This is the latest installment in a series of posts that I hope will
put me in touch with more descendants of John Cutter West and
his wife Arvilla (Ames) West.

Vienna Ames West was their fifth child and second daughter.
I don't have much information on this branch of the family and
had to fill in some blanks from information I found on
I'll post some thoughts about all this in my next post.

Descendants of Vienna Ames West
1. Vienna Ames West (b.14 Apr 1836-Letter "b" Township,Oxford,Me;
d.14 Oct 1913)
sp: William Russell Goodwin (b.18 Aug 1832;m.28 Jun 1857;d.20 Jan 1904)
2. Nettie Goodwin (b.25 Sep 1858;d.27 Feb 1885)
sp: John Farnham
2. Matilda Z. Goodwin (b.1859)
2. Grace Goodwin (d.22 Jun 1862)
2. Winnifred Goodwin (b.1865-Carroll N.H.;d.1954-So.Levant Cem)
sp: C. Frank Thompson
3. Russell Thompson (b.1895)
sp: Bessie (UNKNOWN)
4. Wilma A. Thompson (b.1923)
3. Guy Thompson (b.1896)
3. Bud Thompson (b.1903)
3. Ichabod Thompson (b.1903)
sp: Eda (UNKNOWN)
4. Margarete Thompson (b.1929)
2. Wilma Goodwin (b.27 Mar 1868;d.1 Mar 1952)
sp: John Mansell (m.1889)
3. Leonidus Mansell (b.1891)
3. Susie E. Mansell (b.1893)
sp: Alton Richardson (b.1883)
4. Esther Richardson (b.1917)
4. Edna Richardson (b.1919)
3. Vinnette Mansell (b.1897;d.Jan 1981-Unity,Waldo,Me.)
sp: George MacLeod (m.8 Jul 1916)
4. Mary A. MacLeod
3. Morris G. Mansell (b.27 Aug 1899-Greenville,Piscataqua,Me)

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