Chapter 7 - Lona B. (Cook) McCausland Pettengill McDow 1895-1953+


Chapter 7


Lona B. (Cook) McCausland Pettengill McDow 1895-1953+

Aunt of Gladys Mabel (Hunt) Whiting


Cook Pedigree

Viola Elizabeth Cook 1861-1944 and Unknown Father

Samuel Cook 1829-1910 and Susannah Hunt 1831-1870+

Samuel Cook 1795-1850+ and Lydia Wentworth 1789-1850+

Cutting Cook 1761-1827 and Elizabeth Merrill 1766-1845

Samuel Cook 1720-1790 and Judith Bartlett 1726-1790

Samuel Cooke 1680-1734+ and Elizabeth Wilson 1685-1735+


Cook-Hunt Pedigree

Viola Elizabeth Cook 1861-1944 and Unknown Father

Samuel Cook 1829-1910 and Susannah Hunt 1831-1870+

William Hunt 1789-1865 and Mary Dunlap 1792-1843

Ephraim Hunt 1749-1818 and Martha Lowell 1760-1854

John Hunt, Jr. 1718-1789 and Mary Reed 1723-1797

John Hunt, Sr. 1681-1732 and Hannah Clough 1685-1752

Edward Hunt 1655-1727 and Ann Weed 1657-1711

Edward Hunt 1632-1665+ and Wife

Edmund Hunt 1613-1657 and Goodwife


Cook-Wentworth Pedigree

Viola Elizabeth Cook 1861-1944 and Unknown Father

Samuel Cook 1829-1910 and Susannah Hunt 1831-1870+

Samuel Cook 1795-1850+ and Lydia Wentworth 1789-1850+

John Wentworth 1740-1806 and Ann Blazo 1759-1807

Richard Wentworth 1708-1796 and Rebecca Knox 1713-1796

John Wentworth 1679-1718 and Martha Miller 1684-1755

Ezekiel Wentworth 1645-1712 and Elizabeth Knight 1656-1726

William Wentworth 1617-1697 and Elizabeth Kenney 1625-1698

William Wentworth 1594-1690 and Susanna Carter 1590-1652

Christopher Wentworth 1558-1633 and Catherine Marbury 1558-1633

William Wentworth 1519-1574 and Ellen Gilby 1535-1579

Oliver Wentworth 1489-1559 and Jane 1505-1558

Thomas Wentworth 1480-1521 and Jane Mirfield 1458-1516


          Lona B. Cook[1] was born in Harmony, Maine, the daughter of Viola Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cook[2] and an Unknown Father. Lona B. Cook had an older sister, Vidella M. Cook[3], who was also illegitimate.          

          The June 1, 1900 Census in Harmony lists Lony [sic] Cook, age 5 and her mother Lizzie Cook, age 39 "Single”, as living with "Divorced" head of household William H. Smart[4], age 54.


          Though, Viola “Lizzie” Cook indicates in 1900 that she is the mother of only one child, with one still alive, she is actually the mother of two, both still living. She denied the existence of her first child Vidella M. (Cook) Hunt Whiting, who would not die until the next year.          

          Viola Cook and William Smart were married on November 6, 1900 in Harmony. In 1910 Lona Cook is known as Louie B. Swart [sic].15-year-old daughter of William H. and Viola E. Swart [sic] in Harmony.   

          Lona Cook may have been adopted by her step-father, William H. Smart before her marriage to Howard Nathen McCauseland[5].      


          Lona Smart, daughter of Viola Cook and Wm. Smart married Howard N. McCausland on November 15, 1913 in Pittsfield, Maine.


          Howard N. Mccausland was born in Pittsfield, the son of Nathaniel "Nathan" H. Mccausland[6] and his second wife Olive D. Reynolds[7], who were married there on June 11, 1882. Nathan H. Mccausland, age 63 married 27-year-old Olive D. Reynolds and they had daughter Ida J. Mccausland[8] , who was born in Pittsfield the next year.


          Ida J. Mccausland married in Pittsfield on December 24, 1901 to Sherman Gray[9], both are age 18. Sherman and Ida had six children: Madeline Gladys Gray[10], who married Harold G. Allen[11] on July 23, 1921 in Hartland; Doris Hazel Gray[12], who died at age 8 years, 7 months and 7 days (actually 8y-5m-7d) and Erving Nathan Gray[13], who died of Gastric Enteritis at age 4 months and 2 days old.


          The 4th child of Sherman and Ida Gray, Marion Louise Gray[14] was born in Hartland. The source of this record is the deposition of her uncle, Howard Mccausland on September 5, 1941. Marion L. Gray married Palmer C. Kimball[15] about 1931; Arlene Gertrude Gray[16], who married George I. Mardin[17] after 1943; twin of Arlene is Catherlene Marguerite Gray[18], who married Stephen Israelian[19].


          Olive D. Reynolds was born in Burnham, Maine, the daughter of Joshua Reynolds[20] and Thankful Reynolds[21]. Thankful's mother, Betsey (Dodge) Reynolds petitioned the Maine State Legislature for a Civil War Military Pension and it was granted.


Referring to the Civil War: "A few months since a resolve was presented in the legislature of Maine, in favor of granting a pension to Mrs. Betsey Reynolds, widow of John REYNOLDS of Burnham, and the following facts were stated in support of the resolve; "Viz., that she "sent four sons, two sons-in-law, and one grandson to the war, neither (none) of whom returned to tell their story. They all died defending our flag. When the war closed she was left with thirty-one orphaned grandchildren, made so by the war. Her only surviving son, who is lame, volunteered, but was rejected on account of his lameness. Mrs. Reynolds is now depending on her own labor for her livelihood. Seven of her orphan grandchildren were taken into the Bath asylum."


          When Howard N. Mccausland was six years old, his father Nathan died of "Pneumonia". Howard’s mother, Olive D. Mc Causland soon married for a second time to Eben H. Fairbrother[22] on October 6, 1895. Their daughter, Lottie M. Fairbrother[23] was born in Pittsfield.


          Lottie M. Fairbrother died in Mercer, Maine at age 3 years, 5 months and 1 day of "Hemorrhage of Lungs". Olive D. (Reynolds) Mccausland Fairbrother died in Pittsfield at age 84. Olive Fairbrother is buried with her husband Eben in Pittsfield Village Cemetery.


          Howard's father, Nathaniel H. Mccausland had been previously married to Climena W. Libby[24] after the September 4, 1850 Census.


          Nathan and Clemena had five children: Ansel S. Mccausland[25], Chester Warren Mccausland[26], George Clustin Mccausland[27], Josephine "Josie" Anna Mccausland[28], who married on January 9, 1895 to George T. Curtis[29] and moved to Ohio; youngest child, Abigail "Abbie" Maud Mccausland[30], who married Power S. Mooney[31] on November 23, 1893 in Augusta, Maine.


          In the 1860 Census in Pittsfield, Nathan Mc Causlin [sic] age 34, born 1826 (1819 actual) and his wife Climela [sic] age 28, live with their children Absil [sic] age 7 and Warren C. age 5. Joseph Mc Causlin age 36 and Joseph Mc Causlin, age 13 are also in the household.


          In the 1870 Census in Pittsfield, Nathan is enumerated as Nathan H. Mccauslin. Nathan Mccausland divorced Climena shortly after 1880. Clemena W. Mccausland died in Pittsfield at age 94 and is buried in Pittsfield Village Cemetery with her daughter Josie A. Curtis and Josie Mccausland[32], wife of Ansel Mccausland., who is not buried there.


Josie Boothby and Ansel Mccausland were married on January 24, 1875 in Anson, Maine. Josie (Boothby) Mccausland would die that same year. In 1880, Ansel M. Causland, age 23, born 1857 (actual year is about 1852) is in Forest, Ohio working as a clerk.

          In 1900, there is a G. S. Mccausland in Fort St. Michael on the Island of St. Michael in the Northern District of the Alaska Territory. He is a 48-year-old married Carpenter in this Census report. According to this record, G. S. Mccausland is born in Pittsfield in December of 1851, father born in Maine, mother born in Canterbury, New Hampshire.


          In 1920 in Hartland, Maine, Howard N. Mccausland, age 31 is a "Partner in a Garage" and his wife Lona B. McCausland, age 24 "works at a Filling Machine in a Shirt Factory"[33].


          By 1925 Lona and Howard Mccausland had divorced, he was boarding with his future wife Jeannette Ford[34] in 1930 and 1940 in Pittsfield. Howard is also recorded as living with his brother, Thomas F. Randlett[35] in Hartland in 1930. The actual relationship is unclear.


          Howard Mccausland and Jeannette Ford were married on December 19, 1943 in Pittsfield. It is a second marriage for both. Jeannette Ford had been previously married to Arthur Earl Havey[36] on November 27, 1912 in Hartland. Their son Arden Ford Havey[37] was born there about five months later.


          In 1910, Arthur E. Havey, age 19 lives in Pittsfield with his mother Helen and step-father Seymour Burch[38]. Harold H. Havey[39], age 20 and Seymour C.V. Burch[40] age 9, born in Connecticut also live there.


          Arthur and Jeanette Havey had three other children together, all born in Hartland: Vincent Earl Havey[41], Helen Evangeline Havey[42], who first married on February 15, 1941 in Corinna, Maine to Wilfred C. Herring. Helen E. Havey next married Paul E. Clukey[43]; youngest child, Barbara Agnes Havey[44], who married Philip J. Bauer in Auburn, Maine on December 11, 1945. Nothing else is known of Philip J. Bauer.


          In 1920, the Havey family are living in Greenwich, Connecticut as Earl A. Havey, age 28, Hautte  [sic] Havey, age 27, Arden F. Havey, age 6 and Vincent P. Havey, age 2.


          Howard N. McCausland is buried with his second wife Jeannette (Ford) Havey McCausland in Pittsfield Village Cemetery.          

          On December 25, 1925 in Harpswell, Maine, Lona B. Stuart [sic] , age 30, married Herbert L. Pettengall[45] [sic] , age 50, a widower with five adult children.


          In 1930, in Harmony, Herbert L. age 54, and Lona B. Pettingill [sic], age 34 live nearby her mother, Viola E. Smart, a widow living with the family of Fred G. Piper[46]. Herbert Pettengill is a Steam Railroad Conductor and Lona is not employed. They rent for $15 month.

          Herbert L. Pettingill married his first wife, Ida E. Patterson[47] on December 5, 1892 in Lisbon Falls, Maine. Ida Patterson had immigrated with her parents from Canada in 1888. Herbert and Ida had five daughters and two sons, all born in Lisbon Falls. Their 1st daughter, Gervais “Genie or Jean” Emma Pettengill[48] was born the next year.


          In 1900 in Lisbon Town, Maine the Pettengill family is enumerated as Albert [sic] H. age 29, Ida L., age 27, Genie E., age 7 and Olive M. Pettingill [sic], age 4.


          Jean E. Pettingill age 19, married 22-year-old Clarence A. Leclair[49] on February 1, 1913 in Kittery, Maine. She was a resident of Boise, Idaho at the time. He is a resident of Haverhill, Massachusetts.


          Olive Marion Pettingill[50] was the second child of Herbert and Ida. Olive Marion Pettengill was married to Arthur Linwood Hammond[51] on August 26, 1914 in Lisbon Falls. He was 24, she was 18.


          Their 3rd daughter, Helen I. Pettengill[52] died of Cerebral Meningitis at the age of 3 months. Their 4th child was also a daughter, named Ida C. Pettengill[53]. It is unclear what happened to her after 1920.


          Their 5th and 6th children were twin boys, named Herbert F.[54] and George F. Pettengill[55]. Twin, Herbert F. Pettengill died soon after his 1st birthday of Spinal Meningitis[56]. The youngest child of Herbert and Ida, their 5th daughter, Madeline B. Pettengill[57] died at the age 3 of years from Gastro Enteritis[58], with Pneumonia contributing.


          In 1920, Herbert Pettingil [sic], 48 and his wife Ida C., 46 live in Lisbon, Maine with their two children, Ida C., 15 and George E. Pettingil, 13. Ida C. (Patterson) Pettingill died before the next Census, at age 49.

          In 1940, Lona Pettengill lives with her husband Herbert L. Pettengill in Durham Town, Maine as lodgers with Nella [sic] M. Gross. Herbert and Lona's last residence had been in Harpswell in 1935. Nellie M. and her husband William A. Gross[59] had been lodgers at the home of Herbert's father, George A. Pettengill[60] in the 1910 Census in Lisbon.  


          When she was 17, Nellie Maines had an illegitimate daughter, Viola Maines[61] born in Robbinston, Maine. Two years later, Nellie Main [sic] gave birth in Robbinston to another illegitimate child, a son named Ralph James Main[62]. There is a Viola G. Main, who died in Portland Maine at age 82. She may be the same person as Viola Maines.


          Nellie M. Maines[63] was born in Charlotte or St. George, New Brunswick. She married William A. Gross on September 16, 1907 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. In 1910 Lisbon, Nellie M. Gross reports that she has no children born or living. Nelle M. Gross is buried with her husband William in Hillside Cemetery in Lisbon Falls, Maine.


          Viola M. (Cook) Smart remained in Harmony in 1940 and is known as Lizie [sic] Smart, age 80 a widow, living with her hired hand Wilbur C. Staples[64], age 40. In 1930, Wilbur was living with the Brown family, in the same neighborhood as Viola, so they were probably acquainted.


          Wilbur C. Staples had previously been a patient at the Augusta State Hospital and at age 19 was declared "Insane" in 1918 for the WWI Draft. He is described as being of medium height, a slender build, with brown hair and blue eyes.          

          Herbert L. Pettengill is buried with his first wife, Ida E. Patterson. They are in Hillside Cemetery in Lisbon Falls. After Herbert Pettengill's death, Lona B. Pettengill removed to Pasco County, Florida where she married in 1953 to James H. McDow[65].


          James H. McDow was a widower, whose first wife, May had died three years before. It is unknown when or where Lona B. (Cook-Smart) McCausland Pettengill McDow died, but a Lona B. McDow has a gravestone with James H. and 1st wife, May McDow in Oakside Cemetery in Zephyrhills, Florida that has only the birth date of 1895- .


[1] Lona B. Cook b Apr 1895 d 1953+; dau of Viola Cook 1861-1944 & Unknown

[2] Viola E. Cook b Feb 17, 1861 d Mar 21, 1944; dau of Samuel Cook 1830-1910 & Susannah Hunt 1831-1870+

[3] Vidella M. Cook b Oct 15, 1877 d Feb 11, 1901; dau of Viola Cook 1861-1944 & Frederick Tripp 1858-1907

[4] William H. Smart b Oct 1, 1846 d Sep 9, 1927; son of Eliphalet Smart 1803-1873 & Susan Robbins 1804-1881

[5] Howard N. McCausland b 1888 d 1955; son of Nathan H. McCausland 1819-1895 & Olive D. Reynolds 1862-1940

[6] Nathaniel Mccausland b Jan 19, 1819 d Dec 15, 1894; son of Joseph Mccausland 1786-1870 & Mary Douglas 1790-1837

[7] Olive D. Reynolds b Aug 14, 1854 d Apr 8, 1940; dau of Joshua Reynolds 1823-1897 & Thankful Reynolds 1824-1873

[8] Ida J. Mccausland b Sep 2, 1883 d 1963; dau of Nathan H. McCausland 1819-1895 & Olive D. Reynolds 1862-1940

[9] Sherman Gray b Jan 21, 1884 d Jan 11, 1966; son of Nathan F. Gray 1865-1943 & Bertha M. Burns 1867-1943

[10] Madeline G. Gray b Feb 21, 1903 d Mar 3, 1977; dau of Ida Mccausland 1883-1963 & Sherman Gray 1884-1966

[11] Harold G. Allen b Nov 19, 1890 d Jan 10, 1973; son of Edward P. Allen 1867-1947 & Celia J. Gates 1859-1936

[12] Doris Hazel Gray b Jul 18, 1904 d Dec 26, 1912; dau of Ida Mccausland 1883-1963 & Sherman Gray 1884-1966

[13] Erving N. Gray b May 10, 1906 d Sep 12, 1906; son of Ida Mccausland 1883-1963 & Sherman Gray 1884-1966

[14] Marion L. Gray b Sep 10, 1912 d 1984; dau of Ida Mccausland 1883-1963 & Sherman Gray 1884-1966

[15] Palmer C. Kimball b Aug 7, 1911 d May 15, 1993; son of George W. Kimball 1885-19364 & Rhea H. Palmer 1890-1946

[16] Arlene G. Gray b Mar 19, 1921 d Jan 1, 1992; dau of Ida Mccausland 1883-1963 & Sherman Gray 1884-1966

[17] George I. Mardin, Jr. b Nov 9, 1918 d Dec 7, 1993; son of George Israel Mardin 1893-1942+ & Flossie Ina Taylor 1894-1920+

[18] Catherlene M. Gray b Mar 19, 1921 d Sep 6, 1996; dau of Ida Mccausland 1883-1963 & Sherman Gray 1884-1966

[19] Stephen Israelian b Nov 26, 1914 d Feb 19, 1983; born in Massachusetts? son of Israelian

[20] Joshua K. Reynolds b Mar 28, 1823 d Nov 11, 1897; son of Eleazer Reynolds 1790-1870 & Rhoda 1792-1860

[21] Thankful Reynolds b 1824 d Jan 26, 1873; dau of John B. Reynolds 1797-1869 & Betsey Dodge 1804-1890

[22] Eben H. Fairbrother b 1861 d 1937; son of Benjamin F. Fairbrother 1830-1908 & Hannah P. Squires 1832-1914

[23] Lottie M. Fairbrother b May 26, 1897 d Oct 7, 1900; dau of Eben H. Fairbrother 1861-1937 & Olive D. Reynolds 1862-1940

[24]Climena W. Libby b Feb 24, 1830 d Jul 3, 1924; dau of James Libby, Jr. 1786-1858 & Mehitable Low 1792-1833

[25] Ansel S. Mccausland b Dec 1851 d 1900+; son of Nathan H. McCausland 1819-1895 & Climena W. Libby 1830-1924

[26] Chester W. Mccausland b 1854 d 1900; son of Nathan McCausland 1819-1895 & Climena W. Libby 1830-1924

[27] George C. Mccausland b May 5, 1864 d Apr 2, 1954; son of Nathan McCausland 1819-1895 Climena W. Libby 1830-1924

[28] Josephine Mccausland b Jan 7, 1868 d May 30, 1930; dau of Nathan McCausland 1819-1895 & Climena Libby 1830-1924

[29] George T. Curtis b Dec 22, 1864 d 1944; son of Thomas J. Curtis 1839-1893 & Ellen W. Dennison 1838-1908

[30] Abigail Mccausland b Nov 23, 1870 d 1947; dau of Nathan McCausland 1819-1895 & Climena Libby 1830-1924

[31] Power S. Mooney b Sep 13, 1848 d Jun 14, 1939; son of William M. Mooney 1811-1870+ & Mary Ann Power 1819-1898

[32] Josie Boothby b 1852 d 1875; dau of Boothby

[33] C. F. Hathaway Company, manufacturer of men's shirts; opened 1837 in Waterville, ME; closed 2002

[34] Jeannette Ford, twin to Annette b Feb 1892 d 1967; dau of Joseph L. Ford 1857-1929 & Agnes M. Jackson 1865-1922

[35] Thomas Fuller Randlett b 1869 d 1955; son of Harry Randlett 1842-1925 & Ellen M. Fuller 1846-1935

[36] Arthur Earl Havey b June 9, 1891 d Apr 6, 1975; son of Floyd Havey & Helen Mcquinn 1868-1943

[37] Arden F. Havey b Apr 5, 1913 d Jun 17, 1980; son of Earl Havey 1891-1975 & Jeanette Ford 1892-1967

[38] Timothy Seymour Burch b 1871 d 1960; born New York, son of Burch or Birch

[39] Harold H. Havey b Jan 18, 1890 d 1944; son of son of Floyd Havey & Helen Mcquinn 1868-1943

[40] Seymour C. Vincent Burch b Jul 3, 1900 d 1979; son of Timothy S. Burch 1871-1960 & Helen Mcquinn 1868-1943

[41] Vincent E. Havey b Feb 7, 1917 d Oct 23, 1986; son of son of Arthur Havey 1891-1975 & Janette Ford 1892-1967

[42] Helen E. Havey b Aug 14, 1920 d Jul 13, 2000; dau of Earl A. Havey 1891-1975 & Janette Ford 1892-1967

[43] Paul E. Clukey b Aug 30, 1915 d Feb 17, 2001; son of Delphis J. Clukey 1895-1984 & Marion Dyer 1894-1968

[44] Barbara A. Havey b Oct 13, 1922 d Unknown; dau of Earl Havey 1891-1975 & Janette Ford 1892-1967

[45] Herbert L. Pettengill b Sep 17, 1871 d Jan 21, 1952; son of George A. Pettengill 1848-1916 & Lucy Emma Crossman 1850-1910

[46] Fred Piper b Sep 26, 1897 d Jul 19, 1974; son of George H. Piper 1861-1930+ & Esther A. Wiggins 1863-1900+

[47] Ida E. Patterson b Jul 12, 1873 d Mar 28, 1922; dau of John Patterson 1823-1892 & Jean Romans 1824-1886

[48] Gervais Emma Pettengill b Oct 24, 1893 d Nov 20, 1979; dau of Herbert L. Pettengill 1871-1952 & Ida E. Patterson 1873-1922

[49] Clarence A. Leclair b Oct 22, 1892 d Feb 27, 1952; son of Henry A. Leclair 1869-1958 & Lizzie E. Higgins 1868-1937

[50] Olive M. Pettingill b Mar 2, 1896 d Mar 2, 1977; dau of Herbert L. Pettengill 1871-1952 & Ida E. Patterson 1873-1922

[51] Arthur L. Hammond b Mar 14, 1890 d Oct 29, 1974; son of George Hammond 1866-1937 & Annie Dingley 1872-1955

[52] Helen I. Pettengill b Jul 30, 1901 d Nov 11, 1901; dau of Herbert L. Pettengill 1871-1952 & Ida E. Patterson 1873-1922

[53] Ida C. Pettengill b Jul 16, 1904 d 1920+; dau of Herbert L. Pettengill 1871-1952 & Ida E. Patterson 1873-1922

[54] Herbert F. Pettengill b Sep 14, 1906 d Nov 3, 1907; son of Herbert L. Pettengill 1871-1952 & Ida E. Patterson 1873-1922

[55] George F. Pettengill b Sep 14, 1906 d Sep 10, 1967; son of Herbert L. Pettengill 1871-1952 & Ida E. Patterson 1873-1922

[56] Spinal Meningitis: Inflammation of the membrane encasing the spinal cord, usually fatal in infants and young children

[57] Madeline B. Pettengill b 1907 d Oct 7, 1910; dau of Herbert L. Pettengill 1871-1952 & Ida E. Patterson 1873-1922

[58] Gastro Enteritis: Inflammation of the stomach and intestines resulting from bacterial toxins or viral infection

[59] William Arthur Gross b Jul 13, 1878 d 1938; son of Frank Gross 1848-1913 & Lena A. Drechsler 1856-1900+

[60] George A. Pettengill b Feb 26, 1848 d Oct 21, 1916; son of Andrew C. Pettengill 1816-1901 & Olive Goss 1821-1904

[61] Viola Maines b May 8, 1903 d Jul 3, 1984; dau of Nellie Maines 1886-1956 & Unknown

[62] Ralph James Main b Nov 4, 1905 d Jun 1956; son of Nellie Maines 1886-1956 & Unknown

[63] Nellie M. Maines b 1886 d 1956; born in Canada? dau of Frank Maines & Sarah

[64] Wilbur C. Staples b Jan 20, 1899 d May 30, 1967; son of Elmer T. Staples 1861-1928 & Lula B. Tibbetts 1868-1911

[65] James H. McDow b 1882 d 1965; 1m May McDow 1886-1950

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