Chapter 4 - Vidella M. (Cook) Hunt Whiting 1877-1901

Chapter 4


Vidella M. (Cook) Hunt Whiting 1877-1901

Mother of Gladys Mabel (Hunt) Whiting


Cook Pedigree

Viola Elizabeth Cook 1861-1944 and Frederic Walter Tripp 1858-1907

Samuel Cook 1829-1910 and Susannah Hunt 1831-1870+

Samuel Cook 1795-1850+ and Lydia Wentworth 1789-1870+

Cutting Cook 1761-1827 and Elizabeth Merrill 1766-1845

Samuel Cook 1720-1790 and Judith Bartlett 1726-1790

Samuel Cooke 1680-1734+ and Elizabeth Wilson 1685-1735+


Cook-Hunt Pedigree

Viola Elizabeth Cook 1861-1944 and Frederic Walter Tripp 1858-1907

Samuel Cook 1829-1910 and Susannah Hunt 1831-1870+

William Hunt 1789-1865 and Mary Dunlap 1792-1843

Ephraim Hunt 1749-1818 and Martha Lowell 1760-1854

John Hunt, Jr. 1718-1789 and Mary Reed 1723-1797

John Hunt, Sr. 1681-1732 and Hannah Clough 1685-1752

Edward Hunt 1655-1727 and Ann Weed 1657-1711

Edward Hunt 1632-1665+ and Wife

Edmund Hunt 1613-1657 and Goodwife


Tripp Pedigree

Frederic Walter Tripp 1858-1907 and Viola Elizabeth Cook 1861-1944

Robert H. Tripp 1825-1890 and Diana Roxanna Emery 1827-1889

Reverend William Tripp 1794-1875 and Naamah Hall Bartlett 1794-1874

William Tripp 1749-1828 and Keziah Thompson 1764-1844

Robert Tripp 1710-1749+ and Mary Tripp 1712-1749+

Sylvanus Tripp 1660-1716 and Margaret Diamond 1674-1741

John Tripp 1610-1678 and Mary Paine 1605-1687

John Tripp 1575-1678 and Isabell Moses 1580-1678

Tripp-Emery Pedigree

Frederic Walter Tripp 1858-1907 and Viola Elizabeth Cook 1861-1944

Robert H. Tripp 1825-1890 and Diana Roxanna Emery 1827-1889

Silas Emery 1773-1863 & Anna Booth 1783-1859

Ebenezer Emery 1731- & Agnes Proctor 1742-

Zachariah Emery 1690-1752 & Sarah Burge 1691-1732

Zachariah Emery 1660-1692 & Elizabeth Goodwin 1661-1736

James Emery 1630-1717 & Elizabeth Nock 1636-1687

Anthony Emery 1601-1680 & Frances Porter 1608-1660

John Emery 1576-1627 & Agnes Northend 1575-1626

John Emery 1546-1594 & Alice Banet 1548-

Thomas Emery 1525-1610 & Jayne Bayley 1525-1610

Thomas Francis Emery 1505-1534 & Mary De Folliot 1507-


          Vidella M. Cook[1] was born, in Harmony, Maine, the illegitimate daughter of Viola Elizabeth Cook[2] and Frederick Walter Tripp[3].


          In 1880 Harmony, Vidella is known as "Fidelia" Cook, age 2, with her mother, who is known as Elizabeth V. Cook, age 20. They live in the home of Samuel Cook[4], Vidella's grandfather. Also in the household are two of Samuel Cook's other daughters, Ruth N. Cook[5] and Julia Cook[6].          

          Vidella M. Cook, age 19, "Housemaid", first married on October 14, 1896 in Wellington, Maine to Perly R. Hunt[7], age 19, "Farmer". The ceremony was performed by Clergyman, George Potter.


          Vidella Cook and Perly Hunt had one child, Gladys Mabel Hunt[8], who was born in Wellington. Vidella and Perly Hunt divorced less than two years later on September 23, 1898 in Somerset County, Maine.


          Pearl "Perly or Perley" R. Hunt was born in Kingsbury, Maine, although another record in 1917 indicates that his place of birth is Athens, Maine. Perly was the only surviving child of Daniel W. Hunt[9] and Dora V. Wells[10], who were married on June 18, 1875 in Kingsbury. Daniel W. Hunt and Dora Wells were divorced before 1900.


          Daniel Wentworth Hunt was born in Kingsbury, the oldest son of Samuel Hunt[11] and Lydia A. Cook[12], who were married in Wellington on March 14, 1847 and had eleven children.


          After his divorce from Dora, Daniel Hunt married his housekeeper Annie N. Jacobs[13], a divorcee, between 1900 and 1910. They lived in Skowhegan, Maine in 1910 and have moved to Farmington, Maine in 1920. It is unclear what happened to Annie (Jacobs) Hunt after 1920.


          It appears that Daniel W. Hunt has married again in Farmington to Nancy A. Tibbetts, also known as Nancy Pickard[14], on April 13, 1924.


          Dora V. Wells was born in Kingsbury, the daughter of Moses Wells[15] and Mary R. Small[16], who were married on October 22, 1841 in Wellington. Dora's father died when she was only four years old and when Dora was eleven, her mother remarried. Mary R. Wells and Joseph Wyman[17] were married on August 18, 1859 in Wellington.


          Dora was living with her step-father Joseph Wyman, her mother Mary and several of her siblings and some of Joseph's children in Kingsbury in the 1860 Census. Joseph is 48, Mary is 41 and the eight children range in age from 8 to 18.


          In 1870 in Skowhegan, Maine, a 21-year-old Dora Wells is employed as a "Domestic Servant" in the household of Amasa Bigelow[18], age 69 and his wife Mary Bigelow[19], age 61.


          In the 1900 Census, Dora W. Hunt, is living in Madison Town, Maine and listed as "divorced", with the occupation "Servant". She is living in the household of John F. Turner, who runs a boarding house. Dora indicates that she is the mother of two children, one still alive.


          Dora V. (Wells) Hunt moved to Concord, New Hampshire in 1912 and died there of "Pernicious Anemia". Her marital status is shown as "Widowed", but her ex-husband, Daniel Hunt is still living in Maine. Her previous place of residence was in Belgrade Lakes, Maine. Dora (Wells) Hunt is buried in Blossom Hill Cemetery in Concord.          

          Vidella M. (Cook) Hunt remarried on August 19, 1899 in Palmyra, Maine to Seth L. Whiting[20]. They had one child together, Seth O'Dell Whiting[21] , who was born in Wellington. Their place of residence is noted as Pittsfield, Maine. The birth certificates records this as a "1st" child born to Vidella Cook and Seth L. Whiting.


          Vidella M. (Cook) Hunt Whiting died in Wellington at age 23. The cause of Death is attributed to “Circumcision of Right Arm”. She suffered an injury to her right arm after being thrown from a carriage., enduring four failed operations, with the last being fatal.

          Vidella Whiting’s last place of residence was listed as Sangerville, Maine. The cause of death is recorded as “Circumcision of Right Arm”. The physician reporting the death was Dr. F. O. Turner[22] of Harmony, who would struggle with his own demons and die of “Cirrhosis of the Liver” at the age of 53. Dr. Turner’s son would also become a doctor.


          Dr. Fred Orison Turner’s only child, Clair Elsmere Turner[23] would become a world leader in health education and a pioneer in public health. Dr. Clair E. Turner was a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology[24] from 1914 until his retirement in 1944. He had also taught at Tufts University[25] and at The University of California at Berkeley[26]. He authored nearly 20 books on public health.


          Vidella M. Cook's marriage certificate to Seth L. Whiting and her death certificate list her parents as Fred Tripp, born in Harmony and V. "Lizzie" Cook, born in Kingsbury or Wellington. No record of a marriage between Vidella's parents, Frederick Walter Tripp and Viola Elizabeth Cook has ever been found.


          There is a marriage record for Fred W. Tripp, age 25 and Hattie F. Smith[27], age 15 for March 11, 1882 in Wellington. Fred and Hattie Tripp would have two sons, born in Harmony: Guy Ernest Tripp[28], who died in Phoenix, Arizona and Harold Earl Tripp[29], who died in Pocatello, Idaho. Frederick "Fred" Walter Tripp died in Richmond, Utah at age 49.


          Harriet "Hattie" Frances Smith was born in Brighton, Maine, the daughter of Floriman Rossi Smith[30] and Louisa J. True[31], who were married on June 25, 1866 in Wellington.


Louisa J. (True) Smith died at age 27, when Hattie was eight. Floriman is also known as Florriman, Floraman, Florisnon, Flonman, Floramen or Freeman Smith.


          Before his marriage to Louisa, Floriman R. Smith had enlisted at age 18 on September 28, 1864 and served in the Maine Infantry, Reg. 11, Co. B during the Civil War. Floriman is described as being 5' 9-1/2" tall, with a fair complexion, blue eyes and light brown hair. His signature is barely legible. He received his pension on August 30, 1890.


          Harriett F. (Smith) Tripp second married Reverend Hiram Bartlett Nutter[32] in Medford, Massachusetts on February 5, 1900. Rev. Hiram Nutter was a cousin of Harriett's first husband, Frederick Walter Tripp.


          Hiram B. Nutter was a widower, whose wife, Dora Alice Jewett[33] had died at age 42 as the result of surgery and childbirth in Dexter, Maine. Hiram Nutter and Dora Jewett were married on August 12, 1877 and had seven children.


          The children of Hiram B. Nutter and his second wife, Harriet F. Smith are Ralph H. Nutter[34], Jennie Louise Nutter[35] and Harriet Sybil Nutter[36], all born in Bedford.


          Hattie L. (Smith) Nutter died at age 38 in Bedford from the effects of childbirth and Rheumatic Carditis[37] only ten days after the birth of her daughter Harriet. Hattie Nutter died, leaving her husband Hiram with a newborn girl, a three-year-old daughter and five-year-old son.


          Baby Harriet Sybil Nutter was soon adopted by John E. Hammer and renamed Harriet Farrand Hammer on March 25, 1907. Harriet F. Hammer died in Waltham, Massachusetts at age 10 months and 4 days of "anemia and diffuse nephritis".


          After Hattie Nutter's death, Hiram Nutter married in Medford on June 19, 1909 to Althea (Cox) Patten[38]. Althea Cox was married twice before and was the ex-wife of Walter E. Payson[39] and Allen L. Patten[40]. Hiram and Althea Nutter lived in Tewksbury, Massachusetts in 1910 with his son, Ralph and some of the children from his first marriage.


          After the death of his father, Hiram, Ralph H. Nutter removed to Maine before 1920. Ralph H. Nutter age 20 married 17-year-old Mary A. Hatch[41] on May 20, 1921 in Dexter, Maine. Their son, Harold Bartlett Nutter[42], who lived for 12 hours, died of “Congenital Hydrocephatis”[43].


          Mary Hatch was the daughter of Harry Everett Hatch[44] and Delva A. Safford[45], who were married on May 25, 1898 in Dexter. Their first child, Frederick Safford Hatch[46] was born out of wedlock only four days before their wedding. Frederick S. Hatch died of " Cholera Infantum" a few months later.


          Ralph H. Nutter married for a second time in Searsmont, Maine on November 6, 1943 to Athalee L. (Hannan) Mcarthur[47]. Athalee had been married at age 16 to Harold B. McArthur, Sr. Athalee Mcarthur, age 19 and her 2-year-old son, Harold Mcarthur[48] live with her parents Frank and Nellie Hannan in Searsmont in 1940.


          Ralph Hiram Nutter died in Farmington, just two days shy of his 74th birthday. Athalee L. McArthur Nutter died at age 60.

          After the death of her mother Hattie Nutter, Jennie L. Nutter is in Monson, Maine in 1910 and 1920, living with her “uncle” Charles T. Smith[49] and his wife Sybil C. (Bray)[50] Smith, who were married in Monson on March 8, 1894. Their only child, a son, Louis Smith[51] was born the next year. Louis Smith died in Monson at age 4 years and 18 days of “Acute Meningitis”.


By 1930, Jennie Nutter has traveled to France. On her return, she departed from Cherbourg, France and arrived in Quebec, Canada on August 4, 1930 aboard the "Ausonia". Her destination was to Hinkley, Maine for employment as a teacher at the Good Will Home & School.


          In about 1935, Jennie L. Nutter, occupation "Teacher", has moved back in with her “aunt”, Sybil C. Smith in Fairfield, Maine. In the 1940 Census, Sybil, age 63, is listed as “Teacher’s Mother”. There are no other records for Sybil Charlotte (Bray) Smith after 1940.


          On December 1, 1958, Jennie L. Nutter married Deane S. Peacock in Maine. It is unclear to which Deane Stanfield Peacock that Jennie Nutter has married, because there were two, Junior 1919-1990 and Senior 1894-1975. It is unknown what happened to Jennie L. (Nutter) Peacock after 1958.


[1] Vidella M. Cook b Oct 15, 1877 d Feb 11, 1901; dau of Viola Cook 1861-1944 & Frederick Tripp 1858-1907

[2] Viola E. Cook b Feb 17, 1861 d Mar 21, 1944; dau of Samuel Cook 1830-1910 & Susannah Hunt 1830-1870+

[3] Frederick W. Tripp b Jul 6, 1858 d Sep 3, 1907; son of Robert Tripp 1825-1890 & Roxanna Emery 1827-1889

[4] Samuel Cook 1829-1910; son of Samuel Cook 1795-1850+ & Lydia Wentworth 1795-1870+

[5] Ruth Cook b 1862 d 1880+; dau of Samuel Cook 1830-1880+ & Susannah Hunt 1830-1870+

[6] Julia Cook b 1865 d 1880+; dau of Samuel Cook 1830-1880+ & Susannah Hunt 1830-1870+

[7] Pearl R. Hunt b 1877 d 1901+; son of Daniel W. Hunt 1850-1924+ & Dora V. Wells 1848-1917

[8] Gladys Mabel Hunt b Jan 22, 1897 d Feb 24, 1991; dau of Perly Hunt 1877-1901+ & Vidella Cook 1877-1901

[9] Daniel Wentworth Hunt b May 1850 d 1924+; son of Samuel Hunt 1816-1889 & Lydia Cook 1825-1915

[10] Dora V. Wells b May 18, 1848 d Apr 10, 1917; dau of Moses Wells 1808-1852 & Mary R. Small 1811-1875

[11] Samuel Hunt b May 8, 1816 d 1899; son of William Hunt 1789-1865 & Mary Dunlap 1792-1843

[12] Lydia A. Cook b Jul 23, 1825 d Oct 30, 1915; dau of Samuel Cook 1795-1850+ & Lydia Wentworth 1789-1870+

[13] Annie N. Jacobs b 1853 or Jun 1855 or 1861 d 1940+; dau of Unknown Jacobs

[14] Nancy A. Pickard b 1857 d unknown; dau of Nathan Pickard 1831-1863 & Sally Tuttle 1836-1870+

[15] Moses Wells b 1808 d Jun 1, 1852; son of Moses Wells 1788-1832 & Unknown

[16] Mary R. Small b Mar 11, 1811 d Sep 2, 1875; born in Wellington; dau of Unknown Small

[17] Joseph Wyman b 1811 d Sep 7, 1885; son of Henry Wyman 1762-1837 & Sally H. Tuttle 1773-1856

[18] Amasa Bigelow b Sep 22, 1799 d Jun 3, 1871; son of James Bigelow 1766- 1860+ & Betsey Davis 1777-1867

[19] Mary Ann Davis b Apr 21, 1809 d Oct 13, 1902; dau of Eber Davis 1770-1850+ & Phebe Burgess 1771-1850+

[20] Seth L. Whiting b Jul 1861 d 1930+; son of Ephraim Whiting 1839-1910 & Francina A. Spearin 1836-1883

[21] Seth O. Whiting b Dec 19,1900 d Oct 3, 1968; son of Seth Whiting 1861-1930+ & Vidella Cook 1877-1901

[22] Fred Orison Turner b Apr 20, 1858 d Oct 2, 1911; son of John O. Turner 1830-1886 & Diantha Worthen 1830-1871

[23] Clair E. Turner b Apr 28, 1890 d Nov 27, 1974; son of Fred O. Turner 1858-1911 & Mary F. Chalmers 1860-1921

[24] Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Private Research University in Cambridge, MA; founded 1861

[25] Tufts University School of Medicine; Medical Research for Clinical Medicine in Boston, MA; Established 1893

[26] University of California at Berkeley; Public Research University in Berkeley, CA; Founded 1868

[27] Harriett F. Smith b Nov 27, 1867 d Sep 12, 1906; dau of Floriman R. Smith 1846-1890 & Louisa J. True 1848-1875

[28] Guy E. Tripp b Mar 5, 1886 d Jul 19, 1964; son of Fred W. Tripp 1858-1907 & Hattie Smith 1867-1906

[29] Harold E. Tripp b Dec 22, 1887 d Mar 17, 1964; son of Fred W. Tripp 1858-1907 & Hattie Smith 1867-1906

[30] Floriman R. Smith b 1847 d 1890; son of William M. Smith 1815-1880+ & Susan G. Welch 1820-1880+

[31] Louisa Jane True b May 6, 1848 d 1875; dau of David True 1813-1880+ & Lydia L. Campbell 1821-1870+

[32] Hiram B. Nutter b Jun 13, 1858 d Jan 10, 1919; son of Richard J. Nutter 1826-1881 & Lucy Ann Tripp 1827-1910

[33] Dora A. Jewett b Sep 13, 1856 d Mar 23, 1899; dau of Oringe F. Jewett 1829-1917 & Sarah A. Magoon 1929-1895

[34] Ralph H. Nutter b Mar 5, 1901 d Mar 3, 1975; son of Hiram Nutter 1858-1919 & Hattie F. Smith 1867-1906

[35] Jennie L. Nutter b Jan 13, 1903 d 1958+; dau of Hiram Nutter 1858-1919 & Hattie F. Smith 1867-1906

[36] Harriet S. Nutter b Sep 2, 1906 d Jul 6, 1907; dau of Hiram Nutter 1858-1919 & Hattie F. Smith 1867-1906

[37] Acute form of Rheumatism causing an autoimmune reaction against heart tissue infected with Streptococcal A

[38] Althea A. Cox b 1869 d 1910; dau of George J. Cox 1840-1900 & Priscilla Ann Hazel 1842-1921

[39] Walter Elmer Payson b Sep 24, 1861 d 1944; son of William L. Payson 1835-1895 & Sarah Elizabeth Bunill 1841-1885

[40] Allen L. Patten b 1873 d 1913; son of Frank S. Patten 1853- & Frances "Fanny" A. Smith 1848-

[41] Mary A. Hatch b Jan 10, 1904 d 1982; dau of Harry E. Hatch 1878-1920+ & Delva A. Safford 1872-1940+

[42] Harold B. Nutter b Jan 7, 1922 d Jan 7, 1922; son of Ralph H. Nutter 1901-1975 & Mary Hatch 1904-1982

[43] Congenital Hydrocephalus; excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain

[44] Harry E. Hatch b Apr 19, 1877 d 1920+; son of Frederic Everett Hatch 1851-1888+ & Mary Augusta Bennett 1859-1880+

[45] Delva A. Safford b 1872 d 1940+; dau of Isaiah Henry Safford 1829-1897 & Cordelia "Delia" F. Brawn 1836-1903

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[47] Athalee L. Hannan b Oct 17, 1920 d Apr 27, 1980; dau of Frank E. Hannan 1877-1943 & Nellie R. Dyer 1894-1945

[48] Harold B. McArthur, Jr. b 1938 d 1972; son of Harold B. McArthur & Athalee L. Hannan 1920-1980

[49] Charles T. Smith b Mar 1873 d 1950; son of Floriman R. Smith 1846-1890 & Louisa J. True 1848-1875

[50] Sybil Charlotte Bray b Oct 6, 1876 d 1940+; dau of Eben Mann Bray 1847-1906 & Lucy Greenwood Childs 1853-1910

[51] Louis Smith b Dec 24, 1894 d Jan 14, 1899; son of Charles T. Smith 1873-1950 & Sybil C. Bray 1876-1940+

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