So last night after posting my response to Randy Seaver's SNGF

challenge of "A Prolific Dad" I decided to run the names of some

of my Barker ancestors through FamilySearch's Record Search.

When I put in my the names of my 3x great grandparents

Nathaniel Barker and his wife Huldah Hastings, I found this


This is the Massachusetts Death Certificate for one Alexander Augustus

Barker born around June or July 1824 to Nathaniel Barker and Huldah

Hastings who died on 9Oct 1912. Well, this was news to me! I knew of

two sons for Nathaniel and Huldah, my 2x great grandfathers Amos

Hastings Barker and Nathaniel S. Barker but no other children.

Admittedly I hadn't started looking for any other siblings as yet,

but I'd never seen mention of Alexander on any of the places I'd found

Amos and Nathaniel S. If this was one of Nathaniel and Huldah's

children who'd headed south to Massachusetts, he'd done quite well

for himself, since the certificate lists his occupation as "Formerly Asst.

Supt. of Cambridge Cem". It gives his place of burial as Mt.Auburn

Cemetery which is a beautiful place. I wonder if he'd picked out a good

spot for himself?

I decided to look further for Alexander Augustus Barker on Record

Search. I found a record of a marriage to a Lydia Jane Hutchins on 4Jul

1855 in Carmel, Me. and the groom's father is listed as Nathaniel. It

seems the newlyweds left Maine soon after for Massachusetts because

they are enumerated on the 1855 Ma. State Census living in Watertown.

Alexander's occupation is given as laborer. Next I found Alexander

and Lydia listed as the parents of a Frank W. Barker born in

Watertown, Ma. 19Feb 1858. Then on the Massachusetts

1865 State Census in Watertown Alexander is listed as "Supt. Mt.

Auburn Cemetery.

The 1870 Federal Census shows the Barkers still living in Watertown

with their son and two daughters. Alexander's position is now given as

"Foreman at Mt. Auburn Cemetery" . Sometime before 1880 the

family moved to Cambridge and Alexander is listed as "Sexton in

Cemetery." By 1900 the now 76 year-old Alexander was working as

the cemetery gatekeeper, so I suspect his Lexington Ave home must

be only a short distance away from the place.

Now if I can find a record of his birth to Nathaniel and Huldah, I can

add a gravely distinguished 2x great granduncle to my family tree!!

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Comment by Chris Dunham on June 26, 2010 at 7:01pm
I found some of your Barker and Coburn relatives today in Bethel and Albany, and posted some pictures of their stones.

From Woodland Cemetery, Bethel:

Nathaniel and Huldah (Hastings) Barker

Elizabeth A. Coburn (wife of Melvin Stowe Coburn, daughter of Nathaniel and Huldah Barker)

Hannah H. Barker (daughter of Nathaniel and Huldah)

Mary J. Barker (daughter of Nathaniel and Huldah)

Amos H. and Betsey J. Barker

Cyrus A. and Mary W. Barker

I know that Huldah's parents are buried here as well, but I didn't think to get their stones. I believe that Mary J.'s date of death is incorrect and should be 1851, but I could be wrong.

From Songo Cemetery, Albany Township:

Nathaniel S. Barker

Lucy Elizabeth Barker

Lee Barker

Wesley B. Coburn

Lucy Coburn
Comment by Bill West on June 26, 2010 at 8:22pm
Thank you, Chris! I hope you don't mind if I copy these and send them on to my Aunt Dorothy out in Ohio. She was the one who got me started on my genealogy research.Thanks again for taking these!
Comment by Chris Dunham on June 26, 2010 at 8:34pm
No problem, Bill.


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