Elton Dunham's First Autograph Book (Part 4)

These pages are from the first of two autograph books belonging to my great-grandfather, Elton Lee Dunham (1873-1953). Entries date from 1882, when he was nine, to 1896, the year he married.

The earliest autograph is that of Elton's teacher, Ellen P. Kimball, and is dated December 1882. It is likely that the book was a gift from her.

William A. Maxfield (1876-1912), a friend:

John Howard Bryant (1869-1943), another friend from the neighborhood:

Frank Harris Maxfield (1872-1955), brother of William above:

Flora May Brooks (1874-1903), a girl who lived up the road:

Fannie Erora Brooks (1872-1948), Flora's sister:

Charlies Ai Brooks (1856-1913), brother to Flora and Fannie, and Elton's teacher:

Lamont E. Leech (b. 1858), a cousin of Elton's neighbor, John A. Titus:

Cora A. (Robbins) Leech (b. 1865), wife of Lamont:

Fred Justus Cole (1871-1950), a friend who lived nearby:

George Washington Quimby Perham (b. 1865), a distant cousin:

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