This is the next in a series of posts on the descendants of
John Cutter West and Arvilla Ames West that I hope will
lead to contact with other West descendants.

Hiram Ferdinand West was the fourth son and sixth child
of John and Arvilla. I had less information to start with on
this branch of the family than the others so far but Ancestry
was very helpful with census records:

1. Hiram Ferdinand West (b.18 Nov 1838-Letter "b" Township,Upton,Oxford,Me;
d.Feb 1914)
sp: Arvilla Mary Ballard (m.18 Nov 1865;d. 31Dec 1937)
2. Clara M. West (b.1868;d.25 Dec 1955-Rumford,Oxford,Me)
sp: Rufus Scott Goodwin (b.15 Aug 1867-Upton,Oxford,Me;m.1 Mar 1892;d.1907)
2. Hiram Winfield West (b.Jun 1870;d.1933)
sp: Eva Chase
3. Cleaveland R West (b.9 Jul 1892;d.Aug 1963)
sp: Bertha M. Thurston (m.7 Aug 1912)
4. Jerald West (b.22 Apr 1917)
sp: Muriel Barnett (b.18 Dec 1918;m.15Dec 1936;d.10 Jul 1995)
4. Roy Thurston West (b.13 Jan 1919-Bethel,Oxford,Me;d.25 Feb 1919)
sp: Beryl T Adams (m.25 Jul 1936)
4. Eva West (b.1944)
2. Asa West (b.29 Aug 1878;d.1954)
sp: Alda Sarah Corbett (b.12 Mar 1875-Errol,Coos NH;d.28 Nov 1935-Rumford,
3. Annie E. West (b.1903)
3. Herbert Asa West (b.12 May 1908-Rumford,Oxford,Me. ;d.14 Feb.1948-
3. Frank C. West (b.5 Nov 1913-Rumford,Oxford,Me;d.1977)
2. Valora West (b.Abt 1873)
sp: Allie O. Abbott (m.6 Nov 1889)
3. Clarence Abbott (b.Jun 1891)
3. Francis Ruth Abbott (b.25 Jun 1893-Upton,Oxford,Me)

I've already made contact with one of Hiram's descendants and hope someday
to meet more!

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Comment by Chris Dunham on January 13, 2010 at 3:26am
I have the death dates of Hiram and Arvilla from Maine vital records. Hiram died 26 Jan. 1914 in South Rumford, aged 76 years, 2 months 8 days. Arvilla died 31 Dec. 1937 in Rumford, aged 90 years, 10 months, 16 days. They are supposedly buried in East Rumford Cemetery, though I haven't confirmed this.
Comment by Bill West on May 14, 2010 at 9:33pm
Thanks Chris. I was going by so family records for Hiram but apparently I confused Arvilla Mary Ballard with
her mother in law Arvilla Ames West who died in 25April 1907 when I was entering the information.

Thanks again!


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