Chapter 6 - Lucy E. (Withee) Whiting McNally 1893-1932

Chapter 6


Lucy E. (Withee) Whiting McNally 1893-1932

Wife of Algie B. Whiting - Step-Uncle of Gladys Mabel (Hunt) Whiting


Withee Pedigree

Bion Bradbury Withee 1856-1917 and Minnie B. Porter 1865-1915

Samuel Withee 1816-1896 and Lucy H. Thompson 1813-1898

Luke Withee, Jr. 1785-1850+ and Nancy Patterson 1785-1872

Luke Withee 1759-1845 and Margaret Thompson 1763-1791

Zachariah Withee 1726-1768 and Esther Kemp 1725-1802

James Mackwithey 1666-1741 and Ruth Curtis 1686-1726+

James Macroy Mackwithey 1635-1709 and Mary Everett 1638-1670


Thompson Pedigree

Bion Bradbury Withee 1856-1917 and Minnie B. Porter 1865-1915

Samuel Withee 1816-1896 and Lucy H. Thompson 1813-1898

William Thompson 1767-1851 and Salley Warren 1775-1833

Hugh Thompson and Margaret Keene


Withee-Thompson Pedigree

Bion Bradbury Withee 1856-1917 and Minnie B. Porter 1865-1915

Samuel Withee 1816-1896 and Lucy H. Thompson 1813-1898

Luke Withee 1785-1850+ and Nancy Patterson 1785-1872

Luke Withee 1759-1845 and Margaret Thompson 1763-1791

Hugh Thompson and Margaret Keene


          Lucy E. Withee[1] was born in Dover, Maine, the only daughter of Bion Bradbury Withee[2] and his second wife Minnie B. Porter[3], who were married October 14, 1891 in Dover.  Lucy Withee is the oldest of their five children, named for her grandmother.


Bion and Minnie Withee also had three surviving sons: Warren Thompson Withee[4], Amos Austen Withee[5] and Thomas "Thom" E. Withee[6].  Minnie and Bion Withee's second child, an unnamed boy[7] died of "Pneumonia" when he was just two weeks old. 


          Bion B. Withee was first married on November 11, 1877 in Dover-Foxcroft[8], Maine to Stella M. Flanders[9] and they had two sons: John Samuel Withee[10] and Frank Withee[11], who died at age 5 months.  


          In 1880, in Dover, Bion and Estella Withee are enumerated as Bial Withey, age 23 and Estella Withey, age 25 with their son John, six months old.  Bion Withee is a "Teamster" during this Census.


          Estella “Stella” M. Flanders, born in Sangerville, Maine, was the youngest child of Moses Flanders[12] and Lydia D. Parsons[13], who were married in Guilford, Maine on March 31, 1836 by Robert Low, Justice of the Peace and Town Clerk.  Moses Flanders and Lydia D. Parsons had filed their intentions for marriage in Sangerville on March 15.


          Estella’s parents, Moses and Lydia Flanders, had three other children, also born in Sangerville: Ellen Norton Flanders[14], Lydia Ann Flanders[15] and their only son, William Thomas Flanders[16], who died in Sangerville at age 2 years 7 months.


          Moses Flanders died at age 43 years, 10 months and 22 days in Sangerville, when Estella was just 2 years old.  Moses left his wife Lydia D. and their two older daughters, Ellen N., age 20 and Lydia A., age 15.


          Ellen N. Flanders married Ivory H. Jordan[17] on December 11, 1859 in Dover-Foxcroft.  They had two sons, Anson Burlingham Jordan[18] and Walter Henry Jordan[19].  Ivory H. Jordan died at age 50 and Ellen N. Jordan died two years later at age 40.


          It is unclear what happened to the other daughter of Moses Flanders and Lydia D. Parsons, but Lydia A. Flanders, age 19, does not appear in records after the 1860 Census in Sangerville.


          Nearly 8 years after her first husband, Moses Flanders' death, Lydia D. (Parsons) Flanders married a widower, David Carr[20] on July 12, 1865 in Dover.  They would be married for almost 35 years.


          David Carr first married on May 28, 1829 to Nancy Todd[21] and they had eight children born between 1832 and 1850.


          Lydia (Parsons) Flanders Carr, died at age 81, outliving her four children.  She predeceased her second husband, David Carr, who died less than a month later.  He was 88.


          Stella M. (Flanders) Withee died in Dover-Foxcroft at age 28, leaving her husband Bion and a four-year-old son, John.  That child, John S. Withee married on November 25, 1908 in Hamilton County, Ohio to Mary Elizabeth Lockwood[22] then returned to his place of residence in Louisville, Kentucky soon afterwards.  Mary is a “Nurse”, born in Kings, Nova Scotia and Samuel is an “Advertising Manager”.


          In Louisville, in 1910 they are listed as John S. and Mary L. Withie.  Mary was born in Canada and immigrated in 1900 to the United States. Their first child, daughter Leah Lockwood Withee[23], who was born in Kentucky, lived a short, pain-filled life and died of “Rickets[24]” at age 10 months. Their son John S. Withee, Jr.[25] was born in Jefferson, Kentucky, exactly a year later, on the anniversary of his older sister Leah’s death.


          It is unclear what may have happened to Mary E. (Lockwood) Withee, but she does not appear in records after the birth of her son in 1913.  On September 12, 1918 in Detroit, Michigan, John Samuel Withee registers for the draft.  He does not list his wife Mary as his nearest relative, but a John Gershon at the Masonic Temple in Detroit.


          There is a record in Detroit on April 1, 1919 for Jno. S. Withee, age 36, born 1883 in Maine (1879 is his actual birth year), who married a 22-year-old Dorothy L. Vancompin[26].  The marriage appears to have been brief, because in 1925, Dorothy, then known as Louise Withey, “Daughter” is living in Amity, New York with her parents.


          In 1930, John S. Withee is enumerated in Detroit as a married lodger, without his wife.  She is known as Louise Withee, living in Detroit with her younger sister Elizabeth and brother-in-law James J. Bennett[27] , with their two young children James and Gertrude Bennett.


          Dorothy Louise Van Compen was born in New York, the daughter of Delos A. Van Compen and Gertrude Gregory.  In 1940 in Angelica Town, New York, she is known as Louise Withee, age 42, “Married”, (status crossed out, with a Code 7) living with her parents Delos A., age 73 and Gertrude Van Compen, age 65.  All residents report that they had been living at the same house in 1935, where their rent is “Free”.


          There is a Louise Withey buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York that may be Dorothy Louise Van Compen Withee.


          By 1940, John Samuel Withee, widowed (?), is still living in Detroit.  His last place of residence was Boston, Massachusetts.  He registered for the WWII draft on April 25, 1942 at age 63.  He is described as being 5' 7-1/2" tall, with blue eyes, gray hair and a ruddy complexion.


          Minnie B. (Porter) Withee was born either in Loudonville, New Hampshire, Bolton[28], Prince Edward Island or Quebec, Canada or even Vermont and she died at age 50 in Dover, leaving her husband Bion Bradbury Withee and four children: Lucy E. Withee, age 22, Warren T. Withee, age 19, Amos A. Withee, age 17 and Thomas E. Withee, age 16. 


          Warren T. Withee, age 22, married 19-year-old Clara H. Miles[29] in Bangor on May 21, 1918.  Warren lists the place of his mother Minnie’s birth as Vermont on this record.  Warren Thompson Withee registers for the WWI Draft one week after his wedding and is inducted on May 31, 1918.  The daughter of Warren and Clara Withee, Eleona Katheleen Withee[30] was born in Milo about two years later.  Warren Withee is a Railroad Blacksmith according to this record.  There are no 1930 Census records for Warren, Clara or their daughter Eleona K. Withee.


          Clara H. Miles is living in Dennis, Massachusetts with her parents, Raymond A. and Marcia M. Miles in the 1940 Census.  Clara ‘s place of birth is shown as Stoneham, Massachusetts.  Clara’s marital status is listed as “Married”, but is crossed out (with a Code 7).  Her husband, Warren T. Withee is living in Rumford, Maine in 1940, marital status “Married”.  Their daughter Eleona K. Withee is not with either parent and there are no records after her birth.


          Amos Austen Withee, age 20 of South Portland, Maine marries 22-year-old Myrtle Velma Young[31] of Milo on December 18, 1918.  They had two children: Heloise Eileen Withee[32] and Beverly E. Withee[33].  Myrtle V. Young was born in Sebec, Maine, the daughter of James G. Young[34] and Abby L. Bumpus[35], who were married on October 23, 1895. 

          Heloise E. Withee sailed on the ship “Georgic” on August 5, 1938 from Havre[36], when she just was 16, arriving on August 4, to the port of New York.  Her home address was 71 Read Street in Portland, Maine.  Heloise graduated from South Portland High in their Pre-Nursing Program and was a 1940 graduate of Westbrook College in Portland.


          Heloise Withee never married, but became a Registered Nurse, Director of Nurses, Science Instructor, Officer in the Military with the ranks of Captain and Major, Executive Director and Church Organist. 


          Given since 1960, the Heloise E. Withee '40 Alumni Service Award is presented by a vote of the Westbrook College Board of Directors to the alumnus/a who has done the most for the Westbrook College Board of Directors or in any other way shown extraordinary and loyal service to the Westbrook College Alumni Association.

          Beverly E. Withee married Robert M. Morrison[37] in South Portland on August 30, 1953.  Beverly E. Morrison was living in Portland, Maine as late as the year 2000.


          Bion Bradbury Withee was born in Abbott, Maine the youngest child of Samuel Withee[38] and first cousin Lucy or "Lizzie" H. Thompson[39].  Samuel Withee and Lucy H. Thompson shared a set of grandparents: Hugh Thompson and Margaret Keene. 


          Samuel Withee and Lucy Thompson were married on May 13, 1838 in Bangor, Maine and had six children: Nancieleah "Nancy Lee" Withee[40]; Thomas P. Withee[41]; AnnaLostine P. Withee[42], who married Nelson Reuben Pratt[43];  Hadassah Withee[44], who married Ira Joy Buzzell[45]; Eugene Samuel Withee[46] and Bion Bradbury Withee. 


          Bion B. Withee died in Milo, Maine at age 60, "Killed by engine".


          On December 3, 1913 in Milo, Lucy Withee, born in Dover gives birth to her first child, an illegitimate daughter.  Lucy was 20.  The father of the child is Walter Young, a blacksmith born in Bradford, Maine, residence of the father is in Dexter, Maine.  The child's birth is recorded by W. R. L. Hathaway, MD in Milo.  No record of a marriage is found for Walter Young and Lucy Withee and it is unknown what may have happened to their unnamed daughter after her birth.


          Confusion exists between Walter Daniel Young, Walter D. Young and Walter Young, but they are all the same person. 


          Walter D. Young was born May 1890, the son of Frank and Esther Young, living in Dover 1900.  In 1920, a Walter D. Young, born 1890 lives in Milo with his wife Blanch and children George and Mabelle Young.  Walter D. Young, age 30 is a “Mill Man” in a Saw Mill.


          Walter D. Young[47], age 26 married Blanche B. Morrison[48], age 22 on November 12, 1915 in Lagrange, Maine.  According to this record, Walter was born in Bradford, the son of Frank A. Young and Esther M. Brooks, who were married there on August 14, 1887 and had at least, four sons born between 1890 and 1897.  Their sixth child, a Stillborn Daughter was born on March 16, 1902 in Dover. 


          Blanche Morrison, born in Montague, had an illegitimate son born in Lagrange the previous year known only as "Male Morrison".  In later records this child is known as George H. Young[49].   Walter and Blanche Young have a daughter, Mabelle Young[50], also born in Lagrange. 


          Blanche Boyd Morrison was born in Montague, Maine, the only daughter of John T. Morrison[51] and Emma A. Lewis[52], who were married on August 23, 1890 in Springfield, Maine. 


          In 1900, the family lives in Lagrange without the father, John T. Morrison, but they do list an adopted son John G. Morrison[53], born in Massachusetts.  John’s mother, Margaret Gilmon Morrison, died at age 21 of Septicemia, when John was only 2 years old.


          In the 1910 Census, 23-year-old John George Morrison is a Fireman Second Class aboard the USS Missouri, docked at the Navy Yard in Boston, Massachusetts.  John Morrison lives in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1930 and 1940, registers for the Draft in 1942 and disappears.


          Blanche B. Morrison lives with her parents and older brother Louis E. Morrison[54] and younger brother Bertram J. Morrison[55] in Lagrange in the 1910 Census.  The Morrison farm must be very large, because seven hired men also live there.  By 1920, John F. and Emma Morrison, both age 56, having immigrated in 1877, are living and working in Milo.  John works in a General Store and Emma as a servant in a hotel. 


          In the 1930 Census in Pittsfield, Maine, George H. Young, age 15 and Mabel B. Young, age 13 are living with their grandparents John T. and Emma A. Morrison, both age 67 in Bridgton.  Walter Young was already dead and Blanche would die before the next Census in 1940.


          George H. Young married Sylvia V. Allen[56] on October 17, 1935 in Pittsfield.  George was 21 and Sylvia was 16 years old at their marriage.  Their daughter Loretta Mae Young[57] was born about 3 years later. 


George has attended 4 years of High School and Sylvia has an eighth-grade education according to the 1940 Census in Pittsfield.  He is a “Heeler” and she is a “Stamper” in a “Shoe Factory”. 


          George H. Young registers on December 23, 1942 for the Draft in Bangor, where he is listed as divorced with dependents.  On January 1, 1947, George Henry Young, age 32, marries 44-year-old Mildred P. Cookson[58] Ramsdell in Loudon, New Hampshire. 


          According to this marriage record, George’s father, Walter D. Young, a Blacksmith, born in Bradford, died at age 34 and his mother Blanche Morrison, born in Montague died at age 43.


          Mildred Pearl Cookson, age 17 had first married 23-year-old Earl Freeman Ramsdell[59] on January 17, 1920 in Pittsfield and they had four children born between 1923 and 1930.  In the 1920 Census in Pittsfield, Earl F. Ramsdell is a “Boarder” with Leslie H. and Lillian B. Allen, the parents of Sylvia V. Allen.  Sylvia Allen’s first husband, George H. Young married Earl F. Ramsdell’s first wife Mildred Cookson.


          Earl and Mildred Ramsdell divorced sometime before June 22, 1946, when he married Margaret Nodwell[60] Bryant.


          Sylvia V. Allen next married Clayton Braley[61] on December 22, 1944 in St. Albans, Maine.  Sylvia married for a third time to Carmillo Carpinelli[62] on April 8, 1961 in Brookfield, Connecticut.  Sylvia V. (Allen) Young Braley Carpinelli died in Connecticut.


          There is a death record for a Mabel B. Young in Belfast, Maine on January 8, 1977.  Her age is listed as 61 and this would be accurate.


          Walter Daniel Young, born August 10, 1888 in Bradford, Maine registers for Military Service on April 13, 1917 in Dexter, Maine as a Private in Company F, of the 2nd Maine Infantry.  He was discharged from service only three days later on April 16, 1917.  His place of residence is recorded as being in Dexter.  His occupation is shown as “Farming and Laborer in a Mill”.


          The same Walter Daniel Young[63] registers for the draft on June 5, 1917 in South Lagrange, Maine.  He is 28 years old, born in Bradford, Maine, has a wife and two children that he is claiming as an exemption.  His residence is in South Lagrange, at the time of this registration.


          Lucy Withee became pregnant when she was 23, with another illegitimate child, also a daughter, in the summer of 1916.  This baby was born about April 1, 1917, while Lucy Withee was employed as a housekeeper for the father of this child, 48-year-old Algie B. Whiting[64]


          From the book "America - A Catholic Review of the Week" Volume Seventeen - April 14, 1917 to October 6, 1917.  "According to the Boston Post, here is another proof of Maine's degeneracy:"


          "Algie B. Whiting, aged forty-eight and his wife Lucy, were arrested on the afternoon of May 2 last, in Dover, Maine, charged with the murder of their infant child at their home on a farm on the outskirts of town, April 4.  On the last-named date, Whiting reported to the town authorities that he had found the body of a baby girl on the doorsteps of his home.  Autopsy had proved that the child's death was due to exposure, also that the child had lived about three days after its birth.  Suspicion was directed at Whiting following his marriage last week to his housekeeper, Lucy Withee."


          It is unclear if any convictions occurred or if there was any time served in prison for the death of their daughter, but three years later, Algie B. and Lucy E. Whiting are living together in Dover according to the 1920 Census report.  They do not have any children in 1920.


          Algie B. Whiting was born in Garland, Maine, the son of Ephraim Whiting[65] and Francina Ann Spearin[66], who had four sons and one daughter: Seth L. Whiting[67], who married Vidella (Cook) Hunt[68], Gladys M. Hunt's[69] mother. Olie E. or Otri E. Whiting[70], George W. Whiting[71], Algie B. Whiting and Fred Augustus Whiting[72].


          Algie B. Whiting, age 27 was married on February 2, 1895 in Dover to Flora M. Clarke[73], age 31.  They filed intentions on January 22nd.  It is a first marriage for both and they are residents of Garland, Maine.  They are living in Dover according to the 1904 Foxcroft Register.  Algie B., age 43 and his wife Flora Whiting, age 46 are still in Dover in 1910.


          Flora M. Clark, born in Bradford, Maine, the daughter of William N. Clark[74] and Susan N. Chase[75], who were married in Corinth, Maine on June 27, 1861.  William Clark and Susan Chase also had a son, John Nelson Clark[76], born in Bradford, Maine.  John died in Worcester, MA.


          William N. Clark was born in Skowhegan (or Corinth) and Susan Chase was born in Garland (or Bradford).  They both died in Garland.


          The William N. Clark family were living in Garland in 1870, next door to Algie Whiting’s great-uncle, John Whiting[77] and his family.  In 1880, in Garland, W.W. Clark, age 49 and his wife Susan, age 53 live with their children John N., age 18 and daughter Flora M. Clark, age 15. Nearby, are the Champeon Family, whose daughter Lilla M. Champeon[78], age 15 would become John Clark’s wife on June 28, 1884 in Corinth.  In 1900, William N. Clark, age 67, a widower, is still living in Garland.


          It is unknown when or where Flora M. (Clark) Whiting died, as no records are found for her after the 1910 Census. 


          It is unknown if Algie B. Whiting has died, or if he is now divorced from Lucy E. Withee, but he does not appear in records after 1920.  The marriage record for Lucy Withee and her second husband, George McNally[79]  does not list a marital status for either party. 


          It is very likely that George Mcnally and Lucy (Withee) Whiting had been previously acquainted, because George's first mother-in-law, Lydia D. (Whiting) Simonds was Lucy's first husband, Algie B. Whiting's aunt.  Lydia was the older sister of Algie's father Ephraim F. Whiting.


          On March 26, 1922, Lucy E. (Withee) Whiting, age 28, marries 54-year-old George P. McNally, a widower, in Dexter, Maine.  Their unnamed, stillborn son[80] was born less than three months later.  This child is listed as being the second born to Lucy Withee, but may have actually been her third.  The first two children were illegitimate girls.


          George Patten McNally is recorded as having been born in Benton, Maine, about July 1868, although an exact day is not known.  George is the only child of Hazen Mcnelly[81] and his second wife, Frances Augusta Patten[82], who were married on September 7, 1867 by Minister William Getchell[83] in Pittsfield, Maine.  George McNelly’s ancestors originally came from Ireland and Scotland according to the following:


Genealogical and Family History of the STATE OF MAINE-1909


The authorities on Irish genealogy state that Colla-da-Crioch, who is number 85 on the "O'Hart" pedigree, had a son named Fiachra Casah, who was the ancestor of O'Niallain; and that this latter name has been anglicised Nallin, Nealan, Neiland, Neylan, Nellan, Neyland, Newland, Niland, Nally and McNally, of which last McNally is a variation of recent date. The arms of the family Nealan are: Sable two unicorns passant in pale argent horned and hoofed or Crest: A dexter hand erect, couped at writs, grasping a dagger all proper.

(I) Michael McNally was either pure Scotch (Scot) or Scotch-Irish, probably the latter.  From the best evidence now, obtainable it seems that he was born in Ireland about 1752 and came to America with his parents, sailing from Cork and landing at Philadelphia. They settled in Pennsylvania.  Evidently the father was a man of some means, as Michael had a fair education. The earliest knowledge we have of Michael backed by documentary evidence is the record of his enlistment in the Pennsylvania state regiment of artillery, May 13, 1777, as a gunner.  In the published rolls of the state his name appears in Capt. Bernard Ronan's company of artillery.  The latest appearance of his name is January 1, 1781, in connection with the Revolution, when he received depreciation pay.  Late in life he was a pensioner and the U. S. pension rolls of 1840 give him as "aged 88 years."  Many of his stories of army life are still current among his descendants, who say that after leaving the army he served on an armed vessel, but whether a man-of-war or a privateer is unknown.

About 1784 he came to Maine and settled in the Kennebec country, but his reasons for leaving Pennsylvania and his family are not known.

In 1785 he married Susan Pushaw, who was born about 1768, daughter of Abram and Margaret (Parris) Pushaw, of Fairfield, and settled in Winslow, now Clinton.  Here on the banks of the Sebasticook he built a log cabin and made a home for his family. Nine children had been born when, in 1811, the mother was taken away by death.  Upon the outbreak of the war of 1812 Michael's martial spirit was aroused and although a man of sixty years he enlisted at Clinton, May 17, 1813 in Capt. Crossman's company of the Thirty-fourth Regiment, U.S. Infantry, and marched to the frontier.  He received a severe wound in the collarbone at Armstrong, Lower Canada, in September 1813, while serving in detachment under the command of Lieut.-Col. Storrs. He was mustered out in July 1815. For this service he received a pension.

About 1830 Michael McNally married Mrs. Jane (Varnum) Harriman of Pittsfield. There were no children by this marriage. He spent the last years of his life with his sons Arthur and William. He died in Benton, July 16, 1848 aged, it is thought about 96.  He was a man of superior education and strong intellectual powers.

Betsey, Nancy, John, Lucy, Arthur, William, Isabel, Susan and James.

(II) William, sixth child and third son of Michael and Susan (Pushaw) McNelly or McNally was born in Clinton, April 24, 1799 and died in Benton December 6, 1886.  He settled in Benton after marriage and spent his life as a cultivator of the soil.

He married in Clinton in 1820, Martha Roundy, born September 13, 1803 died in summer of 1903, daughter of Job and Betsey (Pushaw) Roundy of Clinton.  She lived to the age of ninety-nine years and almost to the last retained a vigorous mind and body.  It is from her recollections that most of our knowledge of Michael McNelly is obtained.  On her 95th birthday, one hundred and seven of her descendants took dinner with her and were photographed in a group.


          Another picture of five generations was also made, including Martha McNelly, aged 95 years; William McNely, aged 70 years; Rosina Libby, aged 46; Grace Hinds, aged 72 years; and Margaret Hinds, aged one year.

Children: Henry, Isabel, Phebe, William, Hazen, Temple, Francis, Job, Merritt and Martha.”


          Hazen McNally and his first wife, Louisa Houston[84] were known as Louvia Huston and Harem Mcnally when they married on February 3, 1853 in Kennebec County, Maine.


          Hazen and Louisa McNally had two daughters, born in nearby Clinton, Maine, Ida J. Mc Nally[85] and Amy Mc Nally[86], who was born three months after her father enlisted for the Civil War.  Amy McNally married Scott H. Drummond[87] on February 12, 1888 in Benton.


          Ida Mcnelly married John W. Waldron[88] in Clinton on June 9, 1871.  Ida J. (Mcnelly) Waldron died in Clinton at age 47 of Pneumonia.  John W. Waldron was the son of Sumner Waldron[89] and Durilla Holt[90], who lived to be more than 101 years old.


          Hazen and Louisa also had a son Albert McNelly[91] and daughter Eva “Evie” McNelly[92], who married Clarence Waters Smith[93] on January 6, 1885 in Benton.  He died six years later as C. Waters Smith, age 33.


          Evie (Mcnelly) Smith married Cephas M. Rolfe[94] on March 16, 1898 in Clinton.  In 1910 in Benton, Evie Rolfe, age 45 lives with her husband Cephus M. Rolfe, age 61 and Charlotte A. Smitts [sic], age 82 (mother of Clarence Waters Smith).


          Hazen Mcnelly enlisted on September 19, 1864 in Clinton for Service during the Civil War.  He served as a Musician in the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, transferring to the 19th Regiment, in Company I of the Maine Infantry.  On May 6, 1873 Hazen Mcnelly filed for and received a Military Pension as an “Invalid”.


          On June 20, 1870, in Benton, George Mcnelly, age 2 is living with his parents Hasen, age 38 and Augusta Mcnelly, age 24 (born 1845-46).  Within six months, Frances Augusta (Patten) Mcnelly would die at age 26.  She is buried with both her parents in Tilton Corner Cemetery in Pittsfield as “Frances A., Daughter of Moody & Hannah Patten”.


          On June 2, 1880, Hazen Mcnally, a 52-year-old (born 1828), Widowed Laborer, is in Clinton, but his son George is not with him.  Hazen Mcnally would survive just two more years, dying at age 52.


          In 1880, George P. Mc Nelly, age 10 is living in Pittsfield with his uncle George W. Patten[95], age 40, aunt Hellen H.[96] age 36 and cousins Arthur L. 9, Minnie B. 5 and Leila B. Patten 2.


          On April 13, 1883, George Mcnally, who is known as George W. Patton on the documentation, would file for and receive Hazen Mcnelly’s Military Pension as a “Minor Child”.


          George P. McNally and first wife, Lillian Myrtle Simonds[97] were married on September 7, 1889 in Pittsfield and had two sons:  Ivory Bowman McNally[98] and Cecil Hazen McNally[99]


          In the 1910 Census, George R. Mcnally, his wife Myrtle L. Mcnally, both 41, are living in Hartland with their sons Ivory B. Mcnally, age 14 and Cecil H. Mcnally age 10.  George Mcnally is a farmer in 1910.


          Cecil Hazen McNally was a Civil Engineer, by trade and would become the Republican Senate Representative in Maine for more than ten years beginning in 1966.  Cecil would marry Hope Milliken[100] on November 3, 1928 in Ellsworth, Maine.  They were in Waterville, Maine in 1930 and then to Ellsworth, where they remained until his death.


          Ivory B. Mcnally married Effie E. Sedgerley[101] on March 16, 1924 in Greenville, Maine.  Effie E. Mcnally would die before the end of the year.  She was only 21 years old.


          Ivory B. Mcnally married Jessie M. Robbins[102] on June 27, 1927, also in Greenville.  Jessie is listed as a resident of Millinocket, Maine.  Ivory would die three years later at age 35.  Jessie E. Robbins[103] had been married in Franklin, Maine on July 18, 1924 to Harry E. Fernald.


          Lillian Myrtle Simonds was born in Pittsfield, the daughter of Joseph Simonds[104] and Lydia D. Whiting[105] who were married in Skowhegan, ME on September 10, 1863.  Lillian M. Simonds, age 2 lives with her parents Joseph, age 42 and Lydia D. Simonds, age 37 with their other daughter, Rena Mabel Simonds[106], age 5 in Pittsfield in 1870.  Nancy Simonds, age 78, Joseph's mother and his sister Emeline C. Simonds, age 32 complete the household.  Daughter of Joseph and Lydia, Rena M. Simonds died in Pittsfield at 8 years and 6 months old. 


          Although her death from "Breast Cancer" is recorded as having occurred in 1918, Lillian M. Mcnally, age 49 is enumerated in the 1920 Census in Hartland with her husband George P. Mcnally, also age 49. “Lillian M. McNally - Wife of George P. McNally 1868-1918”.


          George Mcnally is a "Woolen Mill Weaver" living with two female boarders, Minnie M. Norwood[107], age 28 and her daughter Emile (Emily) P. Weeks[108], age 10.  Minnie (Buzzell) Weeks Norwood, twice divorced was most likely George’s housekeeper.


          After their marriage in 1922, George P. Mcnally and his second wife Lucy E. (Withee) Whiting McNally would have five children together: Stillborn Son, Eugene C. McNally[109], Beverly M. McNally[110], Gwendolyn Agnes McNally[111] and Elsie (Elsilfa) A. McNally[112].


          In the 1930 Census in Pittsfield, George P. Mcnally, age 62, wife Lucy S., age 36 and their four children Eugene C., age 6, Beverly M., age 5, Gwendolen A., age 4 and Elsie A. Mcnally, age 4 months are in the household.  George is employed as a “Teamster” on a Truck Team.  They rent a home for $7 a month.


          Lucy E. (Withee) McNally died at age 39, leaving her second husband George and their four young children ages 2, 6, 7 and 12.


          On April 3, 1940, George is living in Pittsfield, with his four children Elsilfa Mcnally 10, Gwendolyn Mcnally 14, Beverly M. Mcnally 15 and Eugene A. Mcnally 16. Their housekeeper is Bertha (Marden)[113] Strout Jackson[114], age 56, wife of Alden Merten Jackson[115]


          Eugene C. Mcnally would die sometime after the April 11, 1940 Census.  He was only 17.  He is buried with his parents George P. and Lucy E. (Withee) McNally in Pittsfield’s Tilton Corner Cemetery.


          Gwendolyn Agnes Mcnally, daughter of George and Lucy Mcnally, would never marry.  She is also buried with her parents.


          August 31, 1946 in Maine, Minnie B. Mcnally (born as Beverly M. Mcnally) of Pittsfield, marries Samuel P. Blunda[116] of Ipswich, Massachusetts.  In later records, Beverly M. Blunda (relative of Samuel P. Blunda), lives in Pittsfield until at least 2004.  She may live in Gorham, Maine now.


          Elsief [sic] A. Mcnally of Palmyra, Maine, married Matthew Cassidy of Corinna, Maine on September 3, 1949.  There is a death record for an 82-year-old James Matthew Cassidy[117] in nearby Dover-Foxcroft.  Elsie Cassidy would die in Bangor, Maine at age 71.


          George Patten McNally died at age 89.  His life was laced with sorrow, beginning at age 2, when he lost his mother Augusta.  George’s father, Hazen died when he was only 14.


          Both of George’s wives died in their 30’s and he didn’t marry again, although he lived another 25 years.  After his second marriage to Lucy E. Withee, George Mcnally moved his new family back to the town where his first wife had been born, Pittsfield.


          George Mcnally’s oldest son, Ivory Mcnally predeceased George by 27 years.  George’s third son was stillborn and the youngest son Eugene, would not survive to adulthood.


[1] Lucy E. Withee b May 1893 d 1932; dau of Bion B. Withee 1856-1917 & Minnie B. Porter 1865-1915

[2] Bion B. Withee b Nov 2, 1856 d Oct 8, 1917; son of Samuel Withee 1816-1896 & Lucy H. Thompson 1813-1898

[3] Minnie B. Porter b Nov 23, 1865 d Oct 22, 1915; born in Canada, New Hampshire or Vermont, dau of Porter

[4] Warren T. Withee b Apr 25, 1896 d Apr 19, 1968; son of Bion B. Withee 1856-1917 & Minnie B. Porter 1865-1915

[5] Amos A. Withee b Dec 10, 1897 d May 26, 1983; son of Bion B. Withee 1856-1917 & Minnie B. Porter 1865-1915

[6] Thomas E. Withee b Apr 14, 1899 d Nov 8, 1984; son of Bion B. Withee 1856-1917 & Minnie B. Porter 1865-1915

[7] Male Child Withee b Jan 10, 1895 d Jan 25, 1895; son of Bion B. Withee 1856-1917 & Minnie B. Porter 1865-1915

[8] Dover Incorporated 1822; Foxcroft Incorporated 1812; Dover-Foxcroft Incorporated 1922

[9] Estella M. Flanders b Nov 1, 1854 d May 21, 1883; dau of Moses Flanders 1813-1857 & Lydia Parsons 1816-1897

[10] John S. Withee b Jan 18, 1879 d 1942+; son of Bion B. Withee 1856-1917 & Estella M. Flanders 1854-1883

[11] Frank Withee b Oct 31, 1880 d Mar 27, 1881; son of Bion B. Withee 1856-1917 & Estella M. Flanders 1854-1883

[12] Moses Flanders b Apr 26, 1813 d Feb 20, 1857; son of Thomas Flanders 1791-1837 & Anna Edgerly 1790-1857

[13] Lydia Parsons b Dec 14, 1816 d Dec 16, 1897; dau of John Parsons 1781-1879 & Mary "Polly" Parsons 1785-1859

[14] Ellen N. Flanders b Apr 3, 1837 d 1877; dau of Moses Flanders 1813-1857 & Lydia D. Parsons 1816-1897

[15] Lydia A. Flanders b Apr 1, 1841 d 1860+; dau of Moses Flanders 1813-1857 & Lydia D. Parsons 1816-1897

[16] William Flanders b Feb 19, 1846 d Sep 29, 1848; son of Moses Flanders 1813-1857 & Lydia D. Parsons 1816-1897

[17] Ivory Hovey Jordan b 1825 d May 24, 1875; son of Joshua Jordan 1799-1871 & Olive Ann Duggin 1802-1831

[18] Anson B. Jordan b Oct 24, 1860 d Jun 25, 1925; son of Ivory Jordan 1825-1875 & Ellen Flanders 1837-1877

[19] Walter Henry Jordan b 1864 d 1957; son of Ivory Jordan 1825-1875 & Ellen Flanders 1837-1877

[20] David Carr b Sep 22, 1810 d Jan 12, 1898; son of James Carr 1777-1866 & Rebecca Stain -1846

[21] Nancy Todd b Mar 26, 1810 d Sep 28, 1864; born in Maine or New Brunswick, dau of Todd

[22] Mary E. Lockwood b Apr 26, 1883 d 1913+; dau of William Anderson Lockwood 1850-1929 & Susannah Petty 1849-1923

[23] Leah L. Withee b Jan 12, 1912 d Nov 13, 1912; dau of John S. Withee 1879-1942+ & Mary Lockwood 1883-1913+

[24] Rickets: caused by Vitamin D deficiency resulting in stunted growth, bone fractures and skeletal deformities

[25] John S. Withee Jr. b Nov 13, 1913 d May 8, 1992; son of John S. Withee 1879-1942+ & Mary Lockwood 1883-1913+

[26] Dorothy Louise Van Compen b 1897 d Feb 1965; dau of Delos A. Van Campen 1867-1951 & Gertrude Gregory 1874-1963

[27] James J. Bennett b 1899 d 1940+; son of Elisha Bennett & Mary Jane Harris

[28] Bolton, PEI; no such town on Prince Edward Island, probably Bolton East, Brome, Quebec

[29] Clara Hazel Miles b Aug 30, 1898 d 1940+; dau of Raymond Albion Miles 1871-1954 & Marcia Mae Stearns 1879-1973

[30] Eleona K. Withee b Feb 3, 1920 d 1920+; dau of Warren T. Withee 1896-1968 & Clara H. Miles 1899-1940+

[31] Myrtle Young b Aug 27, 1896 d Nov 4, 1974; dau of James G. Young 1865-1938 & Abbie L. Bumpus 1872-1934

[32] Heloise “Lois” Withee b Jan 20 1921 d Jan 20, 2000; dau of Amos Withee 1897-1983 & Myrtle Young 1896-1974

[33] Beverly E. Withee b Jan 5, 1931 d 2000+; dau of Amos Withee 1897-1983 & Myrtle Young 1896-1974

[34] James G. Young b Oct 7, 1865 d Aug 28, 1938; born in Maine, son of Young

[35] Abbie L. Bumpus b Oct 5, 1872 d Apr 27, 1934; dau of Calvin Bumpus 1835-1929 & Lizzie Cleveland 1833-1888

[36] Le Havre; Port town in Normandy, France

[37] Robert M. Morrison b 1931 d Sep 8, 1976; born in Maine, son of Morrison

[38] Samuel Withee b Jun 20, 1816 d Aug 13, 1896; son of Luke Withee 1785-1830+ & Nancy Patterson 1785-1872

[39] Lucy H. Thompson b Aug 23, 1813 d Jan 1, 1898; dau of William Thompson 1767-1851 & Salley Warren 1775-1833

[40] Nancieleah Withee b 1838 d 1860+; dau of Samuel Withee 1816-1896 & Lucy H. Thompson 1813-1898

[41] Thomas P. Withee b 1842 d Mar 15, 1887; son of Samuel Withee 1816-1896 & Lucy H. Thompson 1813-1898

[42] AnnaLostine P. Withee b Jun 2, 1844 d Jan 24, 1905; dau of Samuel Withee 1816-1896 & Lucy H. Thompson 1813-1898

[43] Nelson R. Pratt b Dec 8, 1840 d Mar 31, 1895; son of Reuben Pratt 1803-1861 & Mary T. Knight 1803-1847

[44] Hadassah Withee b Jun 6, 1846 d Dec 6, 1911; dau of Samuel Withee 1816-1896 & Lucy H. Thompson 1813-1898

[45] Ira J. Buzzell b Aug 29, 1837 d Aug 5, 1904; son of Eri P. Buzzell 1816-1899 & Elmina Rowe 1815-1856

[46] Eugene Withee b Jun 10, 1848 d Nov 22, 1887; son of Samuel Withee 1816-1896 & Lucy H. Thompson 1813-1898

[47] Walter D. Young b May 1890 d 1924; son of Frank A. Young 1865-1918+ & Esther M. Brooks 1866-1918+

[48] Blanch Boyd Morrison b Nov 15, 1893 d 1938; dau of John T. Morrison 1864-1938 & Emma A. Lewis 1863-1940

[49] Male Morrison aka George H. Young b Apr 10, 1914 d 1942+; son of Blanche B. Morrison 1893-1938 & Unknown

[50] Mabelle Young b Sep 2, 1916 d 1930+; dau of Walter D. Young 1888/90-1924 & Blanche B. Morrison 1893-1938

[51] John T. Morrison b 1864 d 1938; son? of John B. Morrison 1847-1910+ & Clarissa A. Adams 1844-1922

[52] Emma A. Lewis b 1864 d 1940; dau of Joseph Lewis 1820-1900+ or 1831-1904 & Harriet M. Blanchard 1835-1914

[53] John G. Morrison b Nov 18, 1887 d 1942+; son of George H. Morrison 1864-1892+ & Margaret C. Gilmon 1868-1889

[54] Lewis E. Morrison b May 15, 1892 d Apr 7, 1964; son of John T. Morrison 1864-1938 & Emma A. Lewis 1863-1940

[55] Bertram J. Morrison b Jun 23, 1897 d Jul 19, 1959; son of John T. Morrison 1864-1938 & Emma A. Lewis 1863-1940

[56] Sylvia Virginia Allen b Sep 6, 1919 d Apr 1986; dau of Leslie Hebron Allen 1890-1945 & Lillian Beatrice Ramsdell 1899-1931

[57] Loretta M. Young Ferry b Jun 21, 1938 d Mar 25, 2010; dau of George H. Young 1914-1942+ & Sylvia V. Allen 1919-1986

[58] Mildred P. Cookson b Nov 29, 1902 d Jan 7, 2001; dau of George W. H. Cookson 1842-1928 & Adella Goodwin 1862-1931

[59] Earl F. Ramsdell b Feb 7, 1896 d Jan 31,1980; son of Clark F. Ramsdell 1856-1907 & Rosetta M. Pease 1862-1935

[60] Margaret N. Nordwell b Nov 28, 1900 d Mar 4, 1987; dau of James Nordwell & Susan Perkins

[61] Clayton F. Brayley b 1910 d 1944+; son of Frank H. Brayley 1876-1943 & Carrie L. Sawyer 1879-1920+

[62] Camillo Carpinelli b May 10, 1905 d Aug 17, 1997; born in Italy died in New Hampshire; son of Carpinelli

[63] Walter Daniel Young b Aug 10, 1888 d 1920+; born in Maine, son of Young

[64] Algie B. Whiting b 1868 d 1920+; son of Ephraim E. Whiting 1938-1910 & Francina A. Shearin 1836-1883

[65] Ephraim E. Whiting b Feb 4, 1839 d Sep 6, 1910; son of Leonard Whiting 1808-1880+ & Hannah Dyer 1807-1849

[66] Francina Spearin b Apr 21, 1836 d Jan 30, 1883; dau of Reuben Spearin 1808-1840+ & Sarah Whiting 1815-1882

[67] Seth L. Whiting b 1861 d 1930+; son of Ephraim E. Whiting 1839-1910 & Francina A. Spearin 1836-1883

[68] Vidella M. Cook b Oct 15, 1877 d Feb 11, 1901; dau of Viola Cook 1861-1944 & Frederick Tripp 1858-1907

[69] Gladys M. Hunt b Jan 22, 1897 d Feb 24, 1991; dau of Perly Hunt 1877-1901+ & Vidella Cook 1877-1901

[70] Olie E. Whiting b 1864 d 1880+; dau of Ephraim E. Whiting 1839-1910 & Francina A. Spearin 1836-1883

[71] George W. Whiting b Oct 1866 d 1942; son of Ephraim E. Whiting 1839-1910 & Francina A. Spearin 1836-1883

[72] Fred A. Whiting b Nov 10, 1876 d 1940+; son of Ephraim E. Whiting 1839-1910 & Francina A. Spearin 1836-1883

[73] Flora M. Clark b 1864 d 1910+; dau of William N. Clark 1830-1901 & Susan N. Chase 1826-1894

[74] William N. Clark b Aug 17, 1830 d Jun 15, 1901; son of William Clark 1792-1860+ & Susan 1796-1860+

[75] Susan N. (Chase) Duran; b 1826 d May 28, 1894; dau of John Elden Chase 1801-1885 & Fannie Yorke -1884

[76] John N. Clark b Apr 3, 1862 d 1937; son of William N. Clark 1830-1901 & Susan N. Chase 1826-1894

[77] John Whiting b Mar 5, 1820 d Oct 15, 1880; son of John Whiting 1759-1846 & Margaret Fairbrother 1782-1859

[78] Lilla M. Champeon b 1866 d 1932; dau of Levi Champeon 1835-1920 & Annie Phebe Buzzell 1847-1912

[79] George P. McNally b Jul 1868 d 1957; son of Hazen Mcnelly 1831-1882 & Frances A. Patten 1846-1870

[80] Stillborn Son McNally b Jun 17, 1922 d Jun 17, 1922; son of George McNally 1868-1957 & Lucy Withee 1893-1932

[81] Hazen McNally b May 26, 1831 d May 20, 1882; son of William McNally 1799-1886 & Martha Roundy 1804-1903

[82] Frances A. Patten b 1846 d Nov 16, 1870; dau of Moody Thurlo Patten 1805-1880 & Hannah Homestead 1808-1891

[83] William A. Getchell b Oct 1833 d 1910; Son of William A. Getchell, Jr. 1808-1878 & Mary Thompson Crommett 1811-1894

[84] Louisa Houston b 1833 d Oct 8, 1865; dau of Andoniram Houston 1809-1878 & Orilla Curtis 1810-1900

[85] Ida J. Mc Nally b Mar 16, 1855 d Dec 21, 1902; dau of Hazen Mc Nally 1831-1882 & Louisa Huston 1833-1865

[86] Amy McNally b Dec 3, 1864 d Apr 1946; dau of Hazen Mc Nally 1831-1882 & Louisa Huston 1833-1865

[87] Scott Hedge Drummond b Jul 8, 1862 d 1936; son of William E. Drummond 1810-1896 & Ruth W. Hedge 1824-1911

[88] John W. Waldron b 1850 d Nov 20, 1926; son of Sumner Waldron 1815-1859 & Durilla Holt Lewis 1821-1922

[89] Sumner G. Waldron b Aug 24, 1815 d 1859; son of Isaac or Ebenezer Waldron 1755-1830 & Sarah “Salley” Nelson

[90] Durilla Holt b Feb 22, 1821 d Jan 20, 1922; dau of Asa Holt 1789-1890+ & Margaret “Peggy” Nelson 1793-1877

[91] Albert A. McNelly b Mar 17, 1858 d May 8, 1929; son of Hazen Mc Nally 1831-1882 & Louisa Huston 1833-1865

[92] Eva McNelly b 1864 d 1932; dau of Hazen Mc Nally 1831-1882 & Louisa Huston 1833-1865

[93] Clarence W. Smith b 1859 d Nov 7, 1892; son of William H. Smith & Charlotte A. Hobbs 1828-1915

[94] Cephus M. Rolfe b Jun 16, 1848 d May 29, 1920; son of Edward Rolfe & Mary A. Herne or Mary W. Horn

[95] George W. Patten b Mar 20, 1841 d Aug 14, 1921; son of Moody Thurlo Patten 1805-1880 & Hannah Homestead 1808-1891

[96] Ellen H. Jewett b Mar 1844 d 1926; dau of Joseph Jewett & Fanny

[97] Lillian M. Simonds b Jul 20, 1868 d 1918; dau of Joseph Simonds 1828-1902 & Lydia D. Whiting 1832-1877

[98] Ivory B. McNally b Aug 24, 1895 d 1930; son of George McNally 1868-1957 & Lillian M. Simonds 1868-1918

[99] Cecil H. McNally b Oct 3, 1899 d Jan 13, 1982; son of George McNally 1868-1957 & Lillian Simonds 1868-1918

[100] Hope Milliken b Sep 15, 1909 d 1971; dau of Elbridge Milliken 1864-1930+ & Agnes Drusilla Wood 1867-1930+

[101] Effie E. Sedgerley b Sep 1903 d 1924; dau of Ira Standish Sedgerley 1869-1931 & Augusta May Lovejoy 1871-1952

[102]Jessie M. Robbins b Aug 5, 1905 d unknown; dau of Frank P. Robbins 1857-1940+ & Eliza Lyda Newell Bailey 1869-1920+

[103] Jessie E. Robbins b Jun 20, 1902 d unknown dau of Clarence C. Robbins 1878-1950 & Bessie E. Hardison 1883-1963

[104] Joseph Simonds b Nov 24, 1828 d Sep 12, 1902; son of Joseph Simonds & Nancy Smith 1791-1870+

[105] Lydia D. Whiting b 1832 d Mar 10, 1877; dau of Leonard Whiting 1808-1880+ & Hannah Dyer 1807-1849

[106] Rena M. Simonds b 1865 d Feb 10, 1873; dau of Joseph Simonds 1828-1902 & Lydia Whiting 1832-1877

[107] Minnie (Buzzell) Weeks Norwood Quaticci b 1891 d 1940+; dau of Charles Buzzell 1858-1900+ & Emma Eldridge 1861-1900+

[108] Emily Pearl Buzzell Weeks Berry b Mar 28, 1910 d Jul 13, 2001 dau of Ulysses Grant Weeks 1874-1940+ & Minnie Buzzell 1891-1940+

[109] Eugene C. McNally b 1923 d 1940; son of George McNally 1868-1957 & Lucy Withee 1893-1932

[110] Beverly Mcnally b May 20, 1924 d 2004+; dau of George McNally 1868-1957 & Lucy Withee 1893-1932

[111] Gwendolyn Agnes McNally b 1925 d 1997; dau of George McNally 1868-1957 & Lucy Withee 1893-1932

[112] Elsilfa Mcnally b Dec 1, 1929 d Apr 28, 2000; dau of George McNally 1868-1957 & Lucy Withee 1893-1932

[113] Bertha Marden b Apr 8, 1883 d Sep 15, 1972; dau of Wallace Marden & Mary Harny

[114] Bertha M. (Marden) Strout 1883-1972; m Apr 12, 1913 to Alden M. Jackson 1876-1947

[115] Alden M. Jackson b 1876 or Sep 11, 1880 d 1947; son of Leander Jackson 1837-1911 & Georgia Boynton 1845-1925

[116] Samuel P. Blunda b Jun 12, 1922 d Mar 19, 2001; son of Blunda, born Italy -<1940 & Pauline 1880-1940+

[117] James M. Cassidy b Aug 21, 1908 d Jul 7, 1990; son of James B. Cassidy 1860-1945 & Katherine E. Cassidy 1888-1967

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