Once again, I owe this find to Chris Dunham of Maine Genealogy Network. It comes from the Lewiston Evening Journal of 5 November 1878 and describes a near tragedy for the Carter family. 

Relatives (age in Nov 1878) involved in this story: 

Hon. E. M. Carter is Elias Mellen Carter (67) - my 3rd great-grandfather

Mr. Williamson "an old gentleman" is John Williamson (90) - my 4th great-grandfather and his daughter, Rebecca Ann Williamson (62), wife of Elias Mellen. 

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Comment by Chris Dunham on April 1, 2012 at 8:26pm

The house history in this article interests me as much as the family history. Am I right in thinking this was the Brick End House? I'm wondering whether any evidence of the fire could still be found in the walls or under the floor.

Comment by Pamela Carter on April 2, 2012 at 6:57pm

My dad and I were discussing that yesterday. We think it has to be the Brick End house. It has lots of fireplaces. I'm also very curious about the aqueduct mentioned. I have a hard time visualizing such a contraption. I've never seen evidence of or heard about this fire before you found this article. I'll have a conversation with my cousin, John  who lives there now. He has been refinishing floors and might see something that could shed some light on this story. 


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