Charlene Hester Whiting[1] was born in Garland, Maine, the 6th child of Gladys Hunt Whiting and an unnamed father.


          Gladys Mabel Hunt[2] divorced her husband George Elisco Whiting[3] several years before the conception of her daughter, Charlene Hester.


          Gladys Mabel Hunt also had another illegitimate child, her 7th, Chester Judkins Kimball Whiting[4], who was born in Sharon, Connecticut. No father listed. Chester J.K. Whiting died in Sharon only 15 days later.


          Gladys M. Whiting must have traveled with her infant daughter, Charlene Whiting, to Connecticut before Chester’s birth there. When Gladys returned to Maine, she abandoned Charlene in Connecticut.


          In 1940, Gladys is back in Garland, living with two male boarders and Charlene is a “Welfare Child” living with Elton Jones[5] and his wife, Ada (Dings[6]) Jones in Barkhamsted, Litchfield County, Connecticut.


          Charlene Whiting graduated from The Gilbert School[7] in Winsted, Connecticut in the spring of 1952.  After graduation, she married Floyd Victor Haynes[8] on December 25, 1952 in Barkhamsted, Connecticut. 


          Floyd and Charlene Haynes had four daughters: Alice Ada Haynes, born about 1955; Rhoda Ann Haynes, born about 1958; Carlotta May Haynes, born about 1960 and Brenda Haynes, born on September 1, 1962 in Winsted. Alice’s middle name, Ada, was no doubt a tribute to Ada May (Dings) Jones, who lived to be more than 105 years old!


          Charlene (Whiting) Haynes was granted an uncontested divorce from Floyd V. Haynes on August 9, 1968 in the Litchfield County Court.  Grounds for divorce: Cruelty. 


          Curiously, this decree shows that there are eight or more children under the age of 18 at the residence of the “Plaintiff” (Wife-Charlene).  Did Charlene and Floyd Haynes have four more children between 1963 and 1968 or is this an error?


          Floyd V. Haynes was born in Connecticut and is known as Lloyd V. Haines in the 1930 Newington, Connecticut Census.  In 1940, Floyd is living in Barkhamsted Town, Connecticut with his parents and younger siblings, Paul and Patricia.  This would be the last year that Floyd V. Haynes attended school.  He was 13 and in the eighth grade.


          After the divorce from Charlene, it appears that Floyd Haynes had a brief marriage in Marion County Florida.  Floyd Haynes married on March 28, 1975 [sic] and then divorced on June 2, 1975 from a woman named “Sylvia”. 


          There is a record for Sylvia Ann Miller, who married on March 3, 1973 in Orange, Florida to spouse “Haynes”.  There is a record for a marriage in Orange County, Florida for Sylvia Ann Haynes on October 17, 1987.  This record also shows her name as Sylvia Ann Uhls.


          Floyd Haynes married again on February 14, 1979 in Manchester, Connecticut to Theresa P. Barile[9].  They moved to Orange Park, Florida, where Theresa Haynes died and then Floyd eventually moved to a town in Marion County, Florida, where he died at age 77. 


          I don’t know what happened to Charlene Hester (Whiting) Haynes after her divorce from Floyd, but in 2018, she would be 84 years old and might still be alive.  I would like to find her and her four children.














[1] Charlene Hester Whiting b Jan 24, 1934; dau of Gladys M. (Hunt) Whiting 1897-1991 & Unknown

[2] Gladys Mable Hunt b Jan 22, 1897 d Feb 24, 1991; dau of Pearl Hunt 1877-1901+ & Vidella Cook 1877-1901

[3] George E. Whiting b Apr 13, 1895 d Aug 1965; son of George W. Whiting 1866-1942 & Thurza J. Inman 1875-1958

[4] Chester J. K. Whiting b May 22, 1935 d Jun 6, 1935; son of Gladys M. (Hunt) Whiting 1897-1991 & Unknown

[5] Elton Samuel Jones b Jul 7, 1886 d Jun 9, 1949; son of Samuel S. Jones 1850-1910+ & Eleanor Nye 1860-1910+

[6] Ada May Dings b Dec 30, 1887 d Apr 18, 1993; dau of Hiram J. Dings 1857-1910+ & Alice A. Beardsley 1868-1940+

[7] Gilbert School, 200 Williams Avenue, Winsted, CT 06098

[8] Floyd V. Haynes b Sep 22, 1926 d Jun 16, 2004; son of Paul L. Haynes 1906-1940+ & Charlotte 1907-1940+

[9] Theresa P. Barile b Feb 6, 1933 d May 8, 1996; dau of Unknown

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