A big step forward has been taken in the search for the origins of Eleazer Boyd Dickey with the publication of "David Dickey of New Hampshire, Nova Scotia, and Maine" in the July 2012 edition of the New England Historical and Genealogical Register (vol. 166, pp. 205 - 218) by Ellen J. O'Flaherty.

She claims that Eleazer was the oldest son of David Dickey and Mary Boyd, who left Londonderry, New Hampshire with brothers Adam and Robert Dickey and became original grantees of the township of Truro, Colchester, Nova Scotia in 1765.

Mary Boyd had a brother Eleazer who died in 1761, the year of the birth of Eleazer Boyd Dickey. (Probate records of Rockingham County, New Hampshire)

There are no records of Eleazer's presence with his family in Nova Scotia, and his obituary does not mention a childhood in Nova Scotia. This introduces the possibility that Eleazer was left as an infant in Londonderry.

O'Flaherty claims that David Dickey left Nova Scotia abt 1771 and settled in Vassalboro, Maine. He began selling his property in Colchester County in 1770. Eleazer's obituary reports that he came to Vassalboro in 1773. In 1780 a road was laid out "by David Dickey's lot." In the 1790 census, David Dickey was the head of a household in Vassalboro.

In 1803 David Dickey, Sr. sold portions of his farm in Vassalboro to his sons Eleazer, William, John, and Robert.

Eleazer Dickey borrowed from family members to engage in several unsuccessful business ventures. By 1802 he had a small store on land he had bought from his father. Faced with debts, he left Kennebec County by mid-1805. In 1812 he was living in Frankfort in Hancock County and by 1820 his family was living in Monroe.

Eleazer had siblings Samuel, b. 1763 in Truro, who died young; David Jr., b. 1763 (twin); Mary, b. abt 1769 in Truro; Sarah, b. abt 1776; William Dickey, b. abt 1779; Elizabeth, b. abt 1785; John, b. ?; Robert, b. 1775-76.

Vital records of Vassalboro, China, and Union show the marriages between 1784 and 1806 of Eleazer, Mary, Sarah, William, Elizabeth, John, and Robert.

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