This was the most challenging installment of Cousin Quest so far.
The person who transcribed the BMD records from "Grandmother
West's Bible" didn't have much information on Vienna's grandchildren
and great-grandchildren.For example, the entry on Winnifred Goodwin
includes the line:

"m C.Frank Thompson-4 sons.One still living on the old homestead.
Saw him about a year ago."

Luckily the Family Group sheet that my Aut Dot sent us years ago
had more to help fill in the blanks on the grandchildren and
was useful for the great-grandchildren.Even so I could find no names
for two sons of Nettie Goodwin and John Farnham. The Federal Census
sheets at Ancestry were useful although two transcriptions contained
errors. One listed Ichabod Thompson as "Schaberd Thompson"; another
had a "Leonidur" Mansell that I believe is Leonidus.

One item that caught my eye was that "Leanidus West Mansell" is
listed in the Canadian Soldiers of World War 1 1914-1918 records.I'll
have to look further into that. Maybe someday I'll hear about it from
one of his descendants!

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