Elton Dunham's First Autograph Book (Part 5)

These pages are from the first of two autograph books belonging to my great-grandfather, Elton Lee Dunham (1873-1953). Entries date from 1882, when he was nine, to 1896, the year he married.

The earliest autograph is that of Elton's teacher, Ellen P. Kimball, and is dated December 1882. It is likely that the book was a gift from her.

Phebe (Dunham) Alley (1827-1896), Elton's aunt:

Evidently a second entry by Elton's friend John Howard Bryant (1869-1943)—though the handwriting does differ. "Miss Edith" probably refers to John's youngest sister:

Lizzie Jacobs, Elton's teacher:

Mary A. Cole (1866-1952), who lived nearby:

Sibyl E. Cummings (1873-1927), Elton's first cousin:

Cora Emma Cummings (1870-1909), sister of Sibyl:

A two-page inscription from Elton's teacher, Mrs. Ellen (Packard) Kimball (b. 1844):

Laura Josephine Cummings (b. 1874), sister of Sibyl and Cora above:

Helen "Nellie" Nancy Elwell (1869-1955), a girl who lived nearby:

Ellen Maria Martin (1869-1965), a girl who lived down the road:

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Comment by Elizabeth Irwin Kane on November 20, 2010 at 3:54pm
What a very sweet book, though Mrs. Kimball does give one pause.
Comment by Chris Dunham on November 20, 2010 at 5:17pm
Yes, her message is more suitable for a gravestone than a young boy's autograph book!


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