Early History of the First Baptist Church of Mexico

[Source: Deacon George B. Crockett, Consolidated History of the Churches of the Oxford Baptist Association, State of Maine, and a Historical Sketch of the Association (Bryant's Pond, Me.: A. M. Chase & Co., Printers, 1905), p. 121.]

THIS church was organized May 29, 1903, with thirteen constituent members as follows: L. A. Beedy, Eva B. Beedy, E. P. Goodwin, Nancy Goodwin, D. M. Davenport, Matt Haines, Hannah Haines, Abbie F. Mailing, W. P. Foster, Mrs. W. P. Foster, May Kempton, L. H. McCollister, Carrie M. McCollister.

L. H. McCollister and L. A. Beedy were chosen Deacons, and W. P. Foster, Clerk. Rev. J. D. Graham served the church as pastor, in connection with the Rumford Falls church, until September, when he resigned. Rev. A. G. Warner was called to the pastorate and still continues to fill that position. There have been additions to the church and the present membership is twenty.

They hold their meetings in a chapel which is owned by the church. A Sabbath-school was early organized, and now has an average attendance of forty-five. The church is situated in a thriving village and the prospect for growth and usefulness is good.

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