Eli Gerry of Old Town Maine removed to Lincoln, Maine m. 2nd? Emily J House

I am looking for any information about Eli Gerry b. abt. 1820 in Maine. His first wife was Nancy Keazer <Keisor?>. She passed away in Old Town, Penobscot, Maine, in 1860. Eli moved to the Hersey/Daton Plantation area in the early 1860's. He should be showing up there with his children <at the least 3 of them>. My mother and I have spent so many hours for years trying to track this family down. We are trying to figure out where he met and married my gggGrandmother Emily J House, his 2nd or third wife. Did he marry her on his way up Maine? Did he know her while residing in Old Town? We are uncertain if "House/Howes/Howe" is her surname or married name. When they lived in Lincoln, Penobscot, Maine <1870 - 1880> Some of Eli's kids are back in the household with him?? This family is not locatable in the 1860's census. Their wife/mother "Nancy Keazer/Keisor Gerry" died from St Vitus Dance <that lasted 5 years> and is listed in the 1860 Mortality Census as still being married. Why is Eli not showing up in Old Town if he was still married to Nancy? Was he already with Emily? Some people have him married to a "Mary" living in Chester in 1860. If this is him - where are his kids? There are a gaggle of kids in the household - but none match the name or age of what Eli had for children while he was living with Nancy in 1850 or what is showing up in the 1870/1880 census. Any ideas or help on this would be appreciated!


p.s. Eli's son Eli William Gerry Jr. went to Pennsylvania about 1885/86 - he meets and marries a woman by the name of Estella J Comstock from Franklin, Bradford County, Pa. They have one child in Pa. named Robert Gerry and then they move back to Maine - and have more children by 1890. What are the chances Eli and Emily move to Pa??? I can find no death record in Maine for either of them.


Also, Eli's daughter from his first marriage - Margaret A Gerry married a William Noyes in Hersey Maine - they move to Massachusetts - not sure what year - but William Noyes dies in Massachusetts in 1907. No sign of Eli and Emily here - but, keeping all avenues open!


Hope someone can give us some fresh ideas! Short of turning this families bedsheets inside out - I can not come up with any other ideas!

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Comment by Lucinda Bowker Brown on April 27, 2011 at 8:46am

This portion of my "Hersey/Daton Plantation area" should read "Hersey/Dayton Plantation area"

Comment by Alan H. Hawkins on September 12, 2011 at 7:50pm

Interested in your Eli Gerry [Gary] blog. My great grandfather was Granville Wellington Gerry who was born in 3 February 1845 in either Old Town or Orono, the son of Eli and Nancy (Keezer) Gerry. In that first family was also Margaret who married William Noyes and they moved to Massachusetts and a son Allen who served in the Civil War. Eli has been a difficult person to trace and have been very sorry not to find his parents. Granville Wellington Gerry married, first, at Hersey, Aroostook County, Maine, 13 September 1865, Cordelia Hall. I cannot find a record of their divorced but my grandmother always felt there was at least one child. Granville married, second, 25 April 1887 at Lincoln, Maine, Anna Mae Ludden (1858-1943). They had three children: Tina, Gertrude and Louis.


Going back to Eli followed him along the Penobscot but he seems to have disappeared in 1860 census. Since he apparently always rented, there are no lad records. My sense is that, in their later years (1890s) they were very poor and died without an estate, possible buried where their son Allen is buried near the tomb in Lincoln.


Have tracked other Gerrys in the area at the time trying to connect him to some of them. I do have a four page summary of my work but few exact connection. Am also interested in the Howes/House connection. My own House ancestor was George W. House born about 1809 who lived in Washington, Maine then in Ashland, Aroostook County, Maine.


Will be happy to share what I have on these lines.


[1] Mormon records.

Comment by Alan H. Hawkins on October 5, 2011 at 10:23am


Sending the following along to see if you can add more.





My maternal grandmother was Gertrude Gerry Gipson, born 16 Apr. 1890 at Lincoln, Maine, daughter of Granville Wellington and Anna Mae (Ludden) Gerry. She was the only grandmother I knew and her influence on my life was strong. It was my grandmother who, in 1961, when I was but thirteen years of age, inspired me to begin to trace family trees. Her little black book, containing the records of the birth of my grandfather and grandmother, of their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, is, without a doubt, the most valuable piece of family heritage we have. It was that book which first helped me realize that my own grandparents had been children once and that they had had grandparents also. Thus, the search began.


  The tracing of the Ludden genealogy was fairly easy and has grown into hundreds of pages of manuscript over the years. However, the Gerry family was another issue. My grandmother, who was born when her father was forty-five years old, knew little about him and his family. She did remember that he had a brother and sisters and she knew several of her cousins well. She also suspected that her father had been married before and had had at least one daughter. She remembered, as a child, a woman and her daughter who would come to visit now and then and that her mother was never pleased when they came. But, beyond that, she did not even know who her grandparents on the Gerry side were.  It was only after obtaining his death certificate that we knew that he was born in Orono (although he always claimed Old Town) the son of Eli and Nancy (Keezer) Gerry and it was from that information that the search began.


  ELI GERRY - The first record of Eli Gerry is to be found in the Old Town town records where Eli Gerry and Nancy Kezer, both of Old Town, were published 6 Aug. 1843 and married 20 Aug. 1843 at Old Town by Charles Blanchard. The 1850 census finds the family in house #329 in Old Town. The family is shown as

       Eli Gary, 30, no profession listed, personal property valued at $100, no           real estate, born in Maine

       Nancy, his wife, 25

       W., son, 6

       Allen, son, 4

       M., daughter 2.

"W" was probably Granville Wellington Gerry.

  Also found in the Old Town census of 1850 were the following Gerry families.


330/355          Luther Gary, 45, b. Me.

              S. Gary, wife, 40

              H.C. Gary, daughter, 10

              Loren Gary, son, 9

              Lewis Gary, son, 5

              John Gary, son, 3/12

              James Gary, son, 3/12

              Albina Orr, female, 13, boarder


355/379       Moses Gary, 44, b. Me.

              Sarah Gary, wife, 40

              M. Gary, daughter, 11

              C.E. Gary, daughter, 11

              Moses E. Gary, son, 3


359/383       J. B. Gary, 26, p.p. $300, b. Me.

              Nancy Gary, wife, 26

              Ch. E. Gary, son, 2


In Orono we find

350/373       Wm Gerry, 35, b. Me.

              Sarah Gerry, wife, 39

              S. Batchiller, female, 13

              A. Gerry, daughter, 8

              Geo. Gerry, son, 4

              C. Gerry, daughter, 2


              John Gerry, 25, sawyer

located in a list of men taken at a mill.

  If we assume that these men might be brothers, and there is nothing so far to prove that fact, then they would be placed in birth order as follows.


       Luther Gary, b. ca. 1805.

       Moses Gary, b. ca. 1806

       William Gerry, b. ca. 1815

       Eli Gary, b. ca. 1820

       J. B. Gary, b. ca.

Comment by Alan H. Hawkins on October 5, 2011 at 10:24am

Doesn't look like full report will print. Will send to you by email if you want it. Just send email address.


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