Daniel Wentworth Hunt 1850-


Hunt Pedigree

Samuel Hunt 1811-1899 and Lydia Cook 1825-1915

William Hunt 1789-1865 and Mary Dunlap 1792-1843

Ephraim Hunt 1749-1818 and Martha Lowell 1760-1854

John Hunt, Jr. 1718-1789 and Mary Reed 1723-1797

John Hunt, Sr. 1681-1732 and Hannah Clough 1685-1752

Edward Hunt 1655-1727 and Ann Weed 1657-1711

Edward Hunt 1632-1665+ and Wife

Edmund Hunt 1613-1657 and Goodwife


Cook Pedigree

Lydia Cook 1825-1915 and Samuel Hunt 1811-1899

Samuel Cook 1795-1850+ and Lydia Wentworth 1789-1870+

Cutting Cook 1761-1827 and Elizabeth Merrill 1766-1845

Samuel Cook 1720-1790 and Judith Bartlett 1726-1790

Samuel Cooke 1680-1734+ and Elizabeth Wilson 1685-1735+


Cook-Wentworth Pedigree

Lydia Cook 1825-1915 and Samuel Hunt 1811-1899

Samuel Cook 1795-1850+ and Lydia Wentworth 1789-1850+

John Wentworth 1740-1806 and Ann Blazo 1759-1807

Richard Wentworth 1708-1796 and Rebecca Knox 1713-1796

John Wentworth 1679-1718 and Martha Miller 1684-1755

Ezekiel Wentworth 1645-1712 and Elizabeth Knight 1656-1726

William Wentworth 1617-1697 and Elizabeth Kenney 1625-1698


          Daniel Wentworth Hunt[1] was born in Kingsbury, Maine, son of Samuel Hunt[2] and Lydia A. Cook[3], who were married in Wellington, Maine by James Bussell, on March 14, 1847 and had eleven children.


          The oldest child of Samuel and Lydia A. Hunt, Jane S. Hunt[4], was born more than a year before their marriage and their second child, Nancy M. Hunt[5], was born just four months after the wedding.


          The 11 children of Samuel Hunt and Lydia A. Cook are: Jane “Jennie” S. (Hunt) Woodbury, Nancy M. (Hunt) Sinclair, Daniel W. Hunt, Melvin P. Hunt[6], Franklin P. Hunt[7], Lydia Ann (Hunt[8]) Kelley Hilton, Alphonzo Hunt[9], Willard A. Hunt[10], Ruth B. (Hunt[11]) Drake Barker and the youngest child, Angeline or Angelina “Angie” C. (Hunt[12]) Parlin.


          On September 16, 1850, during the Census in Kingsbury, Samuel Hunt 34, wife Lydia Hunt 23, have children Jane Hunt 4, Nancy Hunt 3 and Daniel Hunt, 5 months old. Samuel Hunt and the six neighboring families are all Farmers, with properties valued between $150-$250.


          In June 1860, in Kingsbury, Samuel Hunt is 45, Lydia Hunt 44 (actually 34), children Jane Hunt 14, Nancy Hunt 13, Daniel W. Hunt 11, Melvin Hunt 8, Franklin R. Hunt 4 and Lydia A. Hunt 1. The first names for Lydia Hunt 44, Nancy Hunt 13 and Melvin Hunt 8, are all illegible.


          In July of 1870, during the Census in Kingsbury, Samuel Hunt is 56, Lydia Hunt 45, Jane Hunt 25, Nancy Hunt 22, Daniel Hunt 20, Melven [sic] Hunt 18, Franklin Hunt 13, Alphonzo Hunt 9, Willie Hunt 4 and Ruth Hunt is 5 months old. Alphonzo died two years later, at age 11.


          In 1870, the adjacent farm to Samuel Hunt is the Thomas Sinclair family, including Benjamin Sinclair[13] 21, the future husband of Nancy Hunt. The other neighbors, the Samuel Cook family, include Viola Cook[14] 10, grandmother of Gladys Hunt[15], Daniel Hunt’s granddaughter.


          Daniel W. Hunt married on June 18, 1875[16] in Kingsbury to Dora V. Wells and their son, Pearl "Perly or Perley” R. Hunt[17], was born there. One record in 1917, indicates that Perley Hunt was actually born in nearby Athens, Maine, but this is probably an error in reporting.


          Nancy Medora “Dora” Wells[18] was born in Wellington, Maine, the daughter of Moses Wells[19] and Mary Rose Small[20], who were married on May 6, 1841 in Piscataquis County, Maine and had 5 (or 6) children.


          Moses Wells died at age 44, leaving his widow, Mary Wells 41 and six children, ages 6 months to 10 years. Nancy Medora “Dora” Wells was only 4 years old when her father, Moses died.


          Dora’s mother, Mary R. Wells, remained a widow for more than seven years before marrying again on August 18, 1859, in Wellington, to twice-widowed, Joseph Wyman[21] 47, who had three young sons.


          Mary R. Wyman died at age 64 and is buried with her son, Charles W. Wells[22] in Hilton Cemetery. After Mary’s death, her widower, Joseph Wyman and his son, Joseph would travel west and settle in Michigan.


          In 1880, in Kingsbury, Daniel W. Hunt 30, is a Day Laborer, living with his wife, Dora W. Hunt 32 and their son, Perly R. Hunt 2, at which they are all listed as Boarders on the farm of Jacob Perkins[23] 35.


          Dan’l W. Hunt and Dora N. Hunt (names are as recorded) were divorced on January 12, 1897 in Somerset County, Maine.


          In 1900, in Skowhegan Town, Daniel Hunt is 47 and divorced, living with his housekeeper, Annie N. Jacobs 45, also a divorcee. Annie claims to have no children, but other records indicate otherwise.


          In 1905, Daniel Hunt was 55 when he had a relationship with his 14-year-old great-niece, Mertie D. Cookson[24]. This affair resulted in the birth of a son, Harry A. Cookson[25], in Kingsbury later that year. Mertie was only 15 years old when her 1st child was born out of wedlock.


          The birth certificate is under the “file Cookson” and does not indicate the first name of the male child, “said to be” the son of Daniel Hunt, who was born in Kingsbury and is still living there.


          Mertie D. Cookson, was born in Abbott, Maine, the daughter of Alfred C. Cookson[26] and Delia V. Sinclair[27]. Delia V. Sinclair was the daughter of Benjamin D. Sinclair and Nancy M. Hunt, who was Daniel Wentworth Hunt’s older sister.


          In Skowhegan, Maine in 1910, Daniel W. Hunt is 58 and his “wife”, Anni [sic] N. Hunt is 57. There is no record of their marriage, but they are recorded as a married couple again in Farmington, Maine in 1920, where Daniel W. Hunt is 69 and his “wife” Annie Hunt is 59.  


          Although Annie assumed the Hunt surname as early as 1910, she may not have married Daniel Hunt until 1924, according to this record. On April 13, 1924 in Farmington, Daniel W. Hunt was married to Nancy Pickard[28], there is also a record for Nancy A. Tibbetts and Daniel Hunt.


          Annie N. Jacobs, Anni N. Hunt, Annie Hunt, Nancy A. Pickard, Rosannah Picard and Nancy A. Tibbetts are all the same person. Nancy-Annie’s birth year is recorded as 1853, June 1855, 1857, 1858 and 1861.




          It is unknown where Daniel and Annie Hunt lived after their marriage in Farmington in 1924. If the following records are correct, it is presumed that Daniel W. Hunt was still alive in 1930, but died before 1940. Although no Census record for Daniel W. Hunt exists in 1930 and his date and place of death still remain unknown.


          In 1930 there is a record for Annie Hunt 75, Divorced Lodger, living in Dexter, Maine. There is another record in 1940, for Annie Hunt 83, a Widowed Lodger, living in Farmington, whose previous address in 1935 was in Industry, Maine, located between Dexter and Farmington.


          Nancy A. “Annie” Pickard was born in Maine, the daughter of Nathan Pickard[29] and Sarah “Sally” Fassett Tuttle[30], who were married on May 1, 1853 in Kingfield, Maine.


          Nancy “Annie” (Pickard) Jacobs Tibbetts Hunt died after 1940.


          There are no official records for Daniel Wentworth Hunt after his marriage to Nancy A. (Pickard) Tibbetts in 1924, but if the Census records for Nancy, also known as Annie Hunt in 1930 and 1940 are accurate, then Daniel Hunt may have died in the decade in between.



[1] Daniel Wentworth Hunt b May 1850 d 1924+; son of Samuel Hunt 1816-1899 & Lydia A. Cook 1825-1915

[2] Samuel Hunt b May 8, 1816 d Jan 15, 1899; son of William Hunt 1789-1865 & Mary “Polly” Dunlap 1792-1843

[3] Lydia A. Cook b Jul 23, 1825 d Oct 30, 1915; dau of Samuel Cook 1795-1850+ & Lydia Wentworth 1789-1870+

[4] Jane S. Hunt b Jan 1846 d Jan 18, 1934; dau of Samuel Hunt 1816-1899 & Lydia A. Cook 1825-1915

[5] Nancy M. Hunt b Jul 29, 1847 d Apr 16, 1939; dau of Samuel Hunt 1816-1899 & Lydia A. Cook 1825-1915

[6] Melvin P. Hunt b 1852 d Apr 11, 1877; son of Samuel Hunt 1816-1899 & Lydia A. Cook 1825-1915

[7] Franklin P. Hunt b Aug 3, 1856 d Jan 19, 1952; son of Samuel Hunt 1816-1899 & Lydia A. Cook 1825-1915

[8] Lydia Ann Hunt b Jul 3, 1858 d 1948; dau of Samuel Hunt 1816-1899 & Lydia A. Cook 1825-1915

[9] Alphonzo Hunt b 1861 d 1872; son of Samuel Hunt 1816-1899 & Lydia A. Cook 1825-1915

[10] Willard A. Hunt b 1866 d 1915+; son of Samuel Hunt 1816-1899 & Lydia A. Cook 1825-1915

[11] Ruth B. Hunt b Mar 1870 d Dec 8, 1895; dau of Samuel Hunt 1816-1899 & Lydia A. Cook 1825-1915

[12] Angelina C. Hunt b Aug 1873 d 1910+; dau of Samuel Hunt 1816-1899 & Lydia A. Cook 1825-1915

[13] Benjamin D. Sinclair b Aug 19, 1850 d Mar 5, 1918; son of Thomas Sinclair 1817-1895 & Ruth B. Cook 1815-1870

[14] Viola E. Cook b Feb 17, 1861 d Mar 21, 1944; dau of Samuel Cook 1830-1910 & Susannah Hunt 1830-1870+

[15] Gladys Mabel Hunt b Jan 22, 1897 d Feb 24, 1991; dau of Pearl R. Hunt 1877-1901+ & Vidella Cook 1877-1901

[16] Alternate date of marriage is March 20, 1875. Date of divorce is January 12, 1897

[17] Pearl R. Hunt b 1877 d 1901+; son of Daniel W. Hunt 1850-1924+ & Nancy Medora “Dora” Wells 1848-1917

[18] Nancy M. “Dora” Wells b May 18, 1848 d Apr 10, 1917; dau of Moses Wells 1807-1852 & Mary Small 1811-1875

[19] Moses Wells b Nov 30, 1807 d Jun 1, 1852; son of William Wells 1781-1830 & Lydia Clark 1779-1831

[20] Mary R. Small b Mar 29, 1811 d Sep 12, 1875; dau of Stephen Small 1789-1881 & Ruth Woodworth 1785-1860

[21] Joseph Wyman b Jul 22, 1811 d Sep 7, 1885; son of Henry Wyman 1762-1837 & Sarah H. Tuttle 1773-1856

[22] Charles W. Wells b Aug 10, 1842 d Apr 1, 1863; son of Moses Wells 1807-1852 & Mary R. Small 1811-1875

[23] Jacob Perkins b Dec 11, 1845 d Jul 1, 1891; son of Jotham Perkins 1811-1901 & Nancy Brown 1816-1889

[24] Mertie D. Cookson b Aug 1890 d 1926; dau of Alfred C. Cookson 1855-1924 & Delia V. Sinclair 1871-1963

[25] Harry A. Cookson b Nov 7, 1905 d Nov 30, 1975; son of Daniel Hunt 1850-1924+ & Mertie D. Cookson 1890-1926

[26] Alfred Charles Cookson b Aug 24, 1855 d 1924; son of Gardner Cookson 1818-1881 & Orrilla B. Seger 1823-1870

[27] Delia V. Sinclair b Jan 1871 d Mar 3, 1963; dau of Benjamin Sinclair 1850-1918 & Nancy M. Hunt 1848-1939

[28] Nancy A. Pickard b Jun 1855 d 1940+; dau of Nathan Pickard 1831-1863 & Sally F. Tuttle 1835-1900

[29] Nathan Pickard b Nov 1, 1831 d Aug 28, 1863; son of Thomas Pickard 1788-1851 & Sarah E. Carlton 1793-1887

[30] Sarah Tuttle b Aug 17, 1835 d Aug 11, 1900; dau of Thaddeus Tuttle 1800-1862 & Hannah H. Elbridge 1801-1899

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