] on February 5, 1847 in Sangerville. Sophia Ann Page is also known as Sophia An Page, Ann Page or Ann Mace in several other records.


          Living next door are Willie's great uncle Sylvester Gilman[34] age 65 and aunt Mary Jane (Page)[35] Sanborn[36] Gilman age 60. Mary Jane Page is the sister of Sophia (Page) Mace, who is Willie's grandmother.


          Lucinda and Lorenzo Mace had a second son, Ivory (Ivy) Herbert Mace[37]. The daughter of Lucinda and Lorenzo, Abbie Orett Mace[38] died at 3 months of age. Most likely, Ardell Mace 1883-1884, who is also buried in French Mill Cemetery with Lorenzo Mace is Lucinda's child.


          Lorenzo F. Mace was born in Sangerville, the son of Joseph Mace and Sophia Ann Page. Joseph Mace was born in New Hampshire and died in Sangerville at age 62. Sophia Ann (Page) Mace Burdin died in Sangerville at age 70.


          Lorenzo Mace had two brothers and three sisters: Joseph Elvin Mace[39], Louisa A. Mace[40], who married John S. Morgan[41] on December 7, 1874 in Sangerville; Charles H. Mace[42], Nellie S. Mace[43] and Ella J. Mace[44], who married Joseph W. Warren[45] on September 9, 1879 in Sangerville. Ella Mace was 15 and Joseph Warren was 30 years old. Ella J. (Mace) Warren died after the Census in June of 1880. She was 17.


          It is unclear what may have happened to Louisa A. (Mace) Morgan, but her husband, John S. Morgan married again to Mary A. Briggs on April 1, 1876 in Sangerville. The intentions were filed on November 16, 1875 in Parkman, Maine.


          Lucinda's first husband, Lorenzo Mace died at the age of 31, leaving a 25 year old widow and two young sons.


          On the fourth anniversary of Lorenzo Mace's death, Lucinda Hanscom, age 29, filed intentions for marriage on July 3, 1890 in Dover, Maine to Oliver R. Stinneford, age 50, a widower with several grown children. The marriage occurred on July 9, 1890 in Sangerville. Oliver and Lucinda Stinneford settled in Dover and lived there for 20 years.


          Oliver Stinneford and Lucinda (Hanscom) Mace had probably known each other for some time, because Oliver's daughter Frances "Fannie" M. Stinneford had been married to Lucinda's brother-in-law Joseph Elvin Mace in 1872.


          In 1900, Lucinda is shown as being the mother of four children, two still living, Ivy Herbert Mace and Willie A. Mace. Also in 1900, Lucinda age 39, Oliver age 70 and his son Charles Stinneford, age 28 are living next door to the family of Lucy E. Withee[46], the housekeeper and future wife of Algie B. Whiting[47]. Algie Whiting was the brother of Seth L. Whiting[48], who would become Lucinda's third husband in 1913.


          Charles "Charley" S. Stinneford[49] was born in Dover, Maine, the youngest child of Oliver Russel Stinneford[50] and Clarissa J. Ward[51], who were married in September 1848 in Dover and had seven children. Charley Stinneford was born completely blind, without eyeballs[52].


          From The Daily Whig & Courier on Saturday July 26, 1879; From Dexter, "A Singular Freak of Nature".   " A short time since I called upon a family living at Dover South Mills by the name of Stinneford. Mr & Mrs S. have had a family of some half a dozen children, of whom all but two have grown to maturity and some now have families of their own. Of these two the youngest, now eight years old, is a natural curiosity, for he was born without eyes. He has eyebrows & eyelids, but there is nothing which indicates the presence of eye-balls, or anything in the nature of eye-balls. Doctors who have seen this boy say that he has nothing whatever in the nature of an eye organism. There are slight openings between the lids, but they are apparently not more than a quarter - and perhaps not more than an eighth as long as they would be for the natuural eyes. The little fellow is perfect in every other respect and is an unusually bright boy. He has a very correct musical ear, and also shows an aptitude for declamation unusual for one of his age. He has never been heard to utter a word of complaint at his condition, and he invariably rebukes his friends if they give expression to any pitying words.


        He seems to realize, however, that it is a calamity to be blind, as the following incident will show: his little niece had a cataract upon her eye, and he had heard fears expressed lest it should destroy her sight. It was not long after this that his mother heard his voice in an adjoining room, and going quietly to the door she listened; what was her surprise when she heard him praying to God that the little baby might not become blind! His parents tell some almost incredible stories about this boy. They say that when he was only seven months old he would "hum" a perfect tune as he lay in his cradle, and they told me its name but I cannot just now recall it. It was one of those old pennyroyal hymns that somebody had sung in the house.


          The boy sings a good many songs that he has committed to memory, and also speaks, with considerable elocutionary skill, a number of pieces, both in prose and verse. He is a good speller, being farther advanced in this branch than many boys who have had the advantage of schools, and are two or three years older. He disposes of such words as "Constantinople", "Massachusetts", etc., without any apparent difficulty. His sense of touch is very acute, readily recognizing the value of any coin that is given him.


          And I will here remark that is a very proper thing for visitors to substantially remember the little unfortunate when they go in to see him and not depart without leaving something for his benefit or amusement. His folks told me that he has never heard a piano or any organ, and that, with the exception of an accordion and squeaky fiddle, he had never heard the sound of any kind of musical instrument.


          When listening to music, even the poor grade that he has heard, he seems to be almost in ecstasy, and it is hoped that something will be done so that he may receive such an education as his natural capacity seems to call for.


          The boy's name is Charles Stinneford. I think his father's first name is Oliver. I will here say that these people treated me very politely when I called. They are not burdened with this world's goods, but they know what constitutes good manners and that is more than can be said of some who have wealth. They say that they are pleased to have any one come in, who has a curiosity to see the blind boy."


          In 1880, an 8 year old Charley Stinneford lives with his parents Oliver age 50, Clarasi [sic], age 49 and brother Walter W. Stinneford[53], age 12. It is unclear where Charley lived after his father Oliver's death in 1910. Charles S. Stinneford does not appear in the census for that year. Charles S. Stinneford died of pneumonia and influenza during the worldwide pandemic in 1918.


          In the 1904 edition of the Guilford and Sangerville Town Register Census Report, Lucinda (Stinneford) Hanscomb [sic] is shown as living in Garland. Her brother George Hanscomb is living in Hartland according to this report. Their mother Frances (Hanscom) is listed with her husband Levi Nickerson and his children Addie, Lizzie and Mary in Sangerville. Mary (Nickerson) Bennett is listed, but she has removed to Hyde Park, MA before 1900 with her husband George L. Bennett.


          Lucinda T. Stinneford is still living adjacent to the Withee[54] family in 1910, but records show her to be the mother of only two children now, with two children still living, Ivy Herbert Mace and Willie A. Mace, although Willie would soon die the next year.


          Oliver Russel Stinneford was born in Brownville, Maine, the son of Joseph Cain Stinneford[55] and Phebia Russell[56]. Oliver was first married in September 1848 to Clarissa J. Ward and they had seven children. Joseph H. Stinneford[57], William Oliver Stinneford[58], Frances "Fannie" M. Stinneford[59], who married Joseph Elvin Mace; Sadie Adella Stinneford[60], Delvina Stinneford[61], Walter W. Stinneford[62] and Charles S. Stinneford.


          Oliver R. Stinneford enlisted during the Civil War on July 5, 1862 in Harmony, Maine and was sent to the general hospital in September 1862. He would file for "Invalid" status in 1864 and receive it, but he appears to have reenlisted in Bangor, Maine on February 21, 1865. Oliver Russel Stinneford died on his 70th birthday in Dover. Lucinda Stinneford filed for his pension on May 5, 1910.


          Lucinda T. (Hanscom) Mace Stinneford married for a third time on January 1, 1913 in Garland, ME to Seth L. Whiting. Both were age 51 and listed as residents of Dover, ME at the time of their marriage. It is likely that they were acquainted previously because Seth L. Whiting's uncle, Horatio Boynton Ellis[63] was Oliver Stinneford's son-in-law. Horatio B. Ellis married Sadie Adella Stinneford on September 1, 1874.


          Seth L. Whiting was born in Pittsfield, Maine, the son of Ephraim E. Whiting[64] and Francina A. Spearin[65]. Ephraim and Francina, first cousins, were married after June 1860 in Maine and had five sons. Seth L. Whiting, Olie "Otrie" or Otis Whiting[66], George W. Whiting[67], Algie B. Whiting and Fred Augustus Whiting[68].


          Seth L. Whiting, age 38 married Vidella M. (Cook) Hunt on August 19, 1899 in Palmyra, ME. Vidella M. Hunt, age 22, was mother to Gladys M. Hunt. Seth was the older brother of George W. Whiting, who was father to George E. Whiting, future husband to Gladys M. Hunt.


          Seth and Vidella Whiting were living in Vassalboro Town, Maine in 1900, but their son, Seth O'Dell Whiting was born in Wellington, Maine. Less than two months after his birth, his mother Vidella died, leaving two young children for her husband Seth to raise alone. Seth Whiting may possibly have asked for help from his younger brother George, living in Garland with his wife Thurza and their children.


          The 1920 Census shows Lucinda T. and Seth L. Whiting, age 58 living in Pittsfield, Maine. In 1930, Lucinda I. and Seth L. Whiting, both age 68 were still living in Pittsfield. This is the last record for both.


[1] Lucinda T. Hanscom b Aug 22, 1861 d 1930+; dau of Aaron Hanscom 1835-1896+ & Frances Ham 1835-1906

[2] Aaron J. Hanscom b 1835 d 1896+; son of Jordan Hanscom 1798-1850 & Sarah Mcgray 1802-1850+

[3] Frances Jani Ham b 1835 d Feb 18, 1905; dau of Reuben Ham 1782-1853 & Lucinda A. Reed 1797-1880+

[4] George A. Hanscom b Oct 22, 1859 d Mar 18, 1909; son of Aaron Hanscom 1835-1896+ & Francis Ham 1835-1906

[5] Lucinda A. Reed b 1797 d 1880+; born in Bristol, Maine, dau of Reed

[6] Reuben Ham b 1781/2 d Jan 7, 1853; son of Ruben Ham 1752-1828 & Hannah Cornish 1749-1825

[7] Levi Nickerson b Dec 28, 1830 d Jun 16, 1905; son of George Nickerson 1798-1850+ & Susan Jane Holt 1801-1850+

[8] Sarah Nickerson b Jun 24, 1824 d May 3, 1895; dau of Esdras Nickerson 1786-1850+ & Thankful Cook 1791-

[9] Mary Nickerson b 1858 d 1884+; dau of Levi Nickerson 1830-1905 & Sarah Nickerson 1825-1895

[10] George L. Bennett 1852-1884+ ; son of William A. Bennett 1816- & Mary A. Thompson

[11]Elizabeth Nickerson b 1860 d Jun 23, 1905 ; dau of Levi Nickerson 1830-1905 & Sarah Nickerson 1825-1895

[12] Mabel Nickerson b May 6, 1863 d Jun 22, 1918; dau of Levi Nickerson 1830-1905 & Sarah Nickerson 1825-1895

[13] Addie C. Nickerson b 1867 d Jul 23, 1905; dau of Levi Nickerson 1830-1905 & Sarah Nickerson 1825-1895

[14] Miliary Tuberculosis is a bacteria that spreads from the lungs, resulting in multiple organ dysfunction

[15] George E. Staples b Jan 21, 1859 d 1920+; son of John L. Staples 1833- & Lovina H. Page 1836-

[16] Jordan M. Hanscom b Jul 4, 1798 d 1850+; son of Moses Hanscom 1759-1835 & Molly Mcgray 1767-1855

[17] Sarah Mcgray b 1802 d 1850+; dau of William McGray 1777-1861 & Elizabeth Mitchell 1775-1864

[18] Susan Hanscom b 1824 d 1850+; dau of Jordan Hanscom 1798-1850 & Sarah Mcgray 1802-1850+

[19] Hannah Hanscom b Mar 21, 1832 d Oct 16, 1916; dau of Jordan Hanscom 1798-1850 & Sarah Mcgray 1802-1850+

[20] Horace Moulton b Feb 21, 1828 d Aug 13, 1898; son of Newell S. Moulton 1805-1882 & Eunice B. Folsom 1808-1882

[21] William Hanscom b 1841 d 1850+; son of Jordan Hanscom 1798-1850 & Sarah Mcgray 1802-1850+

[22] Sarah E. Hanscom b 1845 d 1850+; dau of Jordan Hanscom 1798-1850 & Sarah Mcgray 1802-1850+

[23] Rebecca M. G. Hanscom b Jul 1846 d Jul 22, 1903; dau of Jordan Hanscom 1798-1850 & Sarah Mcgray 1802-1850+

[24] Josiah M. Gowdey b Mar 1843 d Jul 8, 1914; son of Wentworth Gowdy 1796-1870+ & Hannah Gowdy 1817-1880+

[25] Moses Hanscom III b Dec 4, 1759 d Aug 29, 1835 ; son of Moses Hanscom, Jr. 1710-1809 & Elizabeth Jordan 1730-1811

[26] Molly Mcgray b Feb 2, 1767 d May 16, 1855; dau of William Mcgray 1746-1810 & Susan Turner 1742-

[27] William Hanscome b Dec 20, 1786 d Mar 20, 1791; son of Moses Hanscom 1759-1835 & Molly Mcgray 1767-1855

[28] Willie A. Mace b Nov 1874 d Jul 1911; son of Lucinda T. Hanscom 1861-1920+ & Lorenzo Mace 1855-1886

[29] Lorenzo F. Mace b 1855 d July 3, 1886; son of Joseph Mace 1820-1882 & Sophia Page 1829-1900

[30] Joseph F. Witherell b 1810 d Jun 17, 1898;born in New Hampshire,  son of Witherell

[31] Benjamin Burdin b Jul 1825 d Jul 11, 1905; son of William Burdin 1794-1872 & Eleanor Newman 1800-1850+

[32] Sophia Ann Page b Feb 22, 1829 d Jun 17, 1900; dau of Ira S. Page 1801-1882 & Sophia Ann Lougee 1807-1882

[33] Joseph Mace b 1820 d 1882; born in New Hampshire, son of Mace

[34] Sylvester G. L. Gilman b Apr 19, 1835 d Aug 18, 1910; son of Hosea Gilman 1802-1870+ & Betsey Giles 1799-1870+

[35] Mary Jane Page b Apr 1840 d Jul 16, 1914; dau of Ira S. Page 1801-1882 & Sophia Ann Lougee 1807-1882

[36] Mrs. Mary (Page) Sanborn b 1840 d 1914;  m Apr 21, 1883 to Sylvester Gilman

[37] Ivy H. Mace b Jul 22, 1881 d Oct 24, 1959; son of Lorenzo Mace 1855-1886 & Lucinda Hanscom 1861-1930+

[38] Abbie O. Mace b Nov 1882 d Jan 9, 1883; dau of Lorenzo Mace 1855-1886 & Lucinda Hanscom 1861-1930+

[39] Joseph Elvin Mace b Nov 15, 1851 d Jul 4, 1884; son of Joseph Mace 1820-1882 & Sophia Page 1829-1900

[40] Louisa Mace b 1853 d unknown; dau of Joseph Mace 1820-1882 & Sophia Page 1829-1900

[41]John S. Morgan b 1852 d unknown; son of John S. Morgan 1813-1896 & Mary Smith 1817-1904

[42] Charles H. Mace b Oct 1859 d unknown ; son of Joseph Mace 1820-1882 & Sophia Page 1829-1900

[43] Nellie Mace b 1861 d 1865 or Dec 1, 1867; dau of Joseph Mace 1820-1882 & Sophia Page 1829-1900

[44] Ella J. Mace b 1863 d 1880; dau of Joseph Mace 1820-1882 & Sophia Page 1829-1900

[45]Joseph W. Warren b 1850 d 1880+; son of ? Sylvanus Warren 1818-1896 & Sarah Waterman 1825-1860+

[46] Lucy Withee b May 1893 d 1932 ; dau of Bion Withee 1856-1917 & Minnie Porter 1865-1915

[47] Algie B. Whiting b 1868 d 1920+; son of Ephraim Whiting 1389-1910 & Francina A. Spearin 1836-1883

[48] Seth L. Whiting b Jul 1861 d 1930+ ; son of Ephraim Whiting 1839-1910 & Francina A. Spearin 1836-1883

[49] Charles S. Stinneford b Nov 1871 d Nov 17, 1918; son of Oliver Stinneford 1830-1910 & Clarissa Ward 1829-1888

[50] Oliver Stinneford b Mar 25, 1830 d Mar 25, 1910; son of Joseph C. Stinneford 1803-1840+ & Phebe Russell 1803-1880+

[51] Clarissa J. Ward b Apr 23, 1829 d Apr 8, 1888; dau of Nathaniel Ward 1790-1859 & Clarissa Russell 1800-1844

[52] Anophthalmia: condition developing during pregnancy due to genetic abnormalities

[53] Walter W. Stinneford b Dec 16, 1870 d Apr 19, 1924; son of Oliver Stinneford 1830-1910 & Clarissa Ward 1829-1888

[54] Bion Bradbury Withee 1856-1917, with wife Minnie (Porter) Withee 1865-1915 and their children

[55] Joseph C. Stinneford b Sep 26, 1803 d 1830+; son of William Staniford 1777-1860+ & Hannah Cain 1781-1850+

[56] Phebia or Phebe Russell b 1803 d 1880+; ?dau of Dr. Daniel Russell 1755-1837 & Rachel Gould -1805

[57] Joseph Stinneford b Apr 27, 1849 d Dec 13, 1904; son of Oliver Stinneford 1830-1910 & Clarissa Ward 1829-1888

[58] William Stinneford b Nov 3, 1850 d June 14, 1929; son of Oliver Stinneford 1830-1910 & Clarissa Ward 1829-1888

[59] Frances Stinneford b Jan 3, 1853 d Mar 25, 1875; dau of Oliver Stinneford 1830-1910 & Clarissa Ward 1829-1888

[60] Sadie Adella Stinneford Ellis b 1854 d 1884; dau of Oliver Stinneford 1830-1910 & Clarissa Ward 1829-1888

[61] Delvina Stinneford b Apr 1857 d May 1880; dau of Oliver Stinneford 1830-1910 & Clarissa Ward 1829-1888

[62] Walter Stinneford b Dec 16, 1870 d Apr 19, 1924; son of Oliver Stinneford 1830-1910 & Clarissa Ward 1829-1888

[63] Horatio B. Ellis b Jul 1851 or 1853 d Mar 16, 1925; son of Alden Ellis 1822-1912 & Sarah Whiting 1815-1882

[64] Ephraim E. Whiting b Feb 4, 1839 d Sep 6, 1910; son of Leonard Whiting 1808-1880+ & Hannah Dyer 1807-1849

[65] Francina Spearin b Apr 21, 1836 d Jan 30, 1883; dau of Reuben Spearin 1808-1840+ & Sarah Whiting 1815-1882

[66] Otis E. Whiting b 1864 d Sep 20, 1907; son of Ephraim E. Whiting 1839-1910 & Francina A. Spearin 1836-1883

[67] George W. Whiting b Oct 1866 d 1942 ; son of Ephraim E. Whiting 1839-1910 & Francina A. Spearin 1836-1883

[68] Fred A. Whiting b Nov 10, 1876 d 1940+; son of Ephraim Whiting 1839-1910 & Francina Spearin 1836-1883

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