If you have never heard of the website Early Families of Waterville Maine, your not alone, many relatives of mine had never heard of it either, yet this single website has a goldmine of information on the early families of waterville maine.  Even it  a relative lived within the city limits for a short period of time, you will most likely find them along with their relatives listed on this website.  And the website does not just list information as it relates to the time your relative lived in the city, it continues to follow them as they moved, in many cases posting the place of death and the cemetery the relative is buried in.

With a website with so much information, you may wonder just how up to date its information is.  The information on the site is very up to date with death information being added within a day or two of a death.  Right after my father passed away, I visited the site two days later to inform them of his passing and his information was already listed.  And when an Uncle passed away his death information was up the following day, so its pretty up to date.

I said the site has a gold mine of information, but information in and of itself is not very useful unless it is presented in a way one can easily access it and it is laid out in a user friendly way, and Early Waterville Maine Families Website is laid out in just such a way,.

The personal information page is divided up into boxes or sections, with the persons full name and any nick names listed at the top of the page.

The first box lists birth date, birth place, gender, death date and place of death.  At the bottom of the first box it lists the date when the page was Last Modified .  If the person is still alive or the death date is not known some time may of passed when the page was lLast Modified .

The second box contains family information, father and mothers full names with links to pages on each of them, and it lists the date the relative was married and where they were married.

How many boxes follow will depend on how many times the person was married, if they were married twice lets say, the next box will be titled FAMILY 1, and the box after it will be titled FAMILY 2.

Each box will have the name of the wife, or husband, at the top of each box.  Each spouse has their own link to their own page.  Below each spouses name is the date they were married on and where they were married, if available.  Below the marriage information is a list of known children, often listed in their birth order, each with links to their own pages.

The final box at the bottom of the page is the Source Box with links to some sources used in gathering information on the relative your looking up, such as links to birth or death records.

If that was the only information you found at the site, it would be pretty amazing, but there is a whole lot more.  

Up to now we have only been talking about the information found on the first page of said relative, now lets go back to the top of the page.  There near the top of the page is a row of six small boxes, with the individual box being highlighted right now.  The titles of the other five boxes are as follows;  Ancestors, Descendants, Relationship, Timeline, and Suggest.  

The Ancestors page is the family tree of the person your looking up, all laid out nicely for you.  There is also a PDF button if you want to download the family tree onto your computer or device.  There are also six boxes on this page allowing you to see the family tree in six different ways, which is just amazing.  Each seems to have the PDF download option.

The Descendants page is as the title suggests with information all laid out in a user friendly way.

The relationship page is used to To display the relationship between two people,.  This is possible because the site asigns an ID number to every single person listed on the site.

The time line page is simply a page with the relative on it and a line giving the birth date and the death date, this page can be edited to add other names as well.

The  nsuggest page is just that, a page where you have the chance to correct any information you found to be wrong, or add information for that relative that the site might not have added as yet.  Your relatives full name along with nick names is listed at the top of the page along with their site ID number.  Below the name is a box for you to place your full name in along with your email, and below that a larger box for you to write in your suggested changes.  I have never used the suggest page but if I did, I would list my suggested changes along with a list of my sources.

Now tover all that is a lot of information, right?  but there is even more, At the far right top of the main page page are three more boxes which are drop down boxes.  You place your mouse pointer over each box and a menu of other options drops down on the person your looking up.  The three drop down boxes are FIND, MEDIA and INFORMATION.  I won't go into every option but under find options such as surnames, bookmarks and cemetery's.  

Under the Media options you  might find a photo of the relative, documents related to the relative or even a photo of the relatives headstone.

The information drop down box appears to have links to pages containing information on the site itself, such as a very long list of the sources the site uses to gather their information.

Overall I am very impressed with this website and found the information on it to be very accurate.    On the PDF there are several options, from copying a chart with no information  on it (which you can fill in as you chose) to a complete copy of the entire page, and its all free - no sign up or membership, just drop in to the site and start using it.


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